Cris Cyborg Hints Megan Anderson is Falsifying Marriage For Citizenship in Twitter Beef

Cris Cyborg Hints Megan Anderson is Falsifying Marriage For Citizenship in Twitter Beef

Cris Cyborg jumped on twitter last night and
accepted a fight vs Amanda Nunes after Nunes called her out on numerous news outlets. Cyborg said “I have agreed with my management
to fight Amanda at ufc226 July 7th in Las Vegas during international fight week. I will let her finalize her side of the bout
now.” Amanda’s only response was “My followers
went up overnight…. Did I miss something” If their management
comes to an agreement and makes this bout come true, the last woman standing would most
likely be considered the greatest female fighter of all time. Now I got some certified mma demon beef for
you guys today. Cyborg decided to take a shot at Megan Anderson
last night and she started off by saying “Megan I was told by the UFC you would not be fighting
anytime soon. Is that a lie?” Megan responded “Well since you’re apparently
fighting Nunes, when I return in a few months, I want a fight.” Cyborg then asked “Will you be ready to
fight before July? I was told you were not going to be active
by then.” Megan said “interesting Don’t know where
that came from.” Cyborg then asked if she would be ready if
Amanda doesn’t agree to fight in July. Some minutes elapsed and Megan didn’t respond. Then finally Megan seemed to be under the
impression that she wasn’t speaking to cyborg at all and instead to her boyfriend Ray Elbe. So, she addressed him specifically and said
“Ray Elbe This is twitter. The UFC has a HQ. I suggest you do business there and talk to
them like my management are.”, cyborg then clarified for the people that she not Ray
was posting on her twitter. Megan was skeptical and said “Well since
you live together it’s easy to take a video.” Cyborg stated “I don’t think asking when
you will be able to fight is unprofessional. My management has been told you’re not gonna
be back by July. Is that false? Are you ready to fight by then?” Since Megan didn’t answer whether she could
fight before July on 3 separate occasions things got personal real quick and caused
new cyborg fans to turn against her. She said, “You want to talk business Megan? I didn’t come to the USA on a tourist visa
to work illegally then have personal issues so I could marry and stay in America!! @uscis”
She basically accused Megan of Falsifying a marriage in America and tagged The US Citizenship
and Immigration Services twitter handle. Now, if this accusation is true, and if the
government were to prove that Megan did falsify being married to an American citizen so she
could illegally obtain citizinshep she could Serve up to 5 years in prison and pay a fine
of up to $250,000. Cyborg then continued her critique on Megan
by explaining how she legally obtained her citizenship and said “For people that don’t
know I immigrated to the USA in 2008 without speaking English. In 2010 I got my green card and in 2016 I
became a citizen. I followed all the rules even though I had
to learn English and the legal steps on immigration.” Megan’s response was “You have no idea
what you’re talking about. Instead of trying to run my name through the
mud again, about my personal issues that you know nothing about, but think you do, go talk
to the UFC. This isn’t the conduct of a champion. Shame on you Ray.” There were no further exchanges between the
two after that last tweet. So Do you guys think cyborg took it too far? Or Is everyone over reacting? Let me know down below! As always guys if you liked the video make
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    MMA Demon

    *Cyborg is hinting that Megan is thinking of getting married for papers. Just FYI in case if it sounds in the video as if she's already gone ahead gotten married. To Be Fair as well there's a chance Ray (cyborgs boyfriend) is tweeting and NOT cyborg as i've heard before that he has tweeted for her in the past. and she strikes me as someone very nice 👹

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    Cyborg should have left that last part out. I like her a lot as a fighter, but that was some foul snitch shit imo

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    Homegrown Hodges

    BUILD THAT WALL!!! MAGA we have to stop these shithole countries from sending their most violent women here too beat up our women and take their jobs. America first! Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse… they send cyborgs.

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    plok ijuh

    Yeah Cyborg or whoever writes these tweets, which probably isn't Cris, took it too far. Getting involved in one's personal life and trying to get them in trouble with Immigration services is 100% classless. He should be ashamed.

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    king lion

    Megan Anderson is an Australian white European woman, not a dark skinned bitch from Brazil.
    Megan you are welcome in the US !

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    jethro simpson

    Sounds like an informant move and cyborg or people with cyborg are likely informants or government agents and i would watch what i do or say when I'm around her or her people. Megan played it well but the cat is out of the bag so she needs to watch her steps. Lol.

