Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids

Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids

You may not realize it, but you are currently
funding some dangerous people. They are indoctrinating young minds throughout
the West with their resentment-ridden ideology. They have made it their life’s mission to
undermine Western civilization itself, which they regard as corrupt, oppressive and “patriarchal.” If you’re a taxpayer—or paying for your
kid’s liberal arts degree—you’re underwriting this gang of nihilists. You’re supporting ideologues who claim that
all truth is subjective; that all sex differences are socially constructed; and that Western
imperialism is the sole source of all Third World problems. They are the post-modernists, pushing “progressive”
activism at a college near you. They produce the mobs that violently shut
down campus speakers; the language police who enshrine into law use of fabricated gender
pronouns; and the deans whose livelihoods depend on madly rooting out discrimination
where little or none exists. Their thinking took hold in Western universities
in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when the true believers of the radical left became the professors
of today. And now we rack up education-related debt—not
so that our children learn to think critically, write clearly, or speak properly, but so they
can model their mentors’ destructive agenda. It’s now possible to complete an English degree
and never encounter Shakespeare—one of those dead white males whose works underlie our
“society of oppression.” To understand and oppose the post-modernists,
the ideas by which they orient themselves must be clearly identified. First is their new unholy trinity of diversity,
equity and inclusion. Diversity is defined not by opinion, but by
race, ethnicity or sexual identity; equity is no longer the laudable goal of equality
of opportunity, but the insistence on equality of outcome; and inclusion is the use of identity-based
quotas to attain this misconceived state of equity. All the classic rights of the West are to
be considered secondary to these new values. Take, for example, freedom of speech—the
very pillar of democracy. The post-modernists refuse to believe that
people of good will can exchange ideas and reach consensus. Their world is instead a Hobbesian nightmare
of identity groups warring for power. They don’t see ideas that run contrary to
their ideology as simply incorrect. They see them as integral to the oppressive
system they wish to supplant, and consider it a moral obligation to stifle and constrain
their expression. Second is rejection of the free market—of
the very idea that free, voluntary trading benefits everyone. They won’t acknowledge that capitalism has
lifted up hundreds of millions of people so they can for the first time in history afford
food, shelter, clothing, transportation —even entertainment and travel. Those classified as poor in the US (and, increasingly,
everywhere else) are able to meet their basic needs. Meanwhile, in once-prosperous Venezuela—until
recently the poster-child of the campus radicals— the middle class lines up for toilet paper. Third, and finally, are the politics of identity. Post-modernists don’t believe in individuals. You’re an exemplar of your race, sex, or sexual
preference. You’re also either a victim or an oppressor. No wrong can be done by anyone in the former
group, and no good by the latter. Such ideas of victimization do nothing but
justify the use of power and engender intergroup conflict. All these concepts originated with Karl Marx,
the 19th-century German philosopher. Marx viewed the world as a gigantic class
struggle—the bourgeoisie against the proletariat; the grasping rich against the desperate poor. But wherever his ideas were put into practice—in
the Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia, to name just a few—whole economies failed,
and tens of millions were killed. We fought a decades-long cold war to stop
the spread of those murderous notions. But they’re back, in the new guise of identity
politics. The corrupt ideas of the post-modern neo-Marxists
should be consigned to the dustbin of history. Instead, we underwrite their continuance in
the very institutions where the central ideas of the West should be transmitted across the
generations. Unless we stop, post-modernism will do to
America and the entire Western world what it’s already done to its universities. I’m Jordan Peterson, Professor of Psychology
at the University of Toronto, for Prager University.


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    Remember getting my graduate degree in the 90s and I knew even then my professors, constantly segregating us based on race and gender (and orientation) were evil. The scary thing is it must be a thousand times worse today. And we didn't fight back. We surrendered these vital institutions without resistance.

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    Kathie Dougherty

    if people quit sending their kids to universities or go to specific universities that teach morals, integrity ethic's rather then Nihilism or we need people to invest & start their own otherwise all of it will be a useless piece of paper with a huge price tag.

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    Alberto Duran

    Hello. If the middle class in Venezuela has to stand in lines to buy toilet paper it is due to the US embargo. Thank you.

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    Michael B

    100% correct, and needs to continue to be exposed for the dangerous lie that is the liberal post-modernist movement. .thank you prager university , and Jordan Peterson.

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    I ran into a few neo-Marxist graduate students, working as teaching assistants, when I took American History in college. Their Marxist beliefs oozed out of their pores during study sessions.

