Drake Cutlass Black Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

Drake Cutlass Black Review – A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyer’s Guide

I’ve been thinking about upgrading to
the Cutty black is it a good cargo ship is it a good fighter welcome to another
installment of A Star Citizen’s Ship Buyers Guide buyer’s guide
what’s up citizens this is subliminal here again and today we’ll be discussing
the features functions and benefits of the Drake interplanetary Cutlass black
with the comparison on how those features break amongst competing ships
so you can make an informed buying decision let me know what ship you’d
like to see next down in the comments the ship with the most up votes will be
featured in a future episode with that out of the way let’s get to it
the Drake Cutlass black is a medium size cargo fighter ship with a low cost and
easy to maintain solution for local in-system militia units it is
manufactured by Drake interplanetary their ships have a characteristic of
having a robust and geometrical design with a lot of low cost materials Drake
ships do not feature an ejection system as it is too costly the Cutlass black is
part of three Cutlass variants the Cutlass blue and red are not fight ready
as a 3.4 McCullough’s black is currently fight ready and is available standalone
for $100 it is also included in a hundred and fifteen dollar game package
and part of the Lutins food package with the Drake dragonfly four hundred and
fifty bucks it is available on the grey market for around one hundred and
eighteen dollars and can be found at teaches tech shop at left ski for a
little over 1.5 million dollars with that out of the way let’s see how it
compares to other ships you might be considering for comparison I have
hand-picked 17 ships that I think could possibly be considered by someone
looking to purchase a cutlass black I’ve included some fighter ships under $100
but no huge cargo ships like the Drake caterpillar the following slides will
feature the current ships value and rank along with the names and values of the
worst and best ships a Google sheets document with those values and ships are
linked in the description now let’s see how it stacks up against the competition
the Cubs black comes in at around 180,000 kilograms it has a max crew size
of 3 a decent cargo capacity of 46 scu for a cargo ship it smacks y’all pitch
rate of 90 degree per second is very nimble an SCM speed
of 220 meters per second a decently fast 1115 m/s top speed has almost 3900 hit
points across its body it shield generators can withstand almost 70 300
hit points of damage its guns do just over 1200 damage per second and they
have a theoretical DPS of almost 2,000 it should be noted that the DPS only
matters if you can hit your target it has a total missile damage of almost
seventeen thousand six hundred and it’s fuel tanks can hold up to fifteen
thousand gallons of fuel its Odyssey quantum drive gives it a great 74 mega
meters per second quantum speed and a range of 107 Giga meters so it can
travel from Portales R to Hurston 3.3 times before needing to refuel quantum
travel from port olisar to her soon will take you about 7 minutes and 14 seconds
and leaving hearses atmosphere will take you about 2 minutes and 31 seconds now
let’s talk about its firepower the cup is black pax 2 Vera Puck s3 gimbal
mounts with one scorpion gt2 15 each and these scorpion gt2 15s have 300 DPS and
a 1200 meter range in addition it has another pair of Vera puck s3 gimbal
mounts with one CF 2 to 7 badger laser repeater each these bachelor laser
repeaters do 260 dps and have over an 1,800 meter range in the rear the
Cutlass has one man turret with two size 3 CF 337 panther laser repeaters these
Panther laser repeaters pack over 400 dps and just over 2,400 meters in range
in addition its missile base hold for size 4 MSD 43 missile racks with 2 size
three arrests or threes each and two MSD four for two missile racks with four
tempest tubes each for a total of 12 missiles let’s talk about components the
standard components available on the covers black are as follows it has one
size too great see civilian class daybreak powerplant
– sighs – Great Sea civilian class cold snap coolers
one size too great see civilian class Odyssey quantum drive with an 18 second
cooldown after long jumps and last but not least we have one size to grade see
civilian class stop shield generator let’s take a look at the interior the
drake cutlass black features a large cargo bay big enough to comfortably fit
at least two grey cat pee TVs a drake dragonfly and a open ox a cyclone or 46
s CU in the rear fun fact if you purchased cargo and the cutlass black
with a cyclone in the rear you will have 6 s CU in the rear and one s CU in the
back of the cyclone hashtag mind blown upon entering through the rear of the
cargo hold you will see six passenger seats above those are unlabeled
component housing hopefully the Cutlass will get a design update that will allow
us to know what these components are for to the right and to the left our two
side cargo doors moving on we have more unmarked component housings to the left
and on the right we have four functional weapon racks where you can store weapons and we have two bunk beds to log out in
in the middle of the Cutlass we have the turret access port the cockpit features a co-pilot seat
with four MFDs and a radar and the pilot seat comes with six MFDs
and a radar enclosing the Drake Cutlass black is a great medium sized cargo ship
and an OK fighter its pros are a good-sized 48 SCU cargo capacity it’s
really nimble for its size has a fast quantum travel lots of heart points for
weapons and a huge missile payload its cons are it’s made of paper its cockpit
is very loud and has no ejection feature so is it worth to buy with the $50
upgrade from the aegis Avenger Titan for six times more cargo capacity it’s a
no-brainer for the citizen interested in a profession in trading however if you
are looking for a fighter your money is best spent elsewhere but ultimately
that’s up to you did you like this guide like it subscribe by hitting the bell
and comment what ship you’d like to see featured in the next episode of a star
citizen ship buyer’s guide until next time citizens I’ll see you in the verse you


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    Best all rounder with ideal balanced size for every non-specialized activity u can imagine in te verse. Definietly backbone of every org or player fleet. If its happen to you to have only one ship its should be unquestionably this one.

