E2 Entrepreneur visa βœ… HOW TO APPLY (in 2019) πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

E2 Entrepreneur visa βœ… HOW TO APPLY (in 2019) πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Hi, are you considering
applying for an E2 visa? This video has the nine
steps that you need to take to make a successful application, and I’m going to talk about the experience of one of my clients
who applied successfully under this route. Hi I’m Tom Bradford. This video is on how
to apply for an E2 visa and secure one in nine steps. Now the E2 visa route is
a great option for some, but not everyone. And your position at
the end of the process isn’t secure in a way it would be if you applied under EB5, and do check out my separate video on how to apply for an EB5 visa. Under the E2 route you
secure residence only rather than a conditional green card. so it doesn’t provide any
direct route to a green card when you apply for an E2 visa. However, people have been in the US for 20 years or more on E2 visas. It’s simply renewable every five years. Now the example I’m going to give is based on the experience
of a client of mine who applied successfully for
an E2 visa for his business and several employees and
are now over in the US following the E2 visa process. The level of the investment
was relatively modest. It was around the 100,000 mark, and one of the key things to remember is that this is an active route. You must take managerial decisions in relation to the running of the business and you got to be a majority shareholder. It’s not like the EB5 route, which if you invest in a regional centre and you invest in the right project, can be an entirely passive endeavour in which you’re not involved in actively managing the business. So this is different. Stage one would be incorporating
your company in the US. Stage two would be setting
up a bank account in the US. Stage three would be securing a lease. You would then, at stage
four, transfer the funds into your business account. Stage five would be securing any regulatory approvals you need, for example, a certificate of authority to conduct business in New York State. Stage six would be entering
into contracts with clients in the name of the US entity. And all of this is because
there is a requirement that it be a real and
operating commercial entity. Your business must be more
than a marginal enterprise. Stage seven is that you apply
and get a date for interview. A nominated person for your company goes on the application form. Stage eight is the application is granted, and stage nine is you apply
as an E2 treaty investor. Now what this route gets you is temporary residence for five years, and as I say, renewable for
five-year terms thereafter. So to use my client’s experience where he made a recent
application which was granted, that was based on a
successful recruitment company based outside of the UK. He had already set up
the business in the US, incorporated, set up a bank account, secured a least, transferred
funds to the bank account, he’d secured regulatory
approvals for the business, and he’d entered into
contracts with clients. So when he applied this was a real and operating commercial entity and it was more than
a marginal enterprise. Now one of the downsides of the E2 route as opposed to the EB5 route, and as I say, check out
my separate video on that, that’s the totally passive one
where you can invest 500,000. It’s that you need to
effectively invest first so you can try to put your money in escrow and then make your application. But many applications for E2 investors, which take that approach, ultimately fail. If you make everything contingent on the application succeeding and explain that your funds are in escrow pending the granting of the application, it can be difficult to
show that your business is a real and operating commercial entity and more than a marginal enterprise, whereas if those funds
have already been invested it can give the business a
degree of commercial reality. Now in my client’s case, the funds had been transferred
to his business account and had only been invested in that sense. So they could equally
have been transferred out had the application been refused. He’d also committed to a 12-month lease, but the transfer of the
funds to the account was an important factor in
the application being granted. So those are the nine
steps you need to take to make a successful application
under the E2 visa route. If you have any questions
about the process or the experience of the client
I talk about in this video, please do get in touch. You can drop me a message
in the comments below or you can contact me on
the contact details below through Skype Messenger, WhatsApp, or you can drop me an email. With my reach-abroad US
service I help clients access the US for investment and business, and this video’s part of a series. You can check out two other videos here where I go through the
different visa routes and options available to you. Thanks for watching and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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    Tom Bradford

    ☎️ I am happy to speak with you about your options for EB5 or E2 visas to the USA. Email me πŸ“§ at [email protected] or call or message me on πŸ“ž Whatsapp 00447811979759 or on 🌎 Skype: tom.bradford97 βœ…οΈ Check out my other videos in this series here: #eb5greencard #e2visa πŸ‘

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    JuanFernando Gracia

    What if I register my company online (In this scenario an investment fund) and wait let's say 2 years to apply for my E2 visa? I mean in that case, the business could have cash flow and employees at the time I apply for the visa


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    Rochelle Tanner

    What's a marginal business? Does a gas station count with 2-3 employees to get a E2 treaty visa ?

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    Do you know that you can prepare and submit your E2 visa application yourself, without an attorney or with little legal advise? You might probably ask why you need to do it yourself. I have answers waiting for you. Just visit e2visalab.com

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