EIT – City Enabler for Digital Urban Services (CEDUS)

Hi, my name is Lanfranco, smart city program director at Engineering SpA Let me introduce to CEDUS providing a software product for “crawling, collecting and rendering on a map” data at urban scale, based on FIWARE, the european open standard platform. A new generation of citizens is requiring more and more digital “easy to use” urban services. Our approach overcomes the limits of the traditional provisioning of services, where data are used to be static and closed into Siloes To respond to increasing aspirations of citizens CEDUS enables an agile approach to rapidly develop new services available The benefit for the metropolitan areas (and related urban providers) comes from an integrated urban knowledge base. In terms of impacts, CEDUS makes easy the access to this city knowledge, adding value and revenues for the urban ecosystem avoiding the vendors lock-in for customers. CEDUS also meet the expectations of the engaged european customers. Based on FIWARE, CEDUS sets-up a common ground of data and services, which are scalable reusable, flexible and with different levels of granularity. With just few clicks clicks, you are exploring your City and easily access to added value services for everybody “City Enabler” to increase our quality of life!

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