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    Jorge Piza

    Soy latino, y más importante, soy simplemente un humano. Y concuerdo con Jordan Peterson. La universidades públicas de mi país son centros de adoctrinamiento marxista, y con poder político infinito.
    No esperen en USA a que pase eso para tratar de cambiarlo

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    Defender Of Venezuela Aida

    FORGET THE TROJAN HORSE THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT, THE FOLLOWING IS THE MOST MASSIVE TROJAN HORSE OF ALL HISTORY OF THE WORLD YET. PLEASE READ EVERY LINK WITHIN THE LINK. THE NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE USA HAS NEVER BEEN SO ENDANGERED! Believe you me, this is how the Socialism of the 21st century (AKA Democrats and leftists are "winning.") https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/remove-cuban-venezuelan-communist-usa-voting-systems-crosby-/

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    Defender Of Venezuela Aida

    FORGET THE TROJAN HORSE THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT, THE FOLLOWING IS THE MOST MASSIVE TROJAN HORSE OF ALL HISTORY OF THE WORLD YET. PLEASE READ EVERY LINK WITHIN THE LINK. THE NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE USA HAS NEVER BEEN SO ENDANGERED! Believe you me, this is how the Socialism of the 21st century (AKA democrats and leftists are "winning.") https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/remove-cuban-venezuelan-communist-usa-voting-systems-crosby-/

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    El Ingles

    Here in England 92% of our lecturers are progressive liberals.We cannot stop the brain washing,I hope Trump comes to our aid.

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    Laurada Gerbracht

    in order to remain The United States of America, we have to exclude those who hate independence beginjing with the black slave army of the confederate enemies who stole indian land, tried to blame us for it, then invited black slave sellers with their black slave prostitutes to occupy that stolen indian land outside of the original 13 United States of America, and kick out the illegal blacks who claim to be related to the black slave population because those particular blacks are part of the black lives matter also formerly known as the black panther party and involved in the nigerian scam artist fraudsters rings like Barack Obama was a part of. that's why Obama was passionate about blaming "white folks" "black poverty" while trying to get student loan debt forgiven for black kids while illegally charging white CITIZENS of America indiscriminately. Barack never discriminated between white confederates or white yankees. learn our history, the unedited truth is the way it was before Obama's plagiarists got a hold of it.

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    Laurada Gerbracht

    racism isn't a real threat unless you aren't human. only demonic devilish whores use the word "race" or "racism" or "racist" to obtain what others have without having to achieve anything in order to obtain it. being seperated by color is not a crime nor a sin nor bad in any way. diversity can only happen when you seperate the colors otherwise you are not being honest and are suffering from an identity crisis. I'm glad I'm not like you. it's great to be a citizen of the United States of Anerica but it is not a right for everyone so get over it and quit bitching about it and go away. who cares about your reproductive abilities. who cares about the women and children, you're a fertility cult. go away whores. go home. this is NOT your home. we won't fight your battles but we'd greatly appreciate your understanding and support when needed but for right now get out of our country and our business and mind your own until your own battles are won by yourself. how our United States is run is only our business so get out of it and stay out until WE invite you. learn to let us live by leaving us alone to have a life. God favors us because he is focusing on us for thos era. if you want to live in a land without war, go home and stop your war against us. stop attacking or inviting yourself over to our country. dangerous people teaching your kids? what is danger these days? getting your feelings hurt or possibly being blown up by some anti-American religious cult of islam? what's more dangerous? getting hooked on drugs like marijuana and causing a car accident or cliff diving? I think I'd rather go cliff diving in the grand canyon just to escape the liberal cult retardation. too bad the canyon is so far away….

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    Laurada Gerbracht

    My dad teases me at times when I say something that's wiser than even his years by saying "well who ever listens to you?" meaning me. read the entire bible and notice that no one ever listened to the wise virgin either and eventually the men who wrote the bible stopped writing about the wise virgin sometime after proverbs. in today's world no one believes in magic or miracles where a woman can become pregnant without sexual intercourse or by no human inventions or methods but we do know it is possible to stay a virgin and have no regrets or shame since being a virgin means you aren't contributing to the scarcity of resources. let me ask you something to determine if you can recognize wise men from wise guys as Mel brooks put it in Space balls. Do you automatically pity a woman if she has kids standing by her calling her mom more than the woman who stands alone? Do you show favortism to families over childless people? can you tell if that childless person is sexually active or a virgin? do you give or donate free gifts or free supplies more to people who have kids over people who don't? I can gaurantee that you feel more pity and favortism for people with children than you would for a childless virgin. you are judging prematurely and choosing badly and the results are beyond poor. the "family" cult fertility practices is NOT godly or the word virgin would never exist. children are not a gift unless you waited long enough before having one. businesses, schools, back to school sales, family restaurants, all these markets and industries aimed at people with children are in the exact same boat as the pedophile industry, the abortion industry, the drug companies and all other "family oriented" business practices including pharmacueticals. with a steady supply of young parents, overcrowding would never be an issue. school supply drives would never be necessary. birth control would never have needed to be invented neither would STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) vaccinations nor new pills or any other eroticism product of the sex cult ever be made. you are as addicted to your bitching and pissing as you are to your sexual functions as if you can't even read anything with the word sex involved without getting aroused. you are no different so you're not special nor important. case closed.