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    Dale Phillips

    Megan is obviously afraid of Cyborg….She has ducked fighting Cyborg multiple times now and the latest stating personal issues even though Cyborg agreed to travel to Australia to fight her Megan still declined. All other fighter let you know what is wrong if there is a problem….Why is Megan given a pass not to do this? Megan shouldn't have opened her big mouth in the first place stating that she is the "REal TEST" for Cyborg because she is a bigger woman and such. Well Cyborg pulled Megan ho card and said lets go…then all the sudden Megan has excuses for not fighting and hasn't fought since.

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    Something is going on with Megan, that’s for sure. Now who knows what the problem is but it’s more than just some personal reason in my opinion. You don’t turn down a chance of a lifetime to fight in the UFC against Cyborg for the Featherweight title for anything but something series asf.

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    this is cyborg on twitter, she lacks the communication and comprehension skills to make these statements.. It's obvious it's her management using her twitter feed.

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    Justin Foster

    Cumon…get off the gas..she’s’s obvious..cyborg is a badass and this Megan don’t want none of her..M.A. looks tough but I think deep down she knows taking one of cyborgs punches will hurt and she don’t wanna hurt!

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    Charles Barnes

    Cyborg put the azz beating down on her. You ask a question and the smirking you know shes into girls dodge the answer. cyborg forever rules

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    Hell no Cyborg didn't take it to far why shouldn't she bring up how she worked hard to become a citizen? She has nothing to be ashamed she should be proud of doing it right.

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    Carlos Silva

    White people are expert at hiding illegal activities. Cyborg is absolutely right. It's so rediculously obvious Megan's falsified INS documents. Somewhere the cat got out, hence Megan's super low profile maybe a lot more underlying issues. Yeah she is illegal as Shites. Cyborg clarified who wants the fight. Megan's fake as fewk. On American soil. Cyborg Nation…

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    Carlos Silva

    I'd marry Megan yeah I got a nice size home. She could prance around all day scantily clad. Ride a horse. I would tap her out, into submission clenched anytime I fewkin wanted. Megan depicts a composure of a real over the top kisser and rock solid high impact oversexxed deliriously erotic sex machine. She could easily spit out my 9 sons. While I run for US Senate. Megan motivates my manlihood into invincibility. Her sweetness of honey and sugar spice makes my coffee and tea. Cyborg I so much love you, Megan's sexiness become so tappable. Cyborg Nation. Yeah girls you know the genuine article now mysteriously giving you so much LOVE.

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    buff24seven 365

    MEGAN ANDERSON is a nightmare matchup for cris cyborg just look at cyborgs loses to women that are taller and linkeyer plus she hits a hell a lot harder than women chris has fought. Megan will shock the world when she beats Cyborg.

    Cris Cyborg is scared of Megan or she wouldn't be snitching like this megan is going to show cris what happens to snitches get stitches.

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    Paul Gonzales

    Cyborg can say whatever she wants, Nunez is gonna beat her ass, so Megan, be the professional, and do not give her a fight.

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    Jayvyn Grant

    Cyborg is getting older… she is closer to retirement then anything else.. She is trying her best to get the best fights possible..B4 she is no longer capable…Meg…did run her mouth.. just like Amanda… and once Cyborg called them on it…The stupid card came into play…By both women… Cyborg is finally starting to figure it out…U need to make noise in order to get shit done…

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    Trip Trapper

    Cyborg Totally in the Wrong, WoW.
    So, Truth is. Cyborg should not evem be Worried. Megan just lost to a opponent that Cyborg Beat. Cyborg should be talking shit to Amanda oh but there Butt Buddies. Right? There not going to fight each other. But there can Only be 1 Champion. Let me Tell you Somthing. If Amanda dont fight cyborg than she aint no Champion. I think she should be worried about "Cat". Anyways. WoW!!!! Cyborg is Hating On Megan Anderson. Why? Um because She is Hot and the 1 of the Best Female fighters in the World Has ever seen. WoW!!!! Cyborg is Crazy. Champions dont act like that. Than Cyborg attacks Megans Personal Relationships and Immigration. OMG 😲…. Really. Just Burn her up a Stake why dont You. I felt that from Here. Im a Megan Fan. Ouch!!!! Thats Fucked up. Wrong…… The Irony is. Of Megan Anderson Does Beat Cyborg. That would be a Tearny. No for Cyborg its not about money or a Belt. Its about putting people down she is abusive and if wants to fight Megan that Bad. Than put alot of money on it. I got all my Money on Megan Anderson

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    Bing Chen

    It’s so FUCKING OBVIOUS that the TRANSGENDER ROID FREAK’S “so called” boyfriend is handling HE/SHE’S Tweeter Account. Just listen to HE/SHE talk in person. It’s all broken English.

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