[Eng/Thai] 레전드 증명사진 메이크업 Makeup for your ID card picture l 이사배(Risabae Makeup)

[Eng/Thai] 레전드 증명사진 메이크업 Makeup for your ID card picture l 이사배(Risabae Makeup)

Eng Subtitles by: Helen Today I’ll show you a tutorial on
photogenic makeup for your photo ID. For a makeup that looks wonderful
in portraits and photo IDs, There isn’t anything particularly special going on But in photo ID’s that screams
“THIS PHOTO IS A LEGEND,” You can find light, pure makeup
that almost seems like a no-makeup look I’m going for that type of a look today. Photoshop’s got your back, so there’s
really no need for heavy makeup here. And you have to keep that photo
for a long period of time It’s not like a profile picture
that you can change daily It’s going to be a makeup for photo ID
that will make you think, “this is me.” There are some people out there who want
unique photos that shows a lot of character Please make use of this tutorial
if you are trying to look natural It can also be utilized as
a daily makeup too! For base, I’ll use a shade
that is a shade deeper I’m going to brighten the center of my face
using a shade or half lighter Then the two colors will meet
and I’ll blend it out for a gradient effect When you go to a photo studio,
the lighting is extremely bright There are also flashes So even if you go with a shade darker,
you can end up with the shade that matches And these days, there are apps that let you
take your own photo ID So please refer to the tutorial accordingly There is no need for you to use
two different shade of base But it will help with making your face
have more dimension, and look smaller So half a shade deeper is acceptable
to use in this case. I’ll use The Face Shop’s Ink Lasting Foundation
in #N203 Natural Beige. It looks like this! It’s just a tad darker
than my natural skin tone. You don’t have to be tooooo meticulous
when it comes to base makeup It’s standard for photo studios
to make your face appear clearer Rather than trying to cover
all the blemishes, It’s more effective to adjust
the color of your face We’re aiming for a pretty makeup
with even a touch of photoshop Dot onto the appropriate areas,
and dab it in with a sponge. Even a slight glow can end up looking like
oil and nastiness in photos And shimmers can end up
coming out like tiny moles with flashes The makeup today will
barely have any shimmers With a matte base without glow Dab dab dab dab it in That’s enough toning down,
since we’re going to contour too I’ll brighten the center of my face
using Hanskin’s blemish cover #Bright It looks like so. It’s a shade or two
lighter than the foundation I used earlier. Apply onto the center Apply to high points of your face
like the front cheeks, Forehead, nose bridge,
and the rest of the cheek area Cover ’em up Let’s clear the lids as well Now that it’s set, I’ll lightly dot over small blemishes I’ll use Courcelles concealer pencil. It’s not absolutely necessary,
but you can cover to your needs Moving onto powder, I’ll use MUFE’s
Ultra HD pressed powder Mixed with TCFS’s contour
shades–the lightest and medium colors Just so that it won’t look too dark, I’ll lightly sweep my brush across
the contour once And I’ll have enough of the
HD powder all over my brush Tap it in Since I want it to be extra matte, I’m going to tap and dab the brush
as if I’m doing so with a sponge For the center of my face, I’ll use
the HD pressed powder alone To prevent it from being oily See how matte it is? Be prepared for the oil that comes up
when you go to take your photo Next, We’ll pick up a good amount of the contour And contour the outline
of the face with a fluffy brush It’s okay if you contour and
cover more areas than usual It’s in this sort of a shape Then I’ll use the deepest shade
for a more defined contouring For a more perfect dimensional shape Then I’ll continue onto the forehead Having this small area contoured
can make a huge difference in a photo. It creates a pretty face shape All the areas except the center
will have some degree of contouring Next up is nose contouring It’ll be more defined than
my usual daily makeup Follow your nose’s natural grooves
to define the nose bridge See the difference between
left and right? Think of it as brushing
down the entire nose It’ll make it much more defined The center of the contour will always be
the darkest area, making it more detailed Even though it’ll make a small difference, I’ll add some depth here and there Even to the brows,
lightly sweep across them It prevents your nose from
being the only protruding feature By doing this, you’re connecting
all of your features Overall, your entire face will look smoother,
balanced with appropriate dimension Adding that same shade to the lids,
but I’ll roll my brush onto the outer corners This allows the eye shape to be softer,
easing the outer corners from looking choppy It gives you the illusion
of bigger, longer eyes Contouring minimizes the empty spaces
of your face, and connecting them amplifies the effect It’ll be fine as long as it’s not too dark Using the darkest shade
with a smaller brush, I’ll go over those areas I’ve already
went over, to add more shape Apply so that the contour
hugs the tip of the nose If you make the middle of your aegyosal
appear the deepest, It personally makes my face
look shorter and petite With the remaining product,
go over the outer corner of the lower lid As we did so with the upper lid We’re done with contouring! Excessive/heavy eye makeup
is harder to handle In a standard photo studio. In the end, you may not want to
use that photo on to long run So for a lighter eye makeup,
we’ll finish the other parts first I’ll get back to doing eye makeup
from time to time. Innisfree’s blush #03 is a
orange shade with less pink undertone I’ll use this as my blush today It doesn’t have to be orange,
but the reason for my pick is It is my attempt to make my face
appear slimmer and dimensional Rather than adding color to my face When I mix that with the
