Đồng hồ Citizen NH7490-55L: Nam tính và rắn chắc

Đồng hồ Citizen NH7490-55L: Nam tính và rắn chắc

It’s nice to see you again! Today we are going to talk about
a watch from the Citizen And it will be
a mechanical watch a masculine one. The Citizen NH7490-55L The products of the Citizen are always well-known for
movement called Eco-Drive. In spite of this fact, this brand doesn’t forget
the market which are really loved the mechanical watches market. And now let’s review quickly. this Citizen NH7490-55L Firstly, we’ll talk about the case. It can be seen that this is
a very rugged design of Citizen watches The details of the case are thick and made in certain shapes The bezel are made clearly, help create the depth for the watch dial. And you can see that the upper glass is a fairly thick layer of glass so we can be assured more about the shock resistance
of this timepiece. But quite unfortunately this is a mineral glass not the sapphire glass so its scratch resistance is only medium In terms of size, the dial has a diameter of 42.5 mm thickness of 12 mm and the width of the wire is 22 mm This case has screw down crown and case back so it can be water resistant well However, the case back has a transparent glass helping us to observe
details of the movement inside. So initially, I predicted that this timepiece is
water resistant of 50 meters but in fact, Citizen claims that this watch
can be water resistant up to 100 meters It’s very impressed with
a see-through glass case back. And, I think that this glass
was made thicker and attached well with the case back Move to the dial – the part gives
the beauty to each timepiece. This Citizen is relatively simple. The only thing catches my eyes is the color The background of the dial is made
blue, quite mysterious As for other details nothing is too impressive The dial are made deeper
inward by 3 rounds. The outer ring is the minutee index tilted following the bezel The next round is hour index with two digits 6, 12 of Arab style all covered with luminous. The last round contains the hands, brand logo and a calendar window. We can say that with gentlemen, simplicity sometimes
can bring the masculine, and have the proper appeal. And this Citizen is
designed in such schools The simple dial, large and rugged details in dial make this watch quite tough. My favorite spot is the luminous
of the Citizen is a very good and very easy to read time
in low light conditions. About movement, This Citizen is powered by an inhouse movement caliber 8200 produced at the factory Miyota, a very famous factory of Citizen. Basic specifications include: 21 jewels, the frequency of oscillations
is 21,600 beats per hour. Unfortunately, this watch doesn’t have the hand-winding function as well as halting second hand. Power reserve is 40 hours The deviation reate is relatively good
compared with Japanese mechanical watches at + 20 ~ -10s / day Through the glass in case back we can observe the familiar
automatic machine of Citizen The details are gold plated PVD. The rotor is decorated
quite nice and stylized as an anchor and engraved the logo of Citizen, as well as the number of jewels This is the feature for you
to recognize fake watches. However, the other details of the movement is medium in terms of finish It is not special decoration. The minus point of this anyway
 also be offset in durability, with the movement of Miyota,
you can be assured about the quality The metal bracelet is fully brushed, the line along the centre of the bracelet is invoked. This makes the watch feel pretty thick. The lug width is 22 mm, as i said before. The eyes are thick too, so you could feel quite heavily but with me
it’s so comfortable for my wrist The buckle has two safety buttons
and it is very easy to use That was the first experience of myself, with the price of 6 million VND this Citizen Automatic is absolutely suitable with many people especially who prefer the
masculine, strong style A masculine, simple timepiece but still rugged so if I had a chance I will also choose this watch for special occasions. Please comment to let us
know your opinion about this watch Do not forget to like
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    PDL Vlogs

    co mau citizen nao giong y chang the nay ma dung pin khong nhi,minh co mau y chang the nay ma dung pin khong biet fake hay chinh hang nua nho xwatch tra cuu ben hang dum

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    Xuan Chinh Dang

    cho mình hỏi có thể thay mặt kính khoáng thành kính sapphire đc ko? và giá thành ntn vậy nhỉ?

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