Confirmed: American Citizens Killed By U.S. Drones

today we finally have confirmation of
the united states government has in fact killed four u_s_ citizens withdraw it acts now they you know once in a letter that they said
the congress quote according to the new york times
formally knowledge that the united states had killed four american citizens indro strikes in yemen and pakistan now this is of course a day before president
obama’s have to give a speech on national security so they can only get this out of the way
are by the way not a big deal but we have nikhil four u_s_ citizens let’s move on now one of them they say may
deliberately killing babies a quote deliberately killed anwar all a locking that he was the propagandist for allocated the radiant and it’s a long we
believe well but they say that he was actually
directly involved with some of the tax including the attempted christmas day bomber uh… who of course have the bombers underwear look we did not go off
and they say that he was also involved in in their planning and execution of a
twenty ten attack i_d_c_ hillary brought to justice or to court pitcher dictate
that because he’s already dead but the government assures us quote the decision to target on world la ke
was lawful it was considered and it was just uh… supports what they always say again weather was lawful is not determined by
any court of law is just turning joe eric holder and the people in the white house we
decided that it was lawful and normally u_s_ citizens get trials
now understandably he wasn’t a foreign country and it was a little
hard to apprehend them we understand that so what do you agree with with their
arora war all a lot ki hi killing is an altman question and
some do and some don’t but remember there are three others who
were killed let’s show you who they are samir khan was killed in the same attack that
killed all a locking and then a different intact barbara monologue he was a sixteen year
old son of anwar all lucky was also killed and so was of course u_s_ citizen that
and really not widely been ignored by the u_s_ government previously and now i mean i know it’s any of these
but it was pretty clear that they had done the first three now we find that you’d muhammad also
u_s_ citizen of from north carolina also killed the other three were in yemen should
mohammed was in pakistan now how about the other three that were
not on worldwide to other norman says quote these individuals were not specifically targeted by the
united states i find that to be the most interesting
part of the story so whether you think we should go after certain targets and by late this summer
devote countries isn’t interesting question whether you trust the government that
they’ve got the right u_s_ is in that they’re killing like on world lockheed
that you trust that he was a terrorists who was in the middle of
executing plots against the united states that’s of second question but to
me the most important question is do we know who were killing and here’s a nice is governor nato by
the way loops we killed three u_s_ citizens by accident barely talking to one of them the other three now severe palace for the same strike
onto a u_s_ citizen guy killed along with him well i guess if you live in a row with
you i know a lot of people say that it’s not
a very good legal argument okay and you would like it was someone
you knew right now the other two was a sixteen-year-old
separate strike boots u_s_’s unfilled sorry didn’t mean it to behind that john knows why he was killed god knows
who the bob was intended for so and we don’t know whether american
people were small so this is our government are so-called democracy he’s actions by the way it turns out
they were wrong seventy five percent of the time where all the things bother clown
strikes all men will always write about those when i was not brining comically said that no civilians were killed in any of these rooms tracks are many we got these smart weapons and
they are right at least a quarter of the time now if you happen to be in the vicinity
a new word guilty well sad day for you we killed anyway now that’s a bit bascay scenario where
were actually targeted so will we know like none or all lucky but reducing interest rates where we
carry people we have no idea who they are below whose were not targeting an individual we’re seeing some activity below we
don’t like whether it’s somebody holding a weapon again all of texas would be
executed under the standard uh… and we just drop a bomb in the all
look at that old u_s_ citizen now up that is not a very good standard by
which to conduct operations in what is now a so-called democracy was the first time american people are
actually finding out that we have to four u_s_ citizens without a trial without any judicial process without any
due process and by the way three of the four accidents

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