Did you receive a notice to appear for your Citizenship test but you need to postpone?

Did you receive a notice to appear for your Citizenship test but you need to postpone?

Today I’m answering a question about citizenship
test. Sometimes we have clients that have qualified
for citizenship, they have met the residency requirement of 4 years out of 6 in Canada. But they get, let’s say a job posting abroad
and they choose, after they’ve applied for citizenship, they choose to travel for a few
months, or sometimes for 6 months, or a year to another country on a work permit. Or they go abroad and they study. What happens is that at some point they will
get a request for citizenship test if they are in the age category to under go the test. And they have to travel back to take the citizenship
test. And then after that, once the citizenship
test has been passed you can get called in for an interview, or you can get called in
to take the citizenship oath, it’s a ceremony which you have to attend if you want to become
a citizen. Now if you don’t come to your test, if you
can’t come to your test. You are allowed to reschedule it. And if you can’t come to your oath ceremony,
you can send a request to reschedule it. However, you can’t do that many times. And I’ve seen some cases where if you do exceed
a certain number of times you can get a refusal of your citizenship application or an abandonment
of your application. So I really, what I recommend is that if you
have applied for citizenship, the idea is that you want to live in Canada. And that’s what immigration wants to see. So if you’re now living outside (Canada) and
you can’t come back or it’s becoming a problem to come back to take the test or to take the
oath or to attend an interview. It also doesn’t look very good if you have
to see an immigration officer. And I’ve seen some cases where even people
that have met the number of days, they’ve had an interview and the officer can ask,
where have you been living in the last 6 months or the last year or the last two years. And if the applicant says well I’ve been posted
in France on a work permit or I’m studying in Singapore, I’ve seen some officers actually
refuse applications even though the residency requirement was met because they might think
that there might have been a lie on the application. And they feel that the person doesn’t actually
have an intention to really live in Canada and be a Canadian. So I would really recommend that if you’ve
applied for citizenship, you try as much as possible to live in Canada. To establish yourself in Canada to have your
roots in Canada because Canada is where you’ve chosen to live permanently. If you do have to reschedule, I would say
to do that only in exceptional circumstances. You also have to make sure that when you submit
that request you provide a good explanation. If you just say that you can’t make it, and
you want to reschedule it on the long run, if there’s other problems that happened with
your file that’s not going to look very good. But if for some reason, let’s say for example:
You have a family member that’s sick or there was an emergency situation that you couldn’t
get on a flight or what ever the reason it is, make sure you prepare a good explanation
because that’s going to stay on your file. And at the end, when your applications going
to be processed and officer is going to have access to all of that information. So that’s the answer with respect to attending
a citizenship test or a citizenship oath ceremony. Make sure you subscribe to our channel by
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    Saiful Islam

    Canadian Citizenship Test 2018
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    Bochra Fliss

    Hi. I just got today an email invitation to the citizenship test. It will be in December 18. However I booked for a trip back to my country for my wedding between the 13 of December to the 8 of January.
    Is celebrating my wedding with my family is a convincing reason to ask for a reschedule?

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