Do I have Polish citizenship? – Q&A 1 [Kult America]

Do I have Polish citizenship? – Q&A 1 [Kult America]

Greetings everyone, I’ve just finished filming
standing in 3 states at once, I’m literally sitting in three states
at once under a highway, and it’s been a great adventure, I haven’t been back to America to film in a while, so I’m really excited to be here. I’ve got some of your questions,
we’re unable to get all of them because we were traveling around and maybe we’ll make a part
two or something answer but I’ll do my best to answer the once
that we thought were more interesting. First questions goes as follow: Ryan, is there
any country you can visit, but don’t want to? And generally I’m a curious mind and I try
to always be open to go to new places, so it’s unlikely that I would disagree
to visit anywhere. Aside from that I also don’t really like traveling
to Western Europe all that much, I mean, France and Germany is great, but I prefer more like Slavic countries and places that are a little bit more wild. Short answer is that I’m actually
happy to go anywhere. What is the topic that you would
like to film about, but cannot, because you have
no opportunity to make it? Well, we always can find an opportunity
to do the things that we want. I really believe that for example
in today’s video that we filmed we wanted to go to the Hindenburg
crash site, but it’s an active naval base, and they did not let me in, but I found a guy
who could get me in anyways despite the fact that it
was technically forbidden. And I always try to approach things in that way but I would love so much to see North Korea, and I know that it’s like a cliche, typical answer
that most journalist might give, but it seems to be one of the last
places on Earth that are disconnected from corporate lifestyle and I would be
fascinated to see what that’s like. Also I have, and this might sound really weird,
I’ve got a little bit of fascination or fantasy about being incarcerated. I mean, I don’t actually want that but sometimes
I think about if you are in jail, how nice it could be that
everything is provided to you. You know all the terrible stuff aside and
I think North Korea it sounds like that. If you could buy in that bullshit, you know, you could be kind of happy. I went to Belarus which is said to be a kind
of dictatorship country and one thing I noticed was that if you don’t have
ambitions to do something artistic, something like we do on Kult America and you just want
to be a school teacher, or a bus driver you could actually have a pretty good quality of life there
and most things provided for you. There is that element of shelter that fascinates
me about a country like North Korea. Ryan, what is the biggest advantage
of living in Poland? Well the biggest advantage is having
my Polish wife and daughters, and the job that I love so much, but aside from that, I made a whole
video about it obviously, one of the things that I did not talk much about
was the initial response I noticed people having in terms of sensitivity to art. Polish people were really really touched by
music that I would play in a way that I wouldn’t get in other countries. It was like a romance for me. When I lived in Kraków, it might sound silly,
but I loved Kraków in the same way a man loves a woman,
I mean I would be jealous of other foreigners in Kraków. We just interviewed Patrick on this channel
and 7 years ago I would not be able to, because I would’ve been so jealous that
like another man was with my woman. That’s how I felt about the city and Polish culture. So the biggest advantage honestly for me as someone who’s really got an obsession
about Polish culture, to live in Poland is the fact
that I get to live in Poland, it’s a humongous privilege and honor. Ryan, if you could bring anything from the
US back to Poland, what would it be? I would bring like international restaurants,
if I could bring anything back. One of the things that challenges me sometimes
is that I really like the variety of food, as you’ve probably noticed from some of
my videos here. And in Poland it’s getting better, but finding
things like a really good Thai food, or a really good Indian food can be challenging, especially outside of Warsaw. So high quality international cuisine
is one argument, I’m sorry Polish nationalists, but I’m not so upset
when I see more foreigners in the country because it’s something that’s really fun
and invigorating in daily life. Ryan what is your favorite Polish city? I have been to almost every Polish city, with
the exception of Szczecin and Białystok, but I would have to say that, and not that
I’m planning to live there any time soon, one of my favorite cities to go to is Przemyśl,
because one – they have pierogi kresowe, which is my favourite pierogi, I’m sorry,
I know that it sounds insane. The second thing it that it is very quaint,
non-commercial, quiet, slow, great people, I’ve got some friends there and I love going there,
but there’s not really limit on cities that I like, I like all the standards of Kraków, Warszawa,
Gdańsk, Sopot and so on, so I guess it’s more a question of what city I don’t like. I’m not gonna answer that question
because you might be from that city and I might like you and
I don’t want to hurt your feelings. What do you do for a living? All the traveling around you do
for your videos must cost money. That’s a really good question, and I would
be very prideful to answer to all of you what I do for a living, but I think I’d prefer
to keep it a little bit of a mystery. That being said, if you’re curious
what I do for a living, you can just search on Google and I think you’ll find the answer soon enough. Ryan, do you like American food,
or Polish food better? Without a doubt I prefer Polish food
as a kind of novelty. But when I think about American food I don’t
think about McDonald’s or hamburgers, or french fries, I actually think about all the international
foods you can get in America. So in that regard I prefer American food because
you know growing up it was totally normal to like “it’s Thursday, we’re going to eat
Mexican food” and it would taste authentic. So I think first you’d have to define what