lightest shade of my contour, It’ll become a calmer shade
of a blush that I can use. I’ll apply in a shape
that appears stable Sweep it starting from
where the contour ends It makes the face look slim, more
dimensional… and more lively. Important to note that the blush
cannot have white/pink undertone It’s to achieve the atmosphere Not too excessive, is it?
From here we’ll move onto brows When a photo is taken, it emphasizes
all the empty spaces So it’s important to fill in
every single fine spaces I’ll use Pro8Cheongdam’s brow kit With this reddish dark brown shade
that matches my hair color Just so that the area between the brow
and the eyes don’t look too clustered, I’m going to fill them in upwards Then I’ll lightly connect it
down to my nose again On the other hand, If you don’t like how far your brows
and your eyes are, fill your brows in downwards That way, it’ll look more balanced There’s only so much powder products can do,
so I’ll go ahead and fill the rest with pencil I’m using Holika Holika’s wonder drawing
brow pencil in #02 Fill the empty spaces using a
skinny brow pencil Brows are supposed to have
a start and an end… But since many women have
weaker tail (end), It tends to be more sparse than the front,
so a bit of pressure is ok when drawing it Now go over the middle
and stroke throughout the brow so that the body of the brow becomes darker and the front and end can be lighter,
making the brow appear natural See?! That’s how much you have to fill in
for the photo to show defined, non-sparse brows Another method of minimizing empty spaces
is making your brows longer. Utilizing these tiny details is the way to go to reduce empty areas while
looking very natural Next up is Laneige’s quad shadow
in #02 Cafe Solo My goal is to enhance my eye shape
while keeping it clean and natural Using the lightest, colorless beige shade, I’ll apply it over the brow bone area
and the center of my lid Side by side, we’re not trying to
go straight to the brow bones When you are brightening an area,
you need to keep it clean Next I’ll use this shadow up to this point,
where it would show up with the eyes open Right here for me.
Softly go over the lids Extend it lightly up to the point where
we applied the contour to For the lower lids, I won’t make the
inner corners past the center dark With that same brown shadow,
I’ll go over only the outer corners Up until the end corner With a white eye pencil from Mac, It doesn’t have to show up clearly. Even though comes out slightly glassy,
it’s the best way to keep it neat Blink a few times to make it
look even more natural! Use this shade to lengthen your eyes Over the point where your eyes end Blend that out lightly Apply close to the lash line to
make your eyes more defined Likewise here, apply to the end first
then connect it by blending it outwards As much as we try to make it look natural,
an eye makeup can’t be too bland either Lenghten it This time around, using
that same color We’ll apply it right here Where the lashes start I’ll repeat the same process,
applying it up to my iris If you feel the need, you can
choose to extend it further up like this Lightly define the inner corner
at the start of the lashes It defines the eye but it appears
less neat at the same time. For the inner corner/aegyosal,
I’ll use this beige and light shimmer Mix the two well so that the shimmers
are not too excessive It has to be as subtle as possible
as if you’re not wearing eyeshadow Next I’ll curl my lashes Since we’re going for a natural look, We want subtly longer lashes To make the eyes look longer,
not because of the eyeliner But make it look like you were
born with those mellow, deep eyes I’m going to use Lily by red’s
#06 Matte Black I’ll tightline my eyes only. These lashes are from Sooador,
in #36 whch is 9mm It’s natural enough to be glued
as a whole Or you can even cut it in sections And when you do cut it,
emphasize the outer corners My eyes are shaped so that even with
my eyes open, I can let the glue dry I attach it right above my real lashes Then follow where the lashes grow,
slightly lifting or pressing down to balance This is a good way to subtly emphasize
the eyes without actually drawing the lines Again, the tail (outer ends)
are the most important. You can’t let it droop down,
since it can create unwanted shadows Glue the section at the end slightly upwards
just like how you draw your wings upwards There, my falsies are glued on.
Doesn’t it seem like I’ve drawn a line? As long as you section it off properly, It’ll appear even more natural If you section it off too perfectly,
it might end up looking artificial We have to wait until it dries. For lips, all you have to do is
cover it lightly with concealer, I’m going to use a delicate rose color I’m going to apply Espoir’s
#Moonlit in the center Doesn’t it look still and sound? I wanted it to give of a good atmosphere. Would my photo ID
will come out nicely? I’m going to use Bbia’s lasting pen liner
in #Brown to fill between the falsies I’ve also extended it a teeny bit. Just the tail. Think of it as you’re applying
one more section of falsie at the end That way it looks even more stable I don’t think I need mascara today–
it will look more natural this way. Done! There it is! A makeup for your photo ID
that is neat and natural I hope you find this helpful, and
hope you take beautiful ID photos! Please subscribe to my channel!
Follow me on Instagram as well. Please add me as Plus Friend
on KakaoTV Visit me on my live streams! And don’t forget about the thumbs up!


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    이게 2년전 영상인데도 오늘 따라하고 갔는데 제 인생 증명사진 건졌어요 진짜 2n년 살면서 이렇게 맘에 든 사진이 없었는데 사베님이 가르쳐 주신 전체적인 큰 틀만 따라했는데도 인생사진 건졌어요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 감사합니다🌹❤️

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    항상 메이크업은 언니 영상만 보고있어요~밝은머리색 탈색이나 밝은갈색머리에 어울리는 메이크업도 올려주세용~

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