e-Health Care Services for Senior Citizens

In the Land of Innovators – Beside the People by Breaking Norms The story of these elderly people, who are bend under the weight of age, are quite alike. The hands that once used to carry the load of whole family with ease have now become dependent on others. A meeting with such an aged woman had changed the view of Rafiqul Islam, Secretary of Benapol Municipality. One day, I was in my office. An old woman came to me for financial help. I asked her, “What would you do with the money?” She said, “Son, I’ll do my treatments.” I asked, “Don’t you have any children?” “I have two sons and a daughter.” She said, “But they don’t stay with me. They are also in financial crisis. They’ve abandoned me as I grew old. They don’t support me any more.” That was the beginning. Rafiq submitted the idea of assuring medical facilities for senior citizens as a project to a2i, a concern of Prime Minister’s Office. I thought, if we do something for these senior citizens, it will also give us joy on a humanitarian ground. After completing the training, the process of data collection about senior citizens began. We got a call from a2i program of Prime Minister’s Office for training. Earlier we submitted our project. Our proposal was very well received by them. They taught us how to use computerized systems in order to help people. The elderly persons of Benapol now come to Municipality Healthcare Center for treatment with complete faith. A group of workers was recruited. They were trained for three days about how to create database of senior citizens of certain areas. The database was comprised of their name, address, age, date of birth and previous medical history. They were given a health card each. They come to the healthcare center once in every three months for free medical checkup. If the doctor suggests any test, they can perform the test in our diagnostic center for 70% discount. And we have a server linked with the diagnostic center. Whenever a test is performed, the doctor can analyze the test results within a moment. We are providing health care to someone of our father’s age. We are providing health care to someone of a mother’s age. This is a matter of great honor for me as a public representative. Aged are not Burdens,
That’s what humanity says. After reaching sixties,
Health Facilities are the duties
of Benapol Municipality.

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