Decadence – The Moral Decline of Society

Decadence – The Moral Decline of Society

Decadence is defined as ‘the act or process
of falling into an inferior condition or state‘, ‘moral degeneration or decay‘, or ‘unrestrained
or excessive self-indulgence‘. It is often attributed as one of the reasons
why empires fall, the classic example being the Roman Empire. One thing I have noticed of late, is that
our society (at least, Western society) is in a severe state of decadence. Big Brother UK: A Snapshot of Society’s
Decadence I have recently been watching the first few
episodes of Big Brother UK 2016. I watched Big Brother last year and found
it quite entertaining. There were lots of interesting characters
who formed some interesting relationships. There were some troubles between contestants,
but overall, it was a nice experience. Some contestants probably truly came out better
people after living in the Big Brother house. Now, I’m not shocked easily, but I think
things have gone too far in the 2016 series. Some might say that Big Brother isn’t a
true reflection of society. They would argue that the whole situation
is contrived by the producers to make a TV show that will be watched by the most number
of people. Their goal is to create as much controversy
as possible, or at least, create an environment that is conducive to controversy. This is a sure way to attract lots of viewers. On the other hand, the producers can’t force
the contestants to act against their beliefs, at least not in the long-term. So I am of the opinion that the contestants
are a true reflection of the current state of society. They are acting exactly how they would act
on the outside, despite what they say. Chelsea Singh, a 48 year old millionaire businessman
from London was quite open about his wealth. A number of times he as mentioned that he
owns a Bentley, has bodyguards who follow him in the car behind, and was quite proud
of the fact that he spent £10,000 in a single night out at a nightclub. Evelyn Ellis, a young, attractive, tattooed
bar hostess from Sydney seemed quite likeable at first. However, after a couple of days in the house,
she was caught up in a game of Truth or Dare in the hot tub. She was dared to take off her top and hold
her breasts. Without any hesitation, she immediately complied. A couple of rounds later, she was dared to
kiss the other girl topless. Again she complied. At first, it only lasted a couple of seconds,
but then she voluntarily leaned back in and started passionately kissing the other girl,
topless, in the hot tub, in front of the two other male participants. Not to mention the fact that she was being
watched by an international audience from home. All she had to say to the camera after kissing
the girl was, “Sorry Dad”. She then went into the bathroom and started
dancing around topless with the other girl singing a song together. Jackson Blyton, 24, was quite open about the
fact that he has bedded over 300 woman. Marco Pierre White Jr, 21, is the son of a
famous British chef. He’s very outgoing, heavily tattooed, and
was quick to mention that he has a fiancée who has given him a “hall pass” while
in the Big Brother house. His meaning was that it is okay for him to
“fool around” with other girls while he is on the show. He was very quick to take off his shirt, pole
dance, and participate in other acts of decadence. With little hesitation, he made his feelings
apparent for another contestant, Laura Carter, an attractive 30 year old red head from London
whose claim to fame is participating in a threesome with Justin Bieber. She promised on camera (a number of times)
that she would not participate in any lewd acts while in the Big Brother house, but quickly
broke that promise. She allowed Marco to literally touch her all
over, lick her breasts, put his hands down the front of her pants, passionately kiss
her in front of the other contestants, and a whole host of other lechery. Marco put a belt around his neck and got Laura
to (pretend to) strangle him while saying terrible things that can’t be mentioned. She promised not to have sex in the house,
but in the last episode I saw, Marco was in her bed late at night. Going by the night vision footage of the look
on her face, it was obvious something sexual was going on under the covers. If it’s any consolation, Marco’s fiancée
Kim Melville-Smith broke up with him after his public infidelity. All Marco had to say was that there was a
misunderstanding between them on the definition of “hall pass”. Anyway, there are a whole bunch of other contestants
who are equally materialistic, lewd, and shining examples of the current state of decadence
in our society, or at least, society in the UK. I can’t remember who said it – maybe a
couple of the contestants implied it – that Botox injections are completely normal and
people who don’t do it look ugly. Wrinkles look ugly. Breast implants seem to be common and encouraged,
heavy make-up is worn by all, and the girls are mostly dressed in skin-tight leotards,
short skirts or shorts, and more often than not, showing off their cleavage. Sometimes, they don’t wear anything at all. If there’s one saving grace, there’s Andy
West, 34, a gay journalist who left the BBC after its refusal to remove boxer Tyson Fury
from the Sports Personality of the Year shortlist late last year. He went to the diary room to express his disgust
with the house. I can’t remember his exact words, but he
said that it was extremely hard to have an intelligent conversation with anyone. He said that as soon as he starts talking
with any of the other contestants, they generally change the focus of the conversation back
to themselves, talking about their fake tan, new Ferrari, large nipples, or any other superficial
or materialistic topic. Decadence Is Our Downfall Earlier this year at my university, I was
helping a student on their first day of the year. Many of the academic staff stood up to give
a welcoming speech to all the new students. The common theme was to “have fun”. The staff seemed to be actively encouraging
students to “party hard”, but also “study hard”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. When I was first at uni (1997), staff would
never have said such a thing. I guess they are trying to show themselves
as “cool”, and don’t want to be seen as the “fun police”. They’re probably also acknowledging that
students are going to attend parties whether they like it or not, so they may as well openly
allow it in a way that doesn’t go against core university values. However, imagine if we lose the moral fabric
in our schools and universities. If students are allowed to misbehave, they
will slowly lose their morality as they go out into the job field. They will go from misbehaving students, to
misbehaving parents, CEOs, business owners, police and other important areas of society. This will result in a slow decay of society
overall and will cause us to go the way of ancient Rome. Yes, Big Brother may only be a TV show, but
the very fact that we allow this misbehaviour to be publicly broadcast means that society
is losing its moral fabric. Young adults watching such programs will believe
that it’s okay to “sleep around”, verbally abuse people, touch girls all over, get drunk
and take off your clothes, swear whenever you like, and generally act like a jackass. Some people call it harmless fun. I think there’s nothing harmless about it. Decadence is rife. Update (June 24, 2016) Just to be clear, I’m not against people
having sexual fun behind closed doors. What consenting adults do in the privacy of
their own home is none of my business. I also acknowledge that people from various
cultures and periods of history have participated in an assortment of lecherous acts, none of
which have brought down society. We are, after all, only humans with a strong
urge to reproduce. However, what I do disagree with is the brazen,
public display of such acts. This is what makes society ill. This is the decadence that I am referring


