Demo: Empowering citizen developers with AI Builder at Microsoft Inspire 2019

Demo: Empowering citizen developers with AI Builder at Microsoft Inspire 2019

>>Thank you Satya, and thank you Eric for coming out to share your story
with us today.>>Okay.>>Tell us just a little bit
about G&J Pepsi.>>Yeah. G&J Pepsi is the largest family-owned
bottler in the Pepsi system.>>Okay.>>We have about 1,600
employees in Kentucky and Ohio.>>Okay. So private company
regional focus here in the US, tell us how you’re using AI
in the context of PowerApps.>>Yeah. You know Ryan, I’d rather show you then I can talk about it.>>All right. You want
to see it? Let’s do it.>>Let’s give the
people what they want. So we live and die by counting our retail space.
It’s really important.>>Okay.>>So we do a lot of counting, we do a lot of auditing, and that’s a time-consuming process.>>I imagine.>>With this application we can
offload a lot of that workload.>>Okay.>>So I’m going to go ahead and
do this. It’s really simple. So I’m just going to go ahead
and hit “Detect” on here, and we’re going to take a file so, I’m going to take a picture We’ve got some beautiful bottles
of Mountain Dew here.>>I’m thirsty already.>>Me too.>>Yes bro.>>So I’m going to go
and take this photo, and we’re going to go
ahead and do this. I want you to think
about this as scale.>>Right.>>So just have a couple of
Mountain Dew bottles here.>>Yeah.>>We have hundreds of products, thousands of customers, right?>>Yeah.>>Could imagine the
time that it takes.>>That’s a lot of manual counting
if you’re doing it on a clipboard.>>Yeah, absolutely right. It’s a Herculean effort to do this.>>Sure.>>But as you can see the
application has done this for us.>>Wow.>>We can go ahead and
submit these records and then we can analyze the sales
and do a lot with that.>>That’s amazing but
level with me here. What does it take to really put
something like this together? You got to have an army of software developers,
data scientists, right?>>No. On the contrary Ryan, when we first got into
the Power platform we had two individuals working
on scenarios like this, none of which had any professional
development experience.>>One of those individuals is you?>>Yes, surprise.
That’s why I’m here.>>Yeah.>>But let’s make no mistake Ryan. The competition isn’t going to
let up just because we don’t have the tools or the skill sets to be able to bring
these scenarios to life, and that’s what we’ve seen
the Power platform be the great equalizer and allow us to compete and win
in the marketplace.>>So the great equalizer, I think a lot of us
in this room could use an equalizer
regardless how big it is.>>Yeah. Absolutely.>>So can you show us
a little bit of what it takes to actually build with AI?>>Yeah, let’s do it. So I’ve got
these pictures already uploaded. Here’s what’s great about this Ryan. It’s as easy as drawing a box.>>I could do that.>>I would hope so. Yeah, absolutely. So I’m just going to simply
tag it and then what’s great about this is
it’ll auto box for you and you can just quickly tag these
images in a very rapid fashion.>>Awesome.>>Then when you’re done,
you can simply hit “Train”.>>Okay.>>Then it’s going to present
you with a confidence score.>>Cool.>>If you’re not comfortable with it, you can add more images, you can do more tagging, Ryan.>>Yeah.>>So you’re ready and then submit your model to be
published into an app.>>Cool. So you upload
a bunch of images, you tag, and we train
the model you feel good. How do you actually put
it on a mobile device?>>This is great. The process gets even easier.>>Okay.>>When we do this. I know it’s hard to believe but
it gets even easier. I’m going to go ahead and go to my maker screen here,
my maker Canvas, and I’m going to go ahead and
just click on the “AI Builder Control” add the object detector, and then I’m just going to
simply resize this to where I want and then bind that to
my model and we’re ready to go.>>You’re ready, that’s amazing. So you’re just visually building an AI infused application
right in front of your eyes.>>Yeah.>>That’s impressive. How many
people out there can take an AI project from a pile of photos? That’s impressive. But you know what? There’s more. You mind if I cut it?>>I don’t like to give up
the stage but it’s all yours.>>See detecting objects in
images is just one thing that AI builder can do at right now
for anybody out there. We can also classify texts, understand, and tag meaning
in any blob of words, we can predict outcomes, any yes or no answer, any column on any entity in
your common data service. Will we get paid on time? Will the customer convert? Will the customer churn? Really common business
scenarios we can predict. This one is particularly cool. We can process any physical form, piece of paper, PDF, you name it. Now, I know you’ve been building
a lot of apps but there’s probably a few sheets of
paper still in your business.>>We’re still churning through that. Yeah.>>I bet you’re not the only one, the invoices, work orders, purchase orders, they’re everywhere. AI builder can understand and
lift facts right off of the page, not just the characters,
what they mean. This is a due date, this is a table with quantity
and units and price, this is a subtotal sales tax, the actual quantity, and totals, and then lift that all right into the common data service and build it into all of the processes
we use downstream. So we can build apps
like you showed us, we can also automate
business processes. Let me show you a Microsoft Flow. So we’ve counted
bottles on the shelf. Now, we’re ordering more inventory, every time an order hits an inbox. We can lift that order out, understand the products, and
the line items in the quantities, and then further use AI builder to predict, how likely are we to be able to fill that order on time based
on past performance? If the answer is no, we
can actually kick off an approval process downstream and get that order filled
ramp up production on time, and build that into everything people are already
using whether that’s another mobile app or into
the Microsoft 365 experience. In this case, we’re going to drop that actionable approval
card right into Microsoft Teams approve it where people are already working
and be on our way. All of this, everything
we’ve shown you, not a single line of code.>>That’s incredible.>>That’s the power of the platform that’s driving tech intensity at
the largest family-owned Pepsi bottler in Ohio and Kentucky
and thousands of organizations, large and small around
the planet right now. The question to this room is, where will you take it next?


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