American food is before I could really tell you one way or another. Maybe we just keep it simple – I like food. Do you like Chicago or Polish cities better? I’ll tell you guys a secret –
I don’t like Chicago. I never liked Chicago. And I think that’s mostly for personal reasons. I don’t want to go back there,
I have family there who I love and they’re the only reasons I will go back. But aside from that Chicago it’s kind of
dark and depressing place for me and I have really no interest in spending
any of my short precious life in that city. I hope it answers your question. Have you obtain Polish citizenship,
if not, did you apply for it? I did obtain Polish citizenship,
actually, years ago, it was one of the most
prideful experience in my life. It was given to my in the city of Kraków,
there was a ceremony. I don’t cry very often, but on that day, when
I received my Polish citizenship, when I was granted the right to stay forever,
and be a part of that country, I cried. And it was very emotional experience for me and
I almost wished that I could do it again, because it was so amazing
to receive this credential. On account of that I travel mostly
on a Polish passport, I take my Polish citizenship very seriously. You might be curious why I don’t
speak to you in Polish, well that’s because 20% of the audience is Polish
and I want to present these travels but also life in Poland to people all over the world,
so I don’t want to limit myself. I’m less charismatic, like my friend,
Włodek Markowicz… I was in his house and he was like “I can’t
hear you speaking Polish, I don’t want to hear, I don’t want to listen to it,
because you’re not you”. And as much as I love speaking Polish that
is the truth – I am not me when I speak Polish. Maybe someday I will be, but now
it’s just the reality. My Polish citizenship is dear to my heart
and I am very proud of that. Ryan, when will the new Let Me Introduce You
To The End CD be? Well, whoever you are, who asked that question
I love you and thank you for asking, because Let Me Introduce You To The End
was a very dear project to me, and I’ve slowed down on music, no doubt, but I think that
when Kult America hits 100,000 subscribers I’m going to release my next record but in the meantime I definitely recommend you to check out
my latest record “Of ghost”, which is a huge thing and Przemek
Myszor from Myslovitz was singing with me on that record in one song and it took
a long time to make. Not many people heard it because I haven’t
been active musically, I haven’t toured or done any concerts. I haven’t toured or played any concerts
in a long time. The last concerts were like three years ago
in Ukraine for Fort.Missia. But I think I will be back soon, I’m gonna do it
in a special way, I want to play in your city, in small cafe, intimate settings and really just do
it for a passion project. But my time is limited honestly, between my
work, this channel, my family, so it might take some time. Ryan, why are you so obsessed with standing
in three places at once? That’s a good question, when I was a little
kid and I came to New Jersey, which is… this side of the thing, so I’ll sit on New Jersey
line for that question. I remember the first night I would always
sleep and be so amazed that I was in a different state where there were different laws,
different realities. And for me to have the weird opportunity to be in three of those places at one time
where there’s, you know, different constitutions, different laws, just different
realities, is surreal. Also I think I live kind of
absurdly privileged life if I’m able to have a type of freedom to do that. I’m a guy with two passports and I intend,
on using them to their full potential. So standing in three places at once
I guess is my way of access. I don’t have a lot of personal belongings,
I don’t spend any of the money that I earn and as you can see I don’t like really even
have nice clothing or anything, but the one area of access that
I definitely want to apply is travel, so this is my version of kind of being
a gluttonous pig, if you will. And it’s a cool excuse to be able run around
and to see a lot of interesting historic places and you know, have crazy adventures basically. So the three places at once
is a finale of a longer experience. Ryan, do you have heritage from Poland? Do you have any ancestors from Poland? Yes, two of my great grandparents
did come from Poland, and I plan to make videos
about them in the future, one was from Ropczyce Góra in Podkarpacie, the second one was from Nowy Targ on Małopolska,
from Sromowce Niżne actually. You probably see something about that
on this channel in the future. Ryan, is there anything annoying
you culturally/socially in the US, after you got used to living in Poland? Maybe you look at your homeland
in a different way? I’ve been annoyed with many things
in my homeland since forever, actually living out of America made me
appreciate more about the country itself. And I love the friendliness of the people, I love the diversity of the people, I love the fact that when
I associate with someone who is from different culture or race,
I’m not judged by anyone. living outside of Poland actually
made me appreciate… sorry, let me rephrase, living outside of America
made me appreciate America more, but I don’t think I’ll ever
realistically move back here. Alright, there is all for the questions, there
are few more here but honestly, I’m under the highway, on the river bank, sitting in
three states, my hands are freezing, and I think I’m gonna wrap up this video but I want
to take a moment to thank all of you for watching Kult America, subscribing to the channel
and being with us through this adventure. You know we’re gonna keep this channel going
as long as we can and it only has sense if we’re experiencing it with you. So make sure that you subscribed, stay tuned,
smash the bell, follow us on Facebook, all of that, and there was one more
question that I acknowledge. They were asking if there’s the way to meet
me in person and that is possible, but you have to catch me on the street,
and that can be hard to do. Thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you later.


