Do The Police Have A Duty to Protect Citizens? #dutytoprotect #protectandserve

To protect and serve we’ve all seen it on the side of police cars But what exactly does it mean? I’m attorney Ali Kassahun of Tropic Legal where we make these videos to bring you information related to legal topics, so if you like these videos go ahead and like and subscribe. Today, we’re going to be talking about What police are constitutionally required to do to protect citizens. Now in light of the shootout in the intersection in Miramar where police were using civilians as human shields and the Parkland shooting where Scot Peterson allegedly didn’t run in to try to protect the students. There is a common misconception that police have the duty to protect citizens. This is not true. There is a whole body of case law on this. The police and government entities do not owe a duty to protect civilians who are not in custody. Now what is considered custody? If you’re in a prison if you are in a mental institution these are considered custody. Students in a school are not considered custody. So police really can stand by and watch you be attacked and do nothing and they have not violated the Constitution in any way. So this creates the question then “Who are the police protecting and serving?” That’s a good question. Like I said, I’m attorney Ali Kassahun from Tropic Legal and if you like these videos go ahead and hit the like button and the subscribe button so we can keep bringing you this free content. Thanks for tuning in.

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