Discover civil engineering: What’s your story?

[We see a busy street with cars, pedestrians etc.] A teenage girl walks across the road, looking at her surroundings.] Every day you and I walk past buildings
and roads. We cross bridges and use energy supplies without even a second thought. But, what if I told you that everything [girl changes locations several times] everything everything everything around us tells a tale? And that you could help build this magical
story. [Girl screams as magic glowing portal appears in the wall.] [After testing the portal with her finger the girl shrugs and jumps through.] [The action transfer to a busy Canary Wharf tube station] [A woman walks towards us down the platform.] [The glowing portal appears in the air next to her surprising her – she runs away as the girls jumps through] Sure our daily commute isn’t the most exciting of activities, but it could be a whole lot tougher if it wasn’t for these. [Girl points to train alongside her with thumb] [Girl is suddenly wearing protective clothing and hard hat in an Underground station under construction.] Engineers invent and design
things but civil engineers they create some of the really big things
check this out an entire underground world! [The action transfers to the millennium bridge packed with commuters. The portal appears in the air and the girl jumps through.] Engineering is a word for the skill set
that allows you to create anything in your head. How incredible is that?! These are the innovative designs that create the backdrop to the world we live in. Strong durable structures built from the ground up to help us to live more
comfortably, travel faster, and be connected to essential networks. The shopping centres you go to, the entire road and transport system, even the libraries you visit, none of this would be here if it wasn’t for civil engineers. [A student working on a computer is distracted by the light and sound of the portal disappearing and looks disapproving.] [The action transfers to a beach. The portal appears and the girl jumps through.] How often do you think about the way water reaches you? When you’re thirsty, you grab yourself a drink. It’s easy to take it for granted. [A bottle of water disappears from her hand with a ‘ping” sound surprising her.] [Girl is in playpark going up and down on a seesaw.] Even the simplest of mechanisms has been ingeniuously designed by engineers to work. [We hear the bicycle bell as the girl is riding bike across the grass.] A relaxing trip in the countryside would be a pretty bumpy ride if it wasn’t for the
smooth paths that pave our way. [Girl is talking excitedly to male and female engineers on building site with crane in background.] [Girl is waving behind large wall on building site.] And thanks to structures designed to withstand floods like this seawall, we’re protected from natural disasters. [camera zooms out to show high wide shot of sea behind the wall.] [Girl is sitting in school classroom.] All of the everyday things that barely
cross our mind couldn’t be done without civil engineers. Without the skills of
people just like me and you. [School student turns around and ‘sshs’ the girl raising her eyes in frustration.] [Girl is in engineering office surrounded by engineers discussing projects around a table.] And don’t worry being an engineer isn’t
all about muddy boots and building sites you could share your passion by working
with these guys using state-of-the-art technology to realise your ideas and inspire others. The potential to create life-changing structures really is enough to blow anyone away! [Girl touches model wind turbine blade which spins and turns into real turbine in countryside.] [The action transfers to the viewing platform of a high tower. The glowing portal appears and scares a nearby family as the girls jumps through.] Choosing civil engineering means a
well-paid exciting and fulfilling career, with the satisfaction of knowing that
you helped bring all of this to life. Where does your story begin? [We see the girl through the glass of the tower as the camera zooms out to show the whole city and coast.] [We see the girl walking through all the film locations – shopping centre, school, road, beach, train station. She does some fun dance steps through the last location.]

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