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    Ryan thank you for answering 🙂 I google you and I know 🙂 I supose that when you are doing what you are doing, there is a lot of money for chanel and other things 🙂

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    I don't think that you would hurt someone's feelings by saying which city you don't like. It's more important to say reasons why you don't like certain city. Recording in English is great I think that most Polish people on youtube understand English and maybe even find this channel more attractive because of English. It feels more like foreigner exploring eastern culture and helps us explore things we do not see during casual day here.

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    Flowarts Dude

    Please, make video about "Powstanie Wielkopolskie". It's one of some uprisings that really succeded, almost everyone that heard about Polish history heard about many failed uprisings, but why we don't commemorate uprisings that really succeeded.
    Before edit i mess "Powstanie Wielkopolskie" with "Powstanie Krakowskie" (second one succeeded too, but it didn't keep it's independence for long)

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    Aleksander Kochelak

    You should visit Szczecin, I recomend you this city, beacuse I live here from my childhood. We have a lot of places for tourist and one of most old cinemas in the world:,d.bG. Also we have Centrum Dialogu Przełomy and Castle of Pomeranian Dukes and museum of motorisation and a lot of interesting places.

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    The Foreign Citizen

    I was honestly thinking about doing a Q&A for my next video (before I saw this one). 🙂

    As an American with Polish citizenship living in Poland, I also agree with your food question. I just want variety — and good variety. I don't want to buy a "fajita" only for it to actually be a grilled kebab with BBQ sauce. I want real, authentic international food.

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    Dennis Dowd

    I am jealous of your love for your city. I don't have that here in America. We have gone off track so much that we have truly lost our way. I understand what you are saying about art, and prisons, and this country relationship to both, again have become perverted. American food's international aspect is truly a wonderful thing. I can't eat most foods for because of my medical issues. I wonder how much flack you will get around your Polish citizenship. Patriotism is such a perverted emotion, that takes away from rational thinking. I am hoping that citizenship will represent a cultural choice in the future instead of a political or patriotic thing. Always a pleasure to see your videos.

