Demand Action Against Citizens Property Insurance

Hello, my name is Ted Corless. I’m a property insurance lawyer, but today
I’m coming to you for help. I represent 240 families that reside at the
Cloverplace condominiums in Palm Harbor, Florida. Since 2010, Citizens Property Insurance has
delayed the resolution of that claim, and denied benefits to those families, despite
the fact that they are in possession of reports from their own engineers that demonstrate
that some of those homes are being damaged by sinkholes. But Citizens doesn’t want to pay that claim,
and in 2015, filed a lawsuit against the homeowners at Cloverplace, and that’s why I’m reaching
out to you. I’m here to exercise my First Amendment rights,
and I need you to do the same. You see, Citizens is not like a regular insurance
company. They’re actually an entity of the state of
Florida, which means, when they act intentionally to withdraw claims or to delay benefits to
people, they can’t be sued for something called “bad faith”, but where they can be influenced
is by public opinion. Now what is it I need from you? You see, we’ve reached out to several of the
legislators up in Tallahassee, and they’re working diligently to get Citizens to pay
its claims. Not just in the Cloverplace matter, but in
other cases like it. But we need your help to add pressure to that. In a few moments, I’m going to be putting
two phone numbers up for you to call; it’ll only take a moment, and this is what I need
you to do. I need you to call the Chairman of the Insurance
and Banking Committee in the House of Representatives in Florida, and I’m going to give you the
phone number. I’m also going to give you the phone number
for the chair of the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, and the reason is I need you to
call them. And I need you to call them and tell them
that, as a homeowner at Cloverplace, you’re asking that they act. Or, if you’re not a homeowner at Cloverplace,
you’re a citizen of the state of Florida, whose money is spent by Citizens on these
kinds of tactics. And I need you to call them for this purpose. We’ve attempted to resolve this matter with
Citizens, and they simply will not pay on a claim they have owed for seven years. They will not pay the claim, even though their
own internal guidelines require them to do so. We have correspondence from President Barry
Gilway to representatives misstating both the law and their actions in this case. We’re tired of that, and it’s time this matter
was brought in to the sunshine. We’re asking the chairs of the respective
committees that regulate Citizens conduct public hearings on Citizens’ misconduct. Specifically, that they conduct public hearings
to investigate the manner in which Citizens has mismanaged the Cloverplace claims for
seven years. Again, I’m going to put these phone numbers
right here, and I need you to reach out and call them. I want you to be polite, but I want you to
specifically ask that the chairs call hearings so that Citizens can present the status of
this matter, and we can provide information to the committee regarding their misconduct. Our goal is simple: to take care of the 240
families at Cloverplace who are being injured by Citizens’ conduct, and if we can’t sue
them in the court of law for bad faith, we can certainly invite them into the sunshine
and let public opinion take over. My name is Ted Corless, and I appreciate your
help. Be well.

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