Engineering vs Architecture | Architecture Engineering Work | Civil Engineering vs Architecture

Engineering vs Architecture | Architecture Engineering Work | Civil Engineering vs Architecture

In this episode we talked about civil engineering
vs. architecture so you can decide the best major for you. What’s up everyone this is Jake Voorhees and
you are watching episode 020 of The 1% Engineer Show. Make sure you guys subscribe to this channel
so you don’t miss out on future episodes about how you can be the best engineer you can be. This is a question that I’ve been getting
a lot lately. I answered it on Quora, and I did a blog post
about this, and it’s a common thing that people are confused between architecture and engineering
or in this regard civil engineering because that’s the one form of engineering that’s
most related to architecture so that’s really what this video is about architecture vs.
civil engineering so when I say engineering it really means civil and I’m a civil engineer
so I can directly speak to this. As a global summary, although architects and
engineers perform parallel functions in design, implementation of infrastructure, buildings
and things like this, they’re actually very different. There’s a big delineation between the two,
and this video is going to tell you more about that, so you know which one to choose so you
know which career path to go down so you make sure that you are following your dreams and
you can be a 1% engineer, or in this regard 1% architect. But engineering’s probably the way to go. So this video’s going to give you four differences
between the two, so you can pick the right major for you. 1, Character Traits. Architects and Engineers often approach problems
and situations from different foundations .Architects have a tendency to think more
outside the box are connected to the aesthetics of things, whereas Engineers have a tendency
to be more quantitative more numbers driven rationale driven instead of how they feel,
instead of how it looks. Engineers want to know, how’s the thing going
to stand up, how’s it going to be done, how much is it going to cost – its all numbers
driven with an engineer. There’s a right type of person for each one. If you have a tendency to like to draw be
very creative and have a colorful type of personality and way of thinking, than architecture’s
probably for you. Contrary to popular belief there’s actually
tons of Engineers out there who are very numbers driven, but they can’t draw at all. They can do stick figures and free body diagrams
for their classes but in terms of thinking outside the box and being creative and actually
being artsy, a lot of times engineer struggle. And that way you know engineering is for you
– if you fall into this mold. Two, Design. Engineers rely on equations, formulas, and
scientific principles to solve problems, develop solutions, and conclusions to whatever they’re
working on in their field. Whereas architects have a tendency to consider
the spatial functionality, the connection to its surroundings, how things integrate
into aesthetics and overall connectivity to neighboring entities weather they be buildings
or roadway facilities or functionality of a park or something like this. The approach that overall design thinking
is different between the two. Three, Workflow. This is where architects have a big advantage. Because it comes down to feeling and energy
and aesthetics and creativity and how it looks, architects typically are the starter for the
planning. They are the ones that create the blueprints,
they are the ones who have the vision for what we’re going to build, and then the engineers
take that vision and say, okay, how we going to do this, what’s the most cost effective
approach for this the right materials for this type of design, so again if you want
to be in the creative camp if you want to be architecting these types of concepts then
you should probably go for architecture. Whereas if you want to calculate and actually
crunch the numbers in a data-driven fashion behind what’s going on than engineering is
probably for you. This is one of the reasons why I became a
transportation engineer and not a structural engineer. It’s because I knew if I went into bridges
or buildings, it becomes quite cookie cutter most of the time. We already know how bridges stand, we already
know how structures are going to maintain themselves in terms of their integrity, so
when it comes to being free, and the ability to do something a little bit different, we
dont always need that in engineering, but an architecture you’re always trying to come
up with some sort of different approach and be more creative so that’s one thing that
engineering does actually lack. In this regard if you want to be trying to
do things different and trying to deviate from the curve for whatever is going on in
your city your region in terms of building trends and status quo than the architects
have a big leg up here. They typically are the visionaries behind
what’s going on but they may not actually know how this thing is going to be built. That’s where the engineer’s come into play. So there’s a big difference in workflow in
terms of planning. It starts with the architects and engineers
execute this vision that they have. Four, Curriculum. And again we’re hitting on the same core principle,
where an architecture curriculum in university is typically going to be a little bit more
artsy, it’s going to be a little bit more theoretical, it’s a little bit more about
history. Because I was a civil engineer and I know
that curriculum in and out, but I reviewed some architecture programs and it does have
things like, the history of society, and history of architecture, and design drawing, and these
types of things that engineers don’t take. We barely had any breadth requirements. At The University of Delaware, I could not
take many courses beyond math, physics and engineering courses that involved heavy, heavy,
heavy mathematics. If you don’t like math, then you definitely
shouldn’t be an engineer, because I think I took something like 3 calculus’s, 3 engineering
maths, engineering statistics, and that’s just the math courses. There was statics, structural analysis, structural
design, concrete and steel design, geotechnical engineering, fluid mechanics… Some engineers have to take thermodynamics,
which will destroy you, material science, which is math driven, so math math math math
math, if you don’t like math, if you don’t like physics, if you can’t tolerate a few
chemistry courses, then you’re not going to survive engineering. So maybe if math is a struggle for you but
you still want to be connected to designing buildings and infrastructure and you have
an architectural brain then go for architecture. But help people say this all the time questions
on YouTube questions on Quora “Can I still be an engineer if I don’t like math?” Well, it’s like, sure maybe, but you’re going
to definitely struggle. I like math a lot and I struggled myself. Okay? So there’s some differences in the curriculum. Architect still have to take some math but
no where near as much as engineering courses. So those are the four core differences between
architecture and engineering guys. Character traits, design, work flow, and curriculum. Do me a big favor guys, hit the subscribe
button so you can stay tuned for more episodes. Thanks for watching The 1% Engineer Show guys,
and stay hungry on your quest, to become a 1% Engineer.