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    Benjamin Maxwell

    Poland seems like a really cool place that I would really like to go to in the future. Ryan you have opened my eyes to a lot of things. I just want to thank you and keep doing what you are doing.

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    Urzekająca Zo

    Hi! i have one question, so have you ever been to Silesia? I think it's can be very funny if you make a vidio with silesian men or women and talk with him/her in "śląski" (i don't no it in English).

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    Well, I don’t ever intend to go to „the states”. I don’t want to have my face photographed
    and my fingerprints scanned for ever and ever like in some Auschwitz-like concentration
    camp and be treated like a criminal (and for God’s sake, Auschwitz was devised by
    Germans to murder Poles – not Jewry). I have a friend whose family lives in the
    US, and when her father flied there a few years back, he was – for no apparent
    reason – treated like one, handcuffed and frogmarched into a dungeon for two
    days, than sent to Poland.

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    I'm not a journalist, but I am fascinated by North Korea and would love to visit. I couldn't live there long though, I would go nuts keeping my mouth shut.

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    Radzik 1982

    Zapraszam do Wrześni gdzie znajdziesz świetne jedzenie i kucharzy prosto z Indii w Hinduskiej restauracji Yummy Punjaby

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    Being from America, do you have to obtain a bachelor's degree in order to work/live in another country? If so, what did u major in/what university did u go to? Also, love the vids! New sub! 👍🏼

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    Rafał Kobyliński

    Twoja pradziadkowie pochodzą z bardzo ciekawych regionów.Są to bardzo ciekawe tereny na wypoczynek które charakteryzują się ciszą i niezbyt dużą ilością turystów. Oceniając twój wiek którego nie znam to twoi pradziadkowie prawdopodobnie doznali represji pod zaborem Austriackim.

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    Mariusz Gliwiński

    Did you had any bad experiences in Poland related to the fact you're not born here? From what you're saying, i'm afraid you did, at least feeling uncomfortable.
    What are the things that annoyed you in USA ?

    Ps. When i travel out of poland (especially to england) i also appreciate more country i'm from. It seems you have to loose something, at least temporarily, to appreciate properly. And i also miss international food in Poland 🙂

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    Barbora Baksova

    Hello Ryan, first things first I love your videos about Slavic culture. It got me thinking more about how amazing region I live in. I am from Slovakia. A couple days ago I have read interview about you on Slovak website You want to make video about your ancestors. One of them was baptized in church near Kežmarok. I live very close to Kežmarok, I went to High School in Kežmarok. I know my land well. My point is If you want I can help you to find all places you want and maybe be your guide in Slovakia? Just let me know, I would like to help you 🙂

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    Toster Chlebowy

    Hey Ryan can you visit Poznań? There are awasome architecture. If you will be there I recomend to try some ,,Rogale Świetomarcińskie" – its very tasty thing.

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  34. Post

    generally I think that feminine element has always been very strong in the consciousness of this country and Poland is woman 🙂 so I think that your jealousy is quite understandable :))

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    Donna Yuszkiewicz

    Love your videos! We are planning to visit Poland and Ukraine this summer. We plan to fly into Berlin and rent a car. I've heard it's quite difficult to bring a rental car into the Ukraine. Is this still true?

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    Jest wiele ciekawych miejsc w Polsce, niestety w żadnym z nich nie da się godnie żyć. U nas jest po prostu nędza.

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    Ryan, you say you wish Poland were more diverse, but were it the case Poland would be no different from the Western hellholes where you're scared to let your kids outside. Were Poland any different to what it is now, you wouldn't have been attracted to it in the first place.