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    I agree, despite having an Avenger "Renegade" (my favorite) I also have a Cutlass Black (waiting for a Blue) that I consider the best "overall" ship for a new player. 😉

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    Matthew Talty

    First time checking out your channel. Just wanted to say how wonderful your guide and video production was. Keep up the good work. I'm sure you know already but @4:11 the audio gets really loud. Anyways I look forward to all your future videos, thanks for the awesome content!

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    Missing Symphony

    Dude your guides make me wanna buy ships I didn't even want just because it's so beautifully presented, You should work for CIG and present all their ships

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    Cutlass the common man's Valkyrie …. I have a Blue and a Black . The DRAKE LOOT AND SCOOT DELUXE PACKAGE comes with a Skull and Crossbones Skin, Yellowjacket edition of the Dragonfly and 60 Month Insurance. One of the best deals around.

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    Strider K-JIN

    Just subscribed because of this video. VERY professional. Any other ship you do next is okay with me. The Avenger Titan would be a good video too.

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    Man i love your uploads, so useful and informative. you have alot of indepth go to guides that has helped me alot for someone who is new to Star Citizen . So sir thank you for all the time you take to make these.

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    John Wittig

    Just stumbled upon your channel yesterday and loving all your videos. You provide a great mix of enthusiasm, analysis, and polish!

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    Always Sunny In Sun City

    I had a Lancer max and I melted it for a cutlass and an arrow. Much happier. Whenever I want to shoot stuff I with the arrow and for anythin else I rock the cutlass

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    Great content and a great ship ! Upgraded my 300i (2012) to an Avenger and them to the Cutlass. Great upgrades and still have my LTI . Subbed your presentations are superb! Keep up!

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    The idea of these kind of scifi ships gets weird when you stop to think about it.

    Imagine if you were trying to decide on buying a delivery van, but aside from cargo capacity, fuel economy and amenities like Air Conditioning you also had to consider how much armour it can handle and what kind of weapons it can carry…

    I mean, aside from the added complexity, just think about what that implies about the kind of world you're living in. XD

    "Yeah honey, just going down to the shops"
    "OK, but don't forget to reload the rocket launchers first."

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    Con: The fuck ass developers wont let you fly it from the second seat despite having the better view, being toted as a space helicopter which flys from the second seat, and refusing to listen to the community when it says stop making ships with shit views in a game where you need to see around you.

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    Comrade Glory

    Only drawback is how fragile the hull and engines are, if you can keep your nose pointed at your enemy to hide those engines, you should be fine provided that you can return fire. Fun ship for solo and with a friend or two. Cozy interior(to me anyways), impressive cargo hold, good hardpoints and decent default loadout. I'd recommend if you want only one ship but want to do a bit of everything.


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    Black Eagle

    is cutlass to use for one person and which function not work alone? less weapons or guns or can i use all in main seat too?

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    TheReal RedWolfofDeath

    You really need to stop comparing ships that have no place to be on the list. You’re comparing an ugly, fat, short cargo ship with Anvil ships that are prodimitely military ships, but forgot about actual cargo ships like the Connie Taurus. Put ships in the same category as others instead of outside of the category to make the list long.

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    Need to equalize that audio, I could barely hear you at the start, then you got deafening at 4:20 for reasons unknown, tapering to being incredibly quiet again at 4:40

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    Tyvm. Was thinking of upgrading from Origin 325a to the Cutlass Black… Now I am sure I want to. Cheers!

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    FFS People wait till the game goes Gold if it ever does at the moment do you really want to buy a tech demo asset that is probably still subject to change just wait to get it when the game goes gold don't buy into a game that may or may not make it release. That's what I am doing though I do read SC has a highly Toxic player base so hmmm maybe not.

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    Ted Wendelboe

    I dunno. I have been disappointed with a lot of the fighters in the game. The Cutlass certainly isn't an amazing fighter, but it is no slouch either. Especially once you replace the size 2 weapons with size 3s*.
    Unless you are planning to spend a whole lot of money on some expensive, specialized ships, you really can't go wrong with this.
    Almost a year ago I found myself with a Titan and $60 store credit. I was fairly new to the game, and pondering whether to upgrade to a Cutlass or Freelancer. In the end I figured to get the Cutlass, because you can upgrade to a Freelancer, but not downgrade to a Cutlass so easily.
    The Freelancer is much more durable, and can make considerably more money with 66 SCU. But it Flys like a bathtub.
    The Cutlass is remarkably agile and versatile. I highly recommend it.

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    tom duke

    wonder if that thing with 6 size3 autocannons can oneshot things through their shield.
    im currently flying a 325a with 2 size3 and 1 size4 gatlingguns and am just tearing through things. i do run out of ammo when there are to many nimble enemys though.(my trigger-discipline is a little lacking) i want to try autocannons because they come with more ammo, but dont have the credits yet to buy them.

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