Dear White People – Vol. 3 | Date Announcement | Netflix

– They compared salty grits to Beyonce. (bouncy guitar music) Today talkin’ about grits. Marky, how do you like your grits? – I like my grits with salt. – I need cheese. I need butter. – I do think that like, sweet
grits are a southern staple. – I like grits with sugar in them
(laughter) and maybe butter. – [Woman] Okay, ready? Two, Three. – Try this. – Why are we doing this? – I don’t know. I’m not eating this. Nope. – I’m not looking forward to this. – Mine was better than yours. – All right, that’s because you got all this damn cheese in here.
– Well, that’s the point. – Look, this shit don’t even fall. – The grit is good.
(giggling) The sugar is not good in the grit. – Like, they’re kind of perfect. Oh my god, you had no idea. Did you like these?
(man clears throat) – For those of you who eat sugary grits, you need rehabilitation. – Nah. – If I had a choice,
would I choose this one? No.

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