Editorial: Meadowood Health Office is the work of citizens

WISC EDITORIAL AGENDA 2017 – THE WORK OF CITIZENS – MEADOWOOD HEALTH OFFICE 12/25/17 This is always a good time of year to reflect on the good stuff and we’ll try to do that over the next week or so, and we start with a nod to WISC anchor Charlotte Deleste for her terrific Do Something Good stories throughout the year. They have inspired us. But today we recognize the Meadowood Health Partnership which last week officially opened the Meadowood Health Office. This new facility will offer health care support services to community members and is the result of a collaborative effort by groups including Kids Forward and Race to Equity, Today Not Tomorrow and Access Community Health. This is what citizens do. This is an example of the Work of Citizens we’ve been promoting all year – citizens naming the values they share and the problems they will solve together. Culturally competent health care is a great example of that work.

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