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    Laurada Gerbracht

    I say case closed about the discussion of your sexual behaviora because you seem to automatically disassociate yourself from your portion of blame for these problems such as the "global warming" topic or this video who's title reads as "Dangerous people teaching your kids" and other such oxymoronic contradictions, it's like a hilarious yet depressing comedy of divine or sublime influence. but I'm not laughing nor crying. teaching your children is your parental responsibility no matter what time or day or year it is and no matter what happens to anyone else. your child is your "mini me" so your child is your fault. you abandon it sending it to this country or abandon it by dumping off like a garbage sack at a day care or nursery or a public school. you are nothing but a parasite. its your fault for letting someone else teach your child(ren). smack yourself around and get over it, pick yourself up and go apologize to your child for putting someone else in charge. you want your child to respect you as head of the house? than BE head of the house and stop using teachers as a substitute you morons.

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    Laurada Gerbracht

    Even conservatives need to be humiliated back into humble wise decision making by first being brought back low to the ground where they belong. Liberals are the nuisance but Conservatives are not that much different wanting to stand on a soap box preaching all day without facing their own hypocrisy and as for anyone claiming any other political labels, the label is just a new mask over the same hypocritical predictable and completely avoidable liars and losers. get off your soap box. get back to work, get back in your rank-and-file attitude and obey orders to be silent and quit your preaching and stop bragging like chauvanists, you are NOT peace makers by trying to find reason where there is none. exactly the same as how liberals try to find racism where there is none, YOU conservatives try to find reason where there is none. KNOCK IT OFF! you give lady liberty a headache. besides. in your egotistical soap box preaching, you are flowing with the tide not standing against it. you aren't breaking the waves of democratic enemies who dare to invade, fight, lose, and judge us winners. No. Instead you are tossing oil on the bonfire. STAND DOWN!

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    Nicolas Feller

    Blaming postmodern philosophers for the sickness of the modern left is intellectually dishonest. Almost everything he says is correct, but the label of postmodernism does not apply to modern leftists AT ALL.
    Blame their ideas on their merits, don't blame a group of philosophers that would be as horrified by them as you are.

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    thought criminal

    Gen-Z will save us. To them, wokeness will be as embarrassing as peeing your pants in public. The NPC generation will be quickly followed by a free thinking generation.

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    Radha tells the Truth

    Dr Peterson , you are one of my hero’s! Married woman of 20 yrs with 4 kids happily married #RedpillMama Sir, what do you think of the NotJordonPetersontech voice thing

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    Prince Ekeson

    If you claim to have an open mind and encounter someone you disagree with, it makes no sense to strike them with a closed fist. #Antifa #Liberalism

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    a good message, but sadly it's about 20 years too late. it's like discovering a cancer post-metastasis. sorry.

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    Dirty Cator

    I'm from the uk, was born in the 80s so i detest PC and every leftist notion, I was chatting to my mates sister who is at uni, so I dangled the carrot under her nose. When she brought up climate change, and all the emissions and that, I said to her that china and India are the worst perpetrators…she reacted just like I thought "ah no no no We've been doing it for far longer throughout history with the industrial revolution We are much worst! " I know she has a point but she ouzed of white guilt, I don't really speak to many snowflakes for obvious reasons

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    The Cold War has never really ended, those who lost it changed their strategy. Communists realized revolutions were a dead end because they no longer could hide the human tragedy they caused. So they silently increased their infiltration of the media, the legal profession, and the universities and schools. When they obtained an almost total dominance of these fields they started to demonize those who opposed their objectives. Their brainwashed militants are now spreading their hatred and oppressing those with opposing views. This is the titanic struggle we find ourselves in today. We have the moral duty to fight back with unrelenting determination, because our cause is no less the defense of Western Civilization and the destiny of mankind. Fortunately we are witnessing more and more people becoming aware of the threat in many places around the world, where "rightwing" politicians are being elected. The struggle is gigantic but there is increasing evidence for hope. Let's keep on fighting.

