DATA GEMS: How to select your area to access data using

[Music] Hi, my name is Tyson. When working with census data, geography is
one of the most important but sometimes challenging parts of every data search. In this data gem, I’ll show you a few simple
ways to access your area using From the main page of, there
are a few ways you can go about selecting your area. One of my favorite ways to get started is
to try the single search bar. Here I’ll walk through how to access data
for Chicago, Illinois. Just type that into the search bar. Then press enter or click where is says search. And now you can see we get results for our
geography. It’s that simple. Another way you can go about selecting your
geography is to go through the map view. Once you’ve run a search. If you haven’t specified a geography, the
default will be to give you results for the United States. From the All results page, clicking over to
map in the upper left. You can also select your area visually through
the map on Since we don’t have a geography selected,
in the upper right side of the screen where is says “Geographies” we can click and change
the layer to whatever type of geographic area we’re interested in getting data for. Working with the same example, we’ll select
“Place” from the dropdown menu. And then scroll over in the map. After we’ve made that selection for place,
it zooms us in. Scrolling over to Illinois, into the Chicago
area. As we zoom in we’ll see the label for Chicago. And as we zoom more and more, we see more
labels start to populate for smaller areas. Once we get far into our zoom, we can also
start to see streets on our map view. To select Chicago, just do a simple left click
and click “Select”. And we see it’s starting to create a map for
us. It’s selected that geography. Once you’ve made this selection on the map,
clicking back on Tables in the upper left, we can see that geography selection carries
over seamlessly across the site for you to get data for Chicago. Now I’m going to click the U.S. Census Bureau
logo in the upper left and show you the final way to pick your geography, by clicking the
Advanced Search from the landing page. With the advanced search, as you would guess,
under “browse filters” click where it says geography. Then you can scroll to the area that you’re
interested in. So here we click “Place” just as we had selected
that on the map dropdown. And it begins to load different options for
us. Scrolling down till we get to Illinois. Once we make that click we see we get a list
of all of the places in Illinois. One of the things I like to do is click the
spyglass and start typing Chicago. This will narrow our list of results to geographies
that contain “Chicago”. Clicking the box on the left for “Chicago,
Illinois” we see it’s added it so our selected filters in the lower left. And from here we just click search to continue
to the different tables available for this geography. I hope these tips make it easier for you to
access data on for more videos like this please visit
and subscribe. Thank you! [Music]

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