Ecuador’s Citizens’ Revolution: Putting people before profit

Ecuador’s Citizens’ Revolution: Putting people before profit

A massive banking crisis; Economic
collapse Soaring unemployment levels Not the Europe today, but Ecuador just
over a decade ago When fraudulent bankers helped create a
devastating economic crisis and yet Ecuador is now booming. Its
economy growing strongly And rated by the UN as a world leader in
human development But how? -Since the election of President
Correa in 2007, a citizen’s revolution has put people not profit first: Ensuring
the wealthiest pay their taxes The minimum wage is a living wage That education and healthcare are free and that social inclusion is a
commitment not a buzzword. Since 200, the Ecuadorian
economy has grown at an average of four percent per year. One million people have been lifted out
of poverty. Economic inequality and unemployment have been reduced at a higher rate
than any other Latin American country And more students from poor sections of
the population have enrolled in university than anywhere
else in the world. This is a country investing in its people; with the
support of its people. And these changes are popular – President Correa and his coalition of
supporters have won 10 consecutive elections since 2007. We like to think of it as The Ecuadorian
Miracle. But don’t take our word for it – why not come see
for yourself?


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