Cory Booker: Citizenship question on the census is ‘outrageous.’ | Skimm News

Cory Booker: Citizenship question on the census is ‘outrageous.’ | Skimm News

The Supreme Court is facing a very
important case about whether the Trump administration can add a citizenship
question to the census and to me it is a crass cynical attempt to try to
under count certain populations in our country. And as a result of that, because
the census is tied towards you know everything from infrastructure funding
to health care to so many important things is their attempt to punish
certain communities, certain cities, certain areas of our country by
undercounting them. It’s just unfortunate. This is something that spelled out in
our Constitution we must have an accurate count and this
administration that’s trying to undermine that in a way. To derive
political benefit as well as a punitive effort to try to hurt certain
communities in certain populations and it’s outrageous to me and I hope the
Supreme Court could see through that and stop this from happening.


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    harley hawk

    only thing outrageous, trying to stop a question on a census survey that asks a legitimate question from the public. STOP GIVING ILLEGALS MORE FAVORITISM.

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