DQ Citizenship Skill 4 – Digital Citizen Identity

DQ Citizenship Skill 4 – Digital Citizen Identity

Hey what are you doing?! Just watching the newest Mumu video. He’s sooooo cute! We should visit him one day! Visit him? You know he lives in the United States right? But this video was just uploaded a few minutes ago. How can it take so long to get to the U.S., if the video got here so quickly? That’s because things move very quickly through the internet. The internet? The INTER – NET is short for “Interconnected Network”. Billions of people are connected to billions of things online through this network. This network is made up of millions and millions of computers that are connected together with wires. These wires go all around the Earth. Some even go under the sea for thousands of miles! Wait! My phone doesn’t have a wire but it’s still connected to the internet. That’s because your phone uses a radio signal sent to your router called Wi-Fi. Think of your router like your home radio tower to connect to the internet. The signal from your tablet to the router is through air. The rest of the way is through wires. Wow! So there’s a wire connecting me and Mumu? Ow… If there’s a wire between me and every website,
that’s a LOT of wires! You don’t need a different wire for each website. Every website is located on a computer called a server. We say the server “hosts” the website. It gives it a home! Each server has a unique internet address called an IP address. Just like a postal address, IP addresses help computers find and talk to each other. The IP address is a number which is not easy to remember so you just have to know the website’s name and your computer will find the IP address for you. My computer doesn’t have one. Go to Google and type “What is my IP address?” Hey! I do have an IP address. See! And guess what? Every time you send a photo, it’s broken up in little parts called packets. These packets split apart when you send the photo. It then pieces back together when they arrive at the destination computer. So every photo or video you watch has been sent through the internet in thousands of tiny pieces and then reassembled for you to see. M I N D B L O W N . . . With so many packets, don’t some get lost? Yep! Sometimes the traffic is so busy not all the packets get through at once and it may take a bit more time for some packets to arrive than others. That is awesome!!!! It is very awesome. When all the packets are not there yet, that’s why sometimes your chat is delayed, videos lag, pictures are not clear, or there’s no sound. That happens a lot in my Mom’s room! I hate it! Annoying, right? When you connect to the internet through wifi, the packets have to travel through the air on radio signals. Lots of things can interfere with the signal like walls or appliances. The closer you are to the wifi router, the better your signal and the more packets will get through quickly without interference. Wow. The internet is pretty complicated. Guess we won’t be visiting my Mumu any time soon. Ahhh!! Where’s my phone?! I gotta record this for my Youtube channel!


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