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    Hawk Who Knows All

    It was FORMED To ESCAPE The MORAL FASCIST of EUROPE….That is How it is Designed.

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    If you study history you will find that most all of the great empires and countries collapsed from decadence.

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    Justin Chiodini

    It's a distortion from the values of society, that is, free market. Consumer fetish capitalism with it's obsession with symbolic abstractions of superiority through the acquisition of wealth. The cause of this is because a society for the majority thinks that the earth is eternal abundant resource that will aways be available to be exploited. This delusion alongside unrestricted marketing leads to the attitude of materialism and with materialism comes dysfunction.
    There is a healthy form of materialism in the individuals psyche where self honesty goes above materials first but often times people deluded themselves into believeing that money, and material acquisition are the source of happiness because self awareness requires more self discipline.

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    mintberry crunch

    That you found this degeneracy to be entertaining says something about the extent to which you have been seduced and corrupted by evil. May God have mercy upon your soul. Jesus saves.

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    Michele Ellis

    Things start going down hill fast due to decadence. It's the final straw. The sex is the last form of gratification. After it gets old, there's nothing left to indulge in and then everything rapidly collapses.

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  10. Post

    That Marco looks like a strange ugly monster, you would find living on the fringe of a town in the woods some where, and he would hump anyone who walked past. seriously though he is one ugly, retarded piece of garbage. But then again what do you expect from a degenerative society that worships low IQ pop stars, practically worshiping them. If we nuked the world right now we would actually be doing it a favor.

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    There was a time where you didn't show cleavage in public. Bathing suits covered your knee caps. In America, this came to an end in the 50's when "Playboy" became an accepted part of the culture. I think this was deliberate. The ruling class knows that beer drinking fools are easier to control.

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  16. Post

    Don't watch the tv turn the fucker off. Find your own way, question every thing, every one.
    Dont think if your no good at school your dumb. Don't feel you have to have a degree from some university. Open your eyes and look around, do something anything it will lead to something alse , never give up on yourself, be true to yourself and others.
    For most of us life is a struggle and at times at will get on top of you, your not the only one.
    Sometimes the most rewarding path can seem the most boring and hardest grind it out.
    Well shit i need take some of this advise my self.
    Good luck out there ………..oh and dump the toxic people from your life, let the narcissists play with themselves.
    PS…………. Don't be Decadent.