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    Veracious Patriot

    I’ve been preaching about this for years; but the problem lay with both Leftist and/or truly ignorant parents, whom continue to send their children, willingly or unknowingly, into these evil indoctrination camps…

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    Turk Hill

    I agree with Jordan Peterson that neo-Marxism (guised as post-modernism) is dangerous not only for Western societies but for the entire population as a whole. Marx began his original movement in good faith, that is, to stop the spread of the common oppressors, in this case, the rich. But those intentions could not see the reality of capitalism. Under the banners of capitalism, everyone has an opportunity. Marx failed to see this.

    You would think it'd be Marxism that would pave the way with a great huge white horse under a canopy of banners but no, it is Capitalism that is making our poor less poor every day. It is not enough space to explain it here. I recommend you see Peterson in action in one of his lectures where he has the time to go over the specifics, but the point is certainly there.

    If we keep giving people the right to sexual orientation even though biology dictates otherwise, where do we draw the line? Do pedophiles also deserve rights? What about our supposed white oppressors? Are the Europeans, no doubt caused great strife in the world, to be blamed for everything, despite the fact that they brought industrialization to the known world. Needless to say, roads, factories, clothing, not to mention that the rest of the world has adopted Western influences. That is not to say that other culters do not have their fair share to the well-being of civilization but, to blame all the folly and stupidity on the white race is not only a lack of gratitude to your ancestors but it is also racist!

    Regardless of your political opinion, that is, your right (free speech), what we pay (tuition) at the university, should not subjective to the political views of the instructor in question. It is important to remember the subject that motivates us to go learn the material is not the personal beliefs of our teachers. As far as teachers are concerned, politics should be excluded from schools. Yes, their work is noble, for it is how we learn out trade and theory yet, we did not come to hear their personal beliefs. My comment is that liberals should go to liberal schools, not community colleges or general universities.

    I think this is the point of Peterson.

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    The next generation will be even worse as liberal lefties have access to impressionable 3, 4 and 5 year olds. It begins even before they reach school age through copious amounts of cable tv programming that starts the brainwashing process. By the time they come out of school most kids are hard wired to think according to left wing liberal brain numbing rhetoric. Now they want African nations to embrace or lose financial aid. I hope for Africa’s sakes they reject this totalitarian agenda of control. ‘Power to the free thinkers’

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    I really love this video, it basically covers EVERYTHING the left wants to destroy and everything they want to impose, every detail in just 5 minutes. Peterson is a genius, he speaks very clear and determined. This is probably the best video of PragerU so far…

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    Ronny Ribs

    I would make every single professor take to the podium and apologize to the students they brainwashed and admit to them it was all lies.Then they would be put on death row and the students receive counselling

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    If you need history on this topic, study the "Frankfurt Institute". Social Marxism laid roots in the minds of the professors and took over the colleges. Beginning with Columbia University.

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    The Doctor

    It isn’t capitalism that is the problem, but the people. Switching economies won’t help, it’s the people, and would make money making go down

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    Notify the principal that you will be re-arranging his office if you hear of any brainwashing of students by teachers on his watch. Ask your kids what the teacher talked about or preached. if political or religion personal crap was injected MAN UP and go see the man DAD.

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    Ohhhh I can’t wait to see what some of the teachers say in our high school history classes. This is really going to be fun

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    Angelo Morte

    This is why I have been saying Teachers SUCK..! "They No Longer Educate they Indoctrinate" and driven by a Leftist Liberal Marxist Political Machine called the Teachers union are a Cancer Destroying America from the inside. This was stated in the USSR's Communist Manifesto on how to destroy America in the 1950's. Not through military or Economic power but through poisoning the hearts & minds of young people Just Like what HITLER did with his youth Movement. These teachers are creating the New Brown Shirts not of Nazi Germany but of America. Remove Tenure, break up teachers unions and remove these Marxist Anti-American teachers from public funded Universities & let them get a REAL job..! "I am Mad as Hell & I am Not going to take it anymore." Great quote.

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    Aidan Beattie

    "What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also." Julius Caesar

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    Jon Lebel

    What does the average person do… the far left is evil… and so is the far right.  It's all gone so far that there is no way out other than the coming violence.  Hopefully there at least "something" left to call humanity when the violence comes.  I don't have much hope for the planet.  Global warming is NOT the worse thing coming… "If you use violence for change… then don't expect any change other than pointless violence" (as far as I know, I said that, not quoting anyone).

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    Luigi/MR L Gaming

    First time I’m watching this my mom and dad are watching a show and 2 Women Are beating each other to hell i don’t know

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    Ed Walton

    Operation Paperclip after wwII we brought thousands of German scientists & engineers to the US to create our space & weapons program. When they finished their contracts we rewarded these nazi pigs with positions in our colleges. What a stupid move on our part!

