Devi’s First Practice Citizenship Interview–UPDATED!

Devi’s First Practice Citizenship Interview–UPDATED!

Hi. I’m Officer Jennifer. Hi Are you here for your citizenship interview? Yes Why do you want to become an American citizen? I want to live with my family. How did you get here today? With my husband Did you drive? Yes Did you drive or did your husband drive? I drive (I drove). What do you about miss about your old country, India? Please tell me (again)? So, in India: Do you miss your family (in India)? Do you miss your friends (in India)? Yeah, I miss my family and my friends. Are you ready?
Do you have any questions before we begin? Yes, I am ready. Please raise your right hand. Do you promise to tell the truth? Yes, I do. Put down on your hand. What did you promise? To tell the truth. Please have a seat. Thank you. **Instead of starting with the N-400 questions, some USCIS officers begin with the Civics Questions of the Reading and Writing test.** Explain how you are eligible to become a US Citizen. I have been a permanent resident for five years. Show me you Green Card and Passport, (or State-issued Photo ID). What date did you become a legal
permanent resident (USLPR)? March 2013 And did you . . . March–what date? March 3, 2013 Thank you What is your country of birth? India And your country of nationality? India Are you requesting an accommodation because of a disability? Can you please repeat? Are you requesting that I change the Citizenship exam because you have a problem? Because you’re blind or deaf or have any cognitive disability? No What is your Current Home Address? Do you live in Milpitas, San Jose, or Fremont? Milpitas How long have you lived at your current address in Milpitas? Six years. yes okay and do you have a Do you have a Previous Home
Address? Same address. Was your mother or father a US citizen before your 18th birthday? No Do you work? No, I don’t work but me and my husband have a company. What kind of company do you work . . . do you have with your husband? Software company Okay very good What do you do for the software company? Some project coordinating with my husband’s (doing the) job. Do you receive a paycheck from the company? Yes Or are you a consultant–other people pay you? Consultant? My husband is doing this one. Okay, so you share it (the business) together? Yes Do you file your taxes with your husband? Yes Okay, great, that’s perfect. Let me ask you about your trips. Have you taken any trips outside the United States in the past five years? Yes, two times. How many total days were you outside of the United States? Total is ten weeks So seventy days? Yes Tell me about your last trip: when did you leave and when did you come back? (I left) Dec 23, 2017 and came back January 22, 2018. Where did you go? India What is your current marital status? Married Did you get married in the United States
or in India? India How many years have you been married to your current husband? Seven years Is he an American citizen? No Is he planning to become a U.S. citizen soon? Yes Okay, good. Do you have any children? Yes, I have two children. Are they born here are they born in India?
(Were they born here or in India?) They are born here. (They were born here). Are they living with you now? Yes Have you ever claimed to be a US citizen? No Have you ever voted in any US elections? No Did you vote in India? Yes! (India is the largest democracy in the world!) Do you have any title of nobility in India? Please tell me about “nobility.” Sure. Are you a member of the King or Queen’s family? No Have you ever been declared legally incompetent? Please repeat the question. Have you ever been declared legally incompetent? Have you ever been a situation where you can’t make important life decisions and a guardian or a judge or doctor must make the decisions for you? No Have you ever failed to file your taxes? Please repeat. Have you ever failed to file your taxes? No Do you pay your taxes every year with your husband? Yes Do you owe any taxes? No Do you belong to any groups or organizations? No Have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? No Have you ever been a member of the terrorist group? No Have you ever participated in a rebel group, militia, or army? No Have you ever been a member of a gang? No Have you ever received any military or weapons training? No Have you ever forced a child under 15 to
become a soldier? No Have you ever been arrested or committed a crime? No (wrong question) Have you have you ever been arrested– even in India? No Have you ever been a habitual drunkard? No Can you tell me what a habitual drunkard is? Habitual drunkard is an illegal drunkard? Not exactly. Drink too much alcohol . . . and you don’t obey the laws . . . Yes, and you get sick from the alcohol. Have you ever sold or smuggled illegal
drugs or narcotics? No Have you ever helped anyone come into the United States illegally? No Have you ever gambled illegally? No Have you ever lied to the US government to get public benefits? Please repeat Sure. Have you ever lied to the US government to get public benefits such as welfare or food stamps or help with your rent or free health care? No Have you ever been deported? No What is deported? Deported means that the US kicks you out of the country, Yes, the US (arrests) and kicks you out of the country. So, have you ever been deported? No Do you support the Constitution and the form of government of the United States? Yes Do you understand the full Oath of Allegiance to the United States? Yes Are you willing to take the full Oath of Allegiance to the United States? Yes If the law requires it, are you willing to bear arms for the United States? Yes What is to bear arms? Use the gun to save the people. So you’re using it (the gun or weapon) to protect the country. Are you willing to perform noncombatant services for the US Armed Forces? Yes What is noncombatant? Don’t use the weapons and save the country. So you’re still working for the country (in the armed forces). Are you willing to help the government during the national emergency? Yes Can you give me an example of a national emergency? Flood or any people’s emergency–we can go and help the people. Yes, right now the Midwest is having a
lot of floods. The big problem in California is either earthquake or fire. Do you promise everything you say is true? Yes Let me . . . ask you some questions . . . The idea of self-government is in the first three words of the Constitution. What are these words? We the People Who is in charge of the executive branch? The president Name your US representative. US Representative? Milpitas is . . . Ro Khanna Yes. You must go to one of those Town Halls. He’s a great guy. (See What does the judicial branch do? Please repeat What does the judicial branch do? Announced the law? No, a little bit different. It interprets the law. Or it explains the law. Name one right only for US citizens. Please repeat Name one right only for US citizens. Citizens 18 and older can vote. Not 18. This one is: Citizens can vote in a federal election. There’s a couple of questions about voting
(USCIS 100:48, 49, 50, 54, 55) so make sure you take a look at those. That’s a very important one. What group of people was taken to America and sold as slaves? Africans What did Susan B Anthony do? Women’s Rights Yes, she fought for women’s rights. Happy Women’s History Month! (by the way) (wrong question) What major event happened in the on September 11, 2001 in the United States? Terrorists attacked . . . the United States Name one state that borders Canada. Alaska When do we celebrate Independence Day? on July 4


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    Ester Tan

    I hope…I got examer officer like Jennifer. So nice and no give me trick😫make me fail. Like before. God bless you Jennifer❤️

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    Tess Largosa

    I’m nervous for the civic questions. Waiting for my interview schedule. Hopefully I will not have a mental block

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