Constitution and Citizenship Day 2019: Judges, Baseball Fans Welcome Newest Americans

Girl Singing, “That Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave, For the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!” Crowd Cheers We the people celebrating citizenship
and American Dreams. Tonight we have 21 candidates from 15 different countries
who will be naturalized. This year federal courts around the country team
up with 11 professional baseball clubs to swear in more than 700 Americans. I’m
very happy because now I’m American citizen now I can vote I have the
freedom of everything, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom everything
I’m so happy. New citizens celebrate in Connecticut
with fans of the Hartford Yard Goats. In New York with the Auburn Doubledays. In
Oklahoma City with the Triple A Dodgers and in Ohio with the Dayton Dragons.
Ladies and gentlemen tonight we celebrate Dayton by hosting United
States District Courts naturalization proceedings here at Fifth Third Field. When we went out on the baseball field
to do the naturalization this evening we got an immediate standing ovation
from the fans and I think that’s a recognition of what an important event
this is that’s one of the highlights of my life as a federal judge to preside
this evening and exciting to me because what’s more American than baseball. I’m
very excited. My feelings are all over the place, but I’ll say excitement. I’m very excited to be here, this is an honor and a privilege to be able to become
citizen of this exceptional country that has its origins like none other and
that’s why I chose to be here. I’m so happy. I’m very proud and excited. It’s a great day and I’m so proud to be a US citizen. I’m very excited I’ve waited forever almost 40 years so Woo Hoo! The US
Citizenship and Immigration Services oversees the naturalization process. The
applicants must demonstrate an understanding of English and knowledge
of our history, our principles, and our form of government. US Magistrate Judge
Robert Richardson presides over the ceremony in Hartford. At one time almost
every family in America came from someplace else
America is a country of immigrants and we should be very proud of that fact.
Our diversity is part of what makes America such a great country. Well that’s
a wonderful feeling first of all to be an American which is like I guess it’s a
dream of of everybody and that’s great because they give opportunity to vote
and serve in a jury especially which is not allowed like in most of the
countries so yesterday is great to be an American citizen. This is my home so it
feels good to be able to say like I belong here that I’m a citizen.
I wanted to become a U.S. citizen so I can have a voice for me my kids and
for better opportunity for my kids also Please raise your right hand take the
oath of allegiance and if you agree respond I do. That you will support and
defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all
enemies foreign and domestic. That I will bare true faith and allegiance to the same And that you take this obligation freely without
any mental reservation or purpose of evasion so help you God. I do! I do! I do!
Congratulations you
are all United States citizens It’s a weight off my shoulders been lifted. I love America. Thank you!

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