– Hey everyone. What’s up? Welcome back to my channel. ‘Tis me, Jackie G. How are you? I’m good. You read the title, so
let’s jump in the video. Well, recently, me and
my sister were scrolling on Netflix, looking
for something to watch. We found this TV show, random TV show, and it was new, and it
was called The Society. The Society. I’m just gonna use that. I saw the name Sean Berdy
in it, which I recognized it and I was like, hey, is that the guy from Switched at Birth? I don’t know. Maybe. I’m not gonna get excited
about it and get my hopes up. So I just waited until we actually started watching the show. And then in walks in Sean
from Switched at Birth, which is so exciting because we just randomly clicked that TV show. I didn’t expect that a
deaf character was gonna be inside the show, and I was
just pleasantly surprised because that made the show, for me, a lot more exciting, a lot more like me wanting to actually finish the TV show. Because a lot of times I’ll start a show, but I won’t finish it because
I’m not interested in it. I saw him, I was like oh, my god. He’s signing. It’s crazy because I just feel like 2019, and someone said it. 2019 is the year of the deaf person. Here I am on a mainstream media platform, and I just pick a random show, and there’s a deaf character. It just, it makes my heart so happy. The show is about this group of kids. They’re high school students. I’m not sure if it’s all seniors or if it’s seniors and juniors. They all go on this field trip and they all go onto a couple of buses, and they drive, drive,
drive for a long time. We don’t know where they’re
going, but they finally arrive. It’s in the middle of the night, but it’s not their destination. It’s their home. They’re back home, but nobody is there. There’s no parents. There’s no adults, really. The only people that are there
are the students themselves. Once we started watching it, I realized that it was the same situation as that episode of Jimmy Neutron. Do you remember that episode? – [Becca] No. – There was a episode
where all the kids woke up and all of the parents were gone, and they were partying, partying, partying, just like The Society. All the kids were partying,
and they were hanging out, and they were drinking, and
smoking, and having fun. The next morning they realized
oh, our parents are gone. Everyone is gone. Some kids started walking in the woods to find ways to get out of
the city, but they were stuck. Basically they were stuck inside of that town that looks like their home, but is not their home,
because it’s different. It’s kinda like Lord of the Flies, where the kids are the only people there and they have to rebuild a society because there’s not one there. So people take charge, and in the middle of this is Sam, which is Sean’s character. He is deaf, and then he has a brother, and his brother uses sign language. He’s an asshole. I don’t wanna spoil it. I’m gonna try to keep my mouth shut as much as possible
because it’s a good show and I want you all to watch
it and see for yourself. But his brother signs. His cousins sign a little bit. His best friend, girlfriend, whatever, you’ll get into that, she
signs a lot, and amazing. And gosh, it’s just so
cool because if you want to learn a sign language,
or a little bit, you can. It’s so easy now because
you can learn on YouTube. You can learn on any website. It’s so easy, and so
it makes sense for all of them to know a little
bit to communicate with him. The way they showed that inside of the TV show was just, it was great because they didn’t make it a huge deal, that oh, this guy is deaf. Let’s all focus on him, and I don’t know. They didn’t make it seem
like he was the focus of the show, but having him inside of the show, it was seamless. It was perfect. It was a perfect mix of good TV show and representation put together. It was executed flawlessly. I wanna talk about the language
modes used inside of this. Sam, his character, he used ASL. He used signed English. He used SimCom. He used just speaking. He used everything, and that makes sense, because of course, in a perfect world where everyone knows
ASL, you would use ASL. You would use those facial expressions. You would use it strongly
because everyone knows it and it’s a more effective
way to communicate. But this person is
surrounded by hearing people and it makes sense for them to use all different kinds of language modes to make your point get across. That just makes sense, and so the way that they did it and they way that they showed it, it was perfect. It was perfect. It was so good, and
that’s why I can’t believe that I didn’t hear about this show before. I just found it randomly. I think it’s awesome. It just made the whole viewing experience that much more enjoyable. So let’s compare this to other TV shows where they have a deaf character, yes, but they fix that character somehow or they pretend like that character can perfectly read lips or that
character has a machine that they use to magically
heal their hearing. It’s easier. That’s just how it is. For the cast people, for the actors that are playing hearing,
or deaf characters but are really hearing and
don’t sign well enough, it gave an example that you can do it. You can involve a deaf or hard of hearing character
(chuckles), character, and it not be the focus
and it not be fake. Sam, his character, he mentions that he reads lips, but he doesn’t do it all the time, and
yeah, some deaf people, some hard of hearing
people, they read lips. They don’t want to advertise it because then everyone will
think, oh, you can read lips? (stammers rapidly) Talk, talk, talk, (stutters) talk. The way it was played out in
this show, it was perfect. And if they can do it, if Netflix, this major platform, can do that so seamlessly, why can’t other
platforms do the same thing? My final thoughts. It was a great TV show. It was flawlessly shot. The storyline itself is great. I love the young adult dystopian scene. It’s interesting. It keeps you on your toes. And it’s exciting to wonder
what’s gonna happen next. I loved that they
included a deaf character. I love that a lot of people signed and it was obvious that
someone had coached them and they had practice,
so it didn’t look weird. And I also loved that him, himself, his character being deaf, it doesn’t make it the top priority, like oh, he’s deaf. We need to take care of him. No. He’s deaf. He’s fine. He can communicate. He’s good. There’s other complexities to humans, to all humans, and they
really demonstrated that well. They represented different obstacles that he had to get over
other than his deafness, which is, that’s real life, dude. It’s real life, and it’s
coming to the table, 2019. We’re here for it. Five stars. Five Jackie stars, and I am
looking forward to season two. I am down. I’m here for it. I’m ready. Let’s go. Are they filming yet? Freaking Netflix, man. They’re just rolling out
the content and it’s good. It’s awesome. I love that they’re not
afraid to make mistakes. I love that they’re not afraid to try new things and represent characters that are difficult to represent because not a lot of people can relate. But a lot of people can. So yeah. And there was a few jokes that deaf and hard of hearing people, or people inside of the community, can relate to. Just watch it. Watch it. Just watch it. Okay, guys. So go and support the TV show. Make sure you watch it on Netflix. Make sure you give it a thumbs-up. I think you can do that on Netflix. I always do that when I
want to see the next season because it was a good show
and I want it to continue. So do that. Make sure you follow me on Instagram. I am @tismejackieg. Make sure you subscribe to
this channel because I’m here. I like watching TV. I like sign language. Let’s do it. #deaftalent. 2019, baby. Year of the deaf person. I’ll see you guys later. Thanks for watching. Bye! (kisses) (downtempo electronica music) Yeah.

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