Diversity Strengthens Society — Vote Bhojani

Diversity Strengthens Society — Vote Bhojani

– My name is Tony Navarro, and
I’m a banker here in Euless, and one thing that I love
about Euless is the community is very different. There’s a lot of different cultures. The drive that I see so much
from the immigrant community: they come here with nothing,
and they make something out of nothing, hard work,
determination, and education, which is very important. (upbeat music) In terms of promoting diversity, I think there’s no better
candidate than Salman. Soy Tony Navarro y voy a
votar por Salman Bhojani.


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    Sunny SHAIKH

    I wish you good luck and i hope after your win, you will make the difference in Euless community as city counselor.

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