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    Jake Voorhees

    What questions do you have about your future engineering related career? Ask away, and I can make a video for you 🙂 Thanks!

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    Karl Alejandro Gonzales-Brattestig

    Hi im 10 years old and im from norway oops ro much information but im not sure what is the best for me when i will be an adult im not sure about what i will be but i think i will be an enigeer by the way love your videos😊🏗🏘🏢

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    Meriem Mastouri

    I watched this video like 10 times and i still don't know what i should do. I like to draw, build things and i am really good at maths. What should I do?

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    Oskar Pettersson

    Am a fully educated architect i educated from Oslo architect school and because Norway is not the biggest and most build out place and stuff i moved to south france were i get jobs all the time from people. The other reason why i moved was that in Norway you build/draw houses in wood because Norway got a lot of forest region and it has to fit in with the region but in south of europa its more concrete and bricks and i like that. I rather draw houses build by concrete than wood. I wasn't the best at school in math but i wasn't the worst either i finished of school with a 5 in math (5/6= B/A in US). for an architect, the school way is not as hard as the engineer way, but if you not really creative it may not be the way for you.
    My cousin is an engineer but not a Civil engineer though… He is a petroleum engineer and he used to always complain about how much math and physics they had xD

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    Chill Vibes

    I dont know what to be arghhhhh im currently in year 12 and im stuck if i should be a civil engineer or an architecture ??? I nEeD hElP!!!!!

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    Charles Lucas

    What about Architectural Engineering? They have those type of engineering programs in some universities.

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    Yass Btch

    Architects are like children, they want this to happen, they like this and that. While Engineers are like parents they're like "Okey, we're gonna make that happen sweetie".

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    fathima nishana

    I do not agree with the fact that architects do not know math coz I am one and I love math like anything

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    I'll add a fifth item to the list…salary. In a previous life I worked for a now defunct competitor to Bechtel, Parsons, Fluor and others. We had architects on staff and they always commented how they were the lowest paid of the engineering disciplines. As a non-degreed piping/mechanical designer and CAD expert, I made more money than a number of registered architects.