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    hunter de kovolt du 01

    I'm from france and in english classroom we have some chapter about feminist think as pay gap and oppression by male.
    Well luckly our level or english is as low that i'm one of the 5 people in our class of 30 people who can understand english

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    Dale Flannery

    Trump needs to start another Nuremberg trials in case you don't remember that the niremberg trials were investigating to make sure that our leaders were not communists cuz back in the day Communists was evil

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    This is the #1 issue that's causing all the other issues. The far left controlling our idea centers for so long, that now we have grown adults at a socialist convention arguing with each other over pronouns and sensory sensitivity and whose offended feelings are more important.

    The people who have already been brainwashed are probably too far gone. But if we take back the education system, higher education, and philosophy and academia back from the left, then the following generations can be saved and our future can be salvaged.

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    Timothy N

    But how do we implement change into society? How is it that the left is infiltrating the education system, and how do we get them out?

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    PF Woody

    I’m Brazilian. The same happens in Brazil! We almost became a communist dictatorship. People had to get out in the streets to get the left wing plague out of power. Strangely the international press doesn’t cover that.

    Now, with Bolsonaro, we are creating a law that forbids professors from indoctrinating students with their political agenda. They will be fired if they do so. I think that’s something every country should do.

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    What surprises me most, is that there are 30 or so translations for this video, even trough we probably shouldn't care about it lmao. xDDD

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    Rena Tsaryova

    Everyone, Left and Right, is dangerous to children, who shouldent give a damn about politics. A reason i believe Oligarchy is that we don't need to worry about politics, the country takes care of us and we don't need to add more stress.

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    When I was 12, I believed all the liberal ideologies and I was your typical coloured kid who thinks he knew everything. The day I shifted into becoming a person on the right side of history was the day my 7th grade teacher who tried telling me, I'm oppressed by the "system" and I was simply asking how I'm oppressed and she kept screaming. After that day I realized, today I'm 16 and I'm one of the sole conservative debaters in my school and the only coloured one.

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    Atomic Sunset

    Prevalent and pervasive narcissism is the real danger. Freedom is marginalized and the West is being gaslit into thinking that, their freedom is oppression. These people fear what they don't understand. They fear change. They fear the Ubermensch…

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    Thank you Mr. Peterson, I hope one day I can have the luck to meet you and have a converation with you.
    Amazing human being.

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    Thierry Levy

    My 6th-grade history teacher used her classroom to indoctrinate us to become perfect communists. In spite of my young age I was already appalled. That was in France a long time ago. But even in my worst nightmares I could never have imagined then that the United States would fall victim to a new form of Neo-Communism they now deceptively call "progressive"

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    Pete Tong

    We're being attacked by communist on three fronts. The universities, the Communist media, and the useful imbeciles marching the streets under the banner on Antifa, and BAMN. We must destroy and burn the current ideologies and promoters of the metastasizing cancer of the 20th and 21st century called MARXIST SOCIALISM.

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    Hmmm. Why dont we start from the beginning and discuss WHY communism started in the 1st place.
    It started due to greed by the elites.
    I am in no way in favor of communism but you must call out the greedy who caused this and be fair to all.
    Please read the true history of Lennon.

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    Star masterc

    Marxism is based on Nihilism. Nihilsm isn't based on science, but on axioms, an axiom is the main reason for the actions of the old Catholic Chuch to Galileo Galilei or the Cruzades.

    I find it fascinating that hollywood translated perfectly the dumb/illogical/evil nature of nihilism for villains, take Thanos and Heath Ledger's Joker.

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    Antonio leonardo

    I studied languages and foreign literature in my country, Italy. They teach unknown female poetry in English literature. I never studied shakespeare in 5 years of college. there were male professors teaching shakespeare. But they divide us in groups based on the initial letter of your last name. If you are lucky you get a good professor. If you aren't, like me, you will end up studying some crazy stuff nobody ever cared about because of modern femminism. I was very young back then and didn't think much about it. But my question has always been… if those women weren't famous because of the patriarchy, how come Jane Austen, Virginia woolf, Mary Shellly, all became famous regardless of their position as female writers?

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    Elmo Missing!!!

    It's scary. Big entertainment based companies like Disney and Cartoon Network are forcing liberal agendas on children and that's not ok. Saturday morning cartoons shouldn't be CNN for children.

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    Jon Kozlowski

    And if you really think about it, you might begin to wonder why some kids don't like going to school anymore. 🤔🤔🤔

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