Drug Discovery Programme – Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Research

Drug Discovery Programme – Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Research

Dementia. It’s the biggest health
challenge facing us today. One in three people over the age of 65
will develop dementia. Current treatments only help with the
symptoms. for a short while. They don’t stop
dementia from progressing. It can take twenty
years and hundreds of millions of pounds to develop a new drug from scratch.Tthe 800,000 people living with dementia
can’t wait that long. They need help now. Alzheimer’s Society’s
groundbreaking Drug Discovery programme takes existing drugs and researches whether they can benefit people with dementia. By speeding up the research process we hope to deliver a new dementia
treatment within five to 10 years. One that could
halt dementia in its tracks. Alzheimer’s
Society is leading the fight against dementia. Help us beat it. To find out more about
our Drug Discovery programme visit alzheimers.org.uk forward slash drug discovery


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    Alzheimer's Society

    Watch our new Drug Discovery video and find out about our innovative programme to speed up the development of new treatments for dementia.

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    raymond lindroth

    Dementia drugs CAUSE Dementia

    ALL doctors prescribed drugs cause cancer.

    Doctors have killed MORE people than all the soldiers in all the wars in history.

    Doctors today kill more people than all the soldiers in all the wars today.

    Fact is stranger than fiction.

    Bless you

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    The "click here to donate" banner hides under the player controls when you go to click it and the link takes you to a page that doesn't exist…

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