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    I do not see the point of this video, If you do not have problem having sex with your Girl Friend then whats wrong with having sex with anyone outside the marriage? NO matter where you are and who is watching.

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    N Wilson

    Your video doesn't give the reason why there is a moral degeneration in society. And the truth is that Western society has rejected God and the gospel of Jesus Christ and become increasingly "post-Christian". Without the law of God there is no basis for absolute morality. Mankind will naturally revert to their sin nature without the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ restraining them.

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    Kevin Goetz

    yes Iran & Saudi Arabia have it right – women (not men though) covered head to toe in black

    + religious police to flog people who act "badly"..

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    Kevin Goetz

    Are we supposed to support laws that "ban " "decadence"?
    See Nazi Germany and Stalinist USSR and Pol Pot's Cambodia had that good, sober work ethic. Mao's China, too.
    No time for frivolous activities

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    Kevin Goetz

    so ëmpires' fall""..i.e. they aren't able to terrorize, invade, occupy other countries & enslave the people & steal their resources..
    oh no! how horrible! well not for the empire's victims..maybe..?"so sad
    the Romans unable to enslave neighbors- the Spanish, French, Brits, Portuguese, Dutch, Italians, Germans, Belgians & others, less able to murder, enslave & steal.. how sad!

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    David Tepanosyan

    People who sharpen sceptisism are really rare in this western civilisation. You made a clear point. We all need to understand more of this deep lucid thinking than to follow immoral but high numbers of views materials. I would love the society to understand more of Carl Sagan's points than flipping around memes…

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    F Illinois

    The society is not losing its morality, it lost it a long time ago. The entire Western civilization is in decline. This is the last chapter, just read the article by General John Glubb

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  30. Post

    Life isn't the struggle it used to be. People used to have better morals for one reason that they couldn't afford bad morals. Now there is easy access to excess in just about everything and that devalues everything so that respect all around has greatly diminished. It would take a major shift in the way we live to turn things around.

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    Simon Vance

    If you want a no bullshit video that really tells it like it is see 'Mark Passio – Stop Being Immoral Trash' on youtube. The moral decline is purposeful social engineering with people having the Satanic mindset of 'me me me' now being considered normal.

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    Travos Ymir

    Same people brought decedent art, pornography, gay porn, started lgbt right in Germany in the late 1800's, funded and founded socialism, communism, abortion rights, radical feminism etc.

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    Diabolic Realm

    FACT: USA is 80% complete when it comes to so societal decay! Absolute hardcore good morals and ethics is sporadic!

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    Brian Yo

    TATTOOS….PIERCINGS….NO FAULT DIVORCE….TODAY'S MILLENNIALS…..THE LEFT……. I Have just described the downfall of society….or what will be the downfall of society !!!!

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    I just saw bestiality and jerked off at a girl that loves her dog. I felt disgustanding and google moral decandence of the human race. I will stop now. Stop starting now. Bestility is not moral

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    Lorenz 1

    But racism is not normal now, home violence is not part of the marriage, women are not segregate and negroes have access to the same jobs.

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    Nikita Khrushchev

    Typical decadency in the United States. Not only that, some yanks make porn in cemeteries. Ultra disrespect to the dead. I think I prefer pre colonial U.S where you live in a tipi and hunt some buffalo with your fellow tribesmen.

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    Federico Di Prussia

    This message is for all the American guys here. I'm sorry but I have to say that this decadence is all fault of your country. You introduced for first that society model based on extreme freedom, money,economy and capitalism. You entroduced materialism all around the world, making great religion looking ridiculous and you also bombed and attacked all the countries that didn't agree with your idea of "freedom and progress". Yeah freedom is great but… Is this the cost of it? You are the most powerful nation in the world so wake up and show to everyone that the revolution must start. Spread to the world ideals and morality, and together I think we'll be able to build a better world

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    Dawn Bringer

    You're so wrong: Why Androgyny is not remotely proof of a decadent culture

    unrestrained self indulgence is not going to lead to anything for the west.

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