Czas na Polskie Towarzystwo Psychodeliczne!

Dr Kamil Sipowicz, philosophy historian

Psychedelic substances throughout the human history
were and still are used as medicine primarily for soul sickness but also for body sickness.
Unfortunately in the 20th century after hippie revolution psychedelic substances became illegal, working on their medicinal effects had become prohibited, they ceased to be used in medicine. Today, in the 21st century, fortunately studying psychedelics comes back, it has been noticed, that they help
with severe depression, PTSD and a lot of different medicinal effects
are discovered and I hope, that in Poland these substances will be used to help people too. Dr Marek Balicki, psychiatrist

Research on psychedelic substances in Poland will allow to extend our knowledge about their application to medicine. If there are indications for the use of natural substances in medicine, then the state shouldn’t prevent, restrict nor hinder the access to them for people in need.
It could bring relief to many suffering people and help in their treatment. Damian “Mestosław” Sobczyk, activist, influencer

For the last 50 years in most countries psychedelic substances became illicit based on decisions that were arbitrary and not based on scientific evidence. Those substances were classified as addictive and dangerous drugs
and thereby banned by law. It’s time to change it! Maciej Lorenc, sociologist

We are experiencing psychedelic Renaissance. Current research suggests,
that psychedelics have great therapeutical potential
and used responsibly are not addictive and are safe. Furthermore they can bring benefits in the form of positive change to and even saving of human life.
Experiences induced by those substances make us more understanding towards ourselves, other people and our environment. Dr n. med. Dorota Rogowska-Szadkowska, doctor, senior lecturer

We’ve managed to lead to quite reasonable discussion on medical use of marijuana and it became legal two years ago.
But we still haven’t agreed to
grow it in our country, we are importing it from Canada, which makes it very expensive for patients. We are going to try to make it possible to grow cannabis in our country which will lead to lower pricing will benefit the Polish economy. Prof. Ryszard Kozłowski, chemist

Cannabis have been forbidden to use by ONZ in most of the countries
and have currently started to return. The USA which sent people to prison for posession of a small joint, in most of the states got over with it and are producing different marijuana-related products right now, especially in medicine obtaining development. Agnieszka Sieniawska, lawyer

We believe, that psychedelic substances can also be used medically in Poland.
To make this happen, we have to change irrational and unfair Polish drugs law and decriminalise and reclassify psychedelic substances into an attachment to the
Act on prevention of drug abuse which will make it possible to use them in scientific research, medicine and industry. Justyna Hobot, neuroscientist

We believe that studies on psychedelic substances will help develop our knowledge of the brain, especially the mechanisms of perception and subjective experience.
We believe that change of law, increase of studies and reaching the media and society with reliable information on possible benefits and actual dangers of psychedelic use can contribute in positive way to development of society. We believe that only by acting together
we can make positive changes and that’s why we have appointed
Polish Psychedelic Society! This society unites specialists from different fields, e.g. lawyers, psychologists, doctors, chemists, sociologists, activists and artists. It’s big honor for me to be the member of Polish Psychedelic Society, and my speciality is over 40 years of work with plant, one of the oldest known to the world (for over 7000 years), cannabis – cannabis sativa. Polish Psychedelic Society is an organization, located in our country, in Poland, which will try to raise awareness of Poles,
so they reach especially for our indigenous plants and mushrooms,
which can help us treat depression, with hard states during cancer treatment, suffering, pain,
soul sickness, body sickness. We want to gather and support studies
on psychedelic substances to create an environment
for substantive debate Do you want psychedelic substances to be used in Polish medicine? Do you think, that punishing
for their posession is harmful? If so, support our activity! Become one of allies of rational drug policy. Rational drug policy is a matter of
health, life and dignity! Support our activities: Polish Psychedelic Society

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