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    Piotr Nowak

    W Krakowie niebawem bedziesz mogl spelnic swoje marzenie o zyciu w wiezieniu. Chca tam otworzyc cos w rodzaju turystyki wieziennej, za pieniadze mozna bedzie spedzic cala dobe w wiezieniu spac w celi korzystac z urokow zakladu zamknietego

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    norboe largusson

    Ryan, wybierz się do miejscowości Wiśnicz w województwie małopolskim przy okazji wycieczki w Wisniczu proponuje ci zajrzeć nad jezioro Rożnowskie ..
    Najlepiej latem ..

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    N. Korea disconnected from corporate lifestyle? They are the biggest private company in the world. They even own their people. And sell them, for peanuts, to Poland among other places.

    Edit: Just find some N. Koreans working in Poland and try to talk to them. Your Utopian dream will be in ruins. It's a terrible place.

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    Further to the great comment posted by Marcin Dobrowolski, I wanted to add that Polish nationalism is something to be proud of and promote, as it embraces the notion of Polish nation in a cultural & political sense, and not the ethnic one.

    As such, Polish nationalism is inclusive for foreigners, who share their love for Poland, for our culture & tradition, and not an exclusive one, like the fascist & bloodthirsty German or Ukrainian nationalism.

    Some of great Polish patriots were not ethnically Poles (Lechites), just to note a few as an example:
    * Józef Haller (von Hallenburg) – a legendary general of Polish Legions and Polish Army during & after WW1, whose distant ancestor came from Bavaria in XVI century and set up a printing business in the Kingdom of Poland.
    * Oswald Balzer – a great historian of Austrian descent, professor of Lwów University.
    * Józef Unrug – commander-in-chief of the Polish Navy in 1925-1939, who was of German/Prussian descent, but refused to speak German even to his own family, after being taken prisoner and held with other Polish officers in a POW camp.
    * Roman Longchamps de Berier – Polish lawyer and professor of Lwów University before WW2, executed there by Germans in 1941 along with 24 other Lwów professors.

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    Barbara Lange

    This is so cute because it is so sincere of you how much you are loving Poland and its people. Thank you so much. Happy and safe travel also hello to your sweet family.

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    Jacek Zablocki

    you should come to Bialystok. it's beautiful and nice city. we have lots of great variety regional food you can't eat anywhere else. it's green. East of Poland is really really nice !!!!

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    Ryan I must say that you are awesome human being! The way you talk about Poland it's outstanding. Your way to being proud Pole makes me happy. I think it's ok if I call you my polish brother 🇵🇱 👊🏻

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    Ryan you need visit more often Wroclaw are plenty restaurants or bars who serve delusious food ..don't be snob on name restaurant or chain…… food is every wear and in each town is different …and yes we don't have much tai cuisine bus email don't have much tai ppl who want leave this way ….and we don't like spicie food

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    Kat Yang

    how about living in Poland as an Asian who speak a few polish? I think I'm going to move to Poland later with my polish boyfriend, but I am really scared to live there due to the language and Pols. Polish is the one of the most difficult language to learn and Poland is not a multicultural country. but… I'll be ok. right? lol

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    Age of Aquarius

    po co nam to??? Myslicie ze amerykanie w ameryce tak nas bardzo tam kochaja czy anglicy w Uk (akurat tam spedzilam 14 lat zycia). Polacy maja juz taka durna przypadlosc ze wystarczy ze im ktos pokadzi jacy sa fajni i poglaska po glowce i juz hop siup otwieraja co maja najcenniejszego (czytaj: ojczyzne) z otwartymi ramionami. Hola hola, nie tak szybko, cenmy sie! Kiedys dawno dawno temu gdy Polska byla imperium w Europie na bycie Polakiem trzeba bylo sobie zasluzyc czyms wiecej niz zrobieniem dupolizowskiego filmiku na You tube. Myslcie troche ludzie kurna bo rece opadaja. Tak wiem, zaraz jakis troll mi napisze ze kiedys nie bylo you tube..

