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World Finance: My next guest is Andres Gutierrez
from citizenship-and-residence by investment consultants CS Global Partners. He joins me to discuss the growth in the industry,
what makes a good citizenship by investment programme, and which country offers the best. What does the investment immigration industry
encompass? Andres Gutierrez: Investment immigration encompasses
the legal processes of either acquiring residence or a citizenship, either by making a contribution
to a government fund, or an investment into real estate. The global existence of the investor immigration
market goes back 30 years; it started with the Canada residence programme in 1986, and
then that has led to the St Kitts programme in 1992, then the Dominica programme. These programmes enable different applicants
further travelling on their side, and business opportunities, as well as driving foreign
investment into these countries. World Finance: There is a public perception
that these golden visa programmes or golden passport programmes are: you pay your money
and you get your citizenship; but it’s more complicated than that? Andres Gutierrez: Yes indeed it is more complicated
than that. There is a very strong due diligence process
after the application is submitted to each particular country. And that due diligence part of each particular
application is the key of the entire investor immigration market. It is so important because most citizenship
by investment programmes do not require the applicant to have a residence in the country,
or to visit the country itself. So a very thorough, a very complete due diligence
process is done in order to ensure that the applicant basically is who he or she really
says. And that serves first to protect the investment
of all the applicants – because at the end of the day, what the government wants, what
the countries want, is entrepreneurs, business people, of high moral standards – that they
endorse with these passports. And at the same time it is a measure of protecting
their programmes and the investor immigration market as a whole. World Finance: What else makes a good citizenship
by investment programme? Andres Gutierrez: There are many different
factors. The CBI Index published by the Financial Times
has mentioned for example affordability, timelines to citizenship, ease of processing, residence
requirements. The longevity as well: a programme that has
been around for a very long time, that has been operating for a very long time, ensures
that improvements have been made to that process. That fine-tuning to the operations have been
made as well. And it is a warranty at the end of the day. So yes: I think those are the key things. And just to mention as well, the Commonwealth
of Dominica citizenship by investment programme was ranked first in the CBI Index of the Financial
Times. World Finance: So would you say that’s the
best? The best programme… it depends on each particular
applicant. The Dominica programme was ranked number one
in the CBI Index; however, perhaps it is not aligned with the interests of the applicant,
because perhaps they want to live in Europe, for example. Perhaps they are not interested in Dominica. So we focus our attention on understanding
what the client needs, because a person that wants ease of doing business globally perhaps
will tend to go for a Caribbean citizenship; while a person that, let’s say, has two or
three kids and wants to live in the UK or in Europe, perhaps they are looking at a European
CBI programme such as Cyprus. So as advisors, it is understanding the
needs of the client, and where do they want to go. Thanks for watching. Click through for more from Andres Gutierrez,
discussing the latest trends in the investor immigration industry, and a typical investor
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