Crazy Sh*t People Say To Dads

Crazy Sh*t People Say To Dads

It’s kind of funny I get a lot of flack and criticism by my own dear family. like you’re not equipped to be doing what a woman is supposed to do! Really? Here’s some of the crazy [bleep] people say to dads. So my kid is sick. I call into work to take the day off so I can be there for the nurturing. So let me get this straight You want to take off because your kid is sick? Let me guess. You must be on mommy duty today. So yeah it’s like paternity leave? Oh my god dude that’s so awesome! A couple extra weeks at home just chilling? And I’m like… No… …not quite. I have a young daughter and I was dropping her off at school during the playground time before school starts. You know, the mothers and the nannies they would be staring, and they would be huddled up. They’re looking at me like aren’t you supposed to be at work? You’re supposed to be working. Why are you here? Oh my gosh! Her hair is so beautiful. Did her mom do it? Aw! Look at dad with the baby. Oh that’s so nice of him! And this woman has the nerve to say to me You know what, you’re such a good dad. Because I bring my kids to school? I’m not the co-parent I’m just providing relief for mom for a second before I go back to watching the game or drinking beer or mowing the lawn, right? Dad stuff? But seriously stereotypes about moms and dads distract us from the support that all families need and deserve like paid family leave and affordable child care. If you agree that being there when family needs you the most is non-negotiable then join us at


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    lisa evers

    Don't even get me started on this topic. What about 'MOTHERS against Drunk Driving' or 'MOTHERS against this or that…"? By organizations naming themselves in such an exclusionary way, they imply that only moms care about their kids. Wrong. These orgs should all be renamed 'PARENTS against…' or even 'PEOPLE against'. I mean, even people without kids can care about kids, right??

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    Suki Linares

    As someone who was raise by a single dad this has always bother me.
    "When are you getting married? She needs a mom", "Sweetie you can come anytime you need mommy time", "How can you that if your mom never thought you to."
    My dad did the job of a woman you left me and my sister when I was a baby and she was a 4yo. He made me a strong, brave, intelligent woman and my life would have very different I a she would have stay around. Fathers are as good parents as Mothers are, some are even better.

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    Elizabeth Edwards

    The only dis agreement I have is to the one guy about "oh! that's so cute of you caring for your child". It is a compliment because their are a lot of fathers that do not stand up and take care of their children. It's nice to see good examples of men doing what they should be doing. Thank You for being the example to this Boys on what a real Man is suppose to be. To all the others on these weird thing people say I understand. Dads should be able to take care of their children from work, and work should totally understand and give it to them without making you feel dumb. If women can work in the field and get time off for their kids then so should any guy. Again Thank You guys for being real MEN!

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    We should treat our dads the way they deserve to be treated. Good dads and good mums are irreplaceable.

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