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    Bartek Arsen

    You are from US so you are native speaker , but you can also speak Polish good enough to communicate . Have you thought about creating a channel, which could be e-studying for Polish or you are just not interested in it ? I mean English lessons with you as a teacher, who talks about the most popular American saying etc . It would help you to develop this channel faster . I cant wait to see your response. By the way I watch every your video, I appreciate your work and I hope to see more and more videos !!! 😀 I have no idea where you are now but anyway greetings from Poland 😉

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    No i prosze, jest wysyp nacjonalizmu w komentarzach. Nienawisc do obcokrajowcow i do Polakow ktorzy maja inne poglady

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    Ernest Padała

    "Byłem w prawie wszystkich miastach oprócz…." Ryan, nie byłeś. "Miasto" nie ejst zarezerwowane tylko dla stolic województw czy metropolii 🙂 Są setki, tysiące miast mniejszych w których nie byłeś.

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    Anna K

    if you would like go to Nothern Korea – you have possibility to go with Pozdro z KRLD
    – Emil is Is a Pole living in Tokyo who organizes trips to North Korea.

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    Dokładnie tak , Myślę że wszystkie Twoje filmiki powinni obejrzeć przynajmniej młodsi i dorastający Polacy. Niesamowite jest to że traktujesz Polskie obywatelstwo dużo poważniej niż większość Polaków . Naprawdę wielki szacunek i powodzenia w rozwoju kanału 🙂 Really appreciate it .

    I wanted to write this comment in English but I hope that in Polish it will also be fully understandable for you. Greetings 😀

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    u have polish heritage, passport, and you live there and are proud… I consider you fully polish
    High court case closed!
    taps hammer

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  89. Post

    Rodak, nasz rodak, po prostu. My best friend lives in Ropczyce and I had a girlfriend in Nowy Targ back in the day when I was young, by the way. The way you speak about being a Polish Citizen gets my heart grow. It makes me even more proud of being a Pole or just a human being, frankly speaking. I wish I could be as wise as you are while speaking of different aspects of living, let alone the people you come across around the world. Cheers Bro 🍻. See you in Rzeszów (maybe).

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  93. Post
    Marcin Erdmann

    The most adorable cities in Poland:
    1. Toruń
    2. Gdańsk
    3. Jelenia Góra
    4. Poznań
    5. Tarnów/Grudziądz
    The cities with the most visitors:
    1. Cracow
    2. Gdańsk
    3. Warsaw
    4. Wrocław
    5. Toruń

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    An a

    I found this video blog a few days ago and i love it. I was watching movies from here almost all the time. It is something wonderful hear that the American man can loves Poland so much. And it is my way to learn english language.

  96. Post

    Great to hear you love Przemyśl. This is my hometown. It's ironic but I left it for Dolny Śląsk for exactly the same reasons you give for living there.

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    Piotr Bialowas

    U never bin in Szczecin!why? German city I guess.
    But it's not German anymore😉
    After WW2 happened amazing things there,it's the only city in Poland like that! 100% of Polaków było tam przesiedlonych z wszystkich zakątków Polski.
    U have go to Cafe 22,then you can see the all city from the center of it☝🏻

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    Wet Mastal

    Kiedyś również zastanawiałem się nad Koreą Północna. Powiem Ci jakie przemyślenie spowodowało że tam nie pojadę. Może również Tobie da to do myślenia. Możliwość wjazdu jest dość droga. I teraz, jak człowiek zrozumie, dojdzie do niego, że jego te pieniądze idą na reżim, być może na utrzymywanie obozów w których robi się doświadczenia na bezbronnych ludzkich i zamęcza się ich na śmierć, to żadne inne przesłanki żeby odwiedzić ten kraj nie są warte dołożenia cegiełki do tego

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  100. Post
    Jan Sitkowski

    Also, to be honest, with your Polish heritage and your Polish Citizenship, you became better pole, than many poles… But you don't need to be born in Poland or have Polish heritage to be a good pole. You have to love Poland to be a good pole, and that's what I see, when you talk about our glorious and beautiful country…

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