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    Binu Mathew

    I heard that civil engineers have more job opportunities since they only can execute a plan into reality
    There r situations when a civil engineer can alone do everything that an architect can do
    Is that true?

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    Choko Da Vinci

    Is being an Architect in your career really worth it?I've been searching infos from seniors who is an architect and civil engineer. Even tho I'm very young (15),I wanted to know what career I want that i can do for a living. Both are fun but some architects doesn't have stable money to make a living especially if they have family. I am the kind of person that likes both aesthetics and logics. I'm really passionate about Architecture but some says (like in quora or what) that they also had this delusions and ended up getting low paid. While in Civil Engineering,you can already get a job or decent job if you're lucky right off the bat,right after college. Engineers can reach that $100k+ salaries while some Architects have miserable life only reaching $90k+ something even tho they have experiences(Even 10 years of experience. I read about one in Archinect forum). So can somebody help me with this problem because I'm really passionate with Architecture(actually both) but have some backdrops in your career.

    I'm sorry,I'm really not good at english. And I also have this problem I read, in our country (Philippines) they didn't care about the architects in some projects. They do overlappings like the engineers will be the one that will do the design(electrical,mechanical or civil). They don't give a F in their architect. That's all

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    Sandra San Andres

    I love Math. I love numbers and statistics and whatever that involves Math. But I also love designing and I can say that I am creative with things and also artsy. So shall I take both? 😂

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    Santino Hendricks u no me

    Omg I wasn't sure about being an Architect because I HATE HATE HATE math but u explained that they are different in so many ways U GOT A NEW SUBSCRIBER!!!!

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    Lara Juanillo

    In two weeks time I’ll be enrolling to I don’t know what course yet. Does architecture always deal w math? I’m not good in math. Help

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    Jenny De Lara

    I love this video!❤
    Can I ask, if a person is creative and know how to see things, like visionaries…. Are they still be qualified to become an architect knowing that they don't have the skills to draw but have the skills to plan.??

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    Engineering is the way to go …architects just draw and we engineers have to draw and calculate the structural based part of buildings aswell ….I'm a major in engineering and i can draw in autocad, by hand and calculate the structural part of buildings aswell as the supervision part aswell…

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    Eu Saballa

    Your explainations on architecture are all about aesthetics aesthitics aesthitics. It’s not just being creative, architect do also follows building codes and theories on how to make your desired structure going to be look like, as per function and not boring. Why else would you go to other places and do selfies behind an arsthetically designed building if all structures were done and will be done by engineers only. Nowadays it’s easy for anyone in the construction industry to design their structures through adaptations of wide variety of apps, softwares like Acad, sketchup,vray etc. Anyone can do that. But do they know the codes to be used? Exactly! Some doesnt even know why there’s a big lobby and a huge space fronting wide curtain glass wall and few benches around it plus landscape for what? It couldnt just be a block of concrete a tiny hole for access could it? Peace 😁✌🏼

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    erron bonilla

    Many of people's here telling architecture don't have math to all upcoming freshman goodluck to your Trigo at geo. And I hope you passed Architecture design 1 to design 10

  44. Post

    This is a pretty late comment, but for anyone out there who wants to be an architect but is scared of pursuing it because you can’t draw or you’re bad at math you’re completely in the clear! Of course, drawing will help you explain your ideas on paper easily, but being a master at drawing is not necessary for being a good architect. We also never go into more advanced mathematical topics. What is important though is your ability to imagine and envision what it would feel like to be in a space, to think and problem-solve three-dimensionally, to have drive & passion, be hardworking, and be able to manage your time well. I believe that if you have those traits, you would have the potential to be a great architect 🙂

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    Dare Artes

    This guy has no idea what licensed architects actually do. He seems to be basing his opinion on college programs? Although difficult, most architecture schools are extremely out of touch with the reality of what is required of practicing architects.

  46. Post
    Happy Mae

    i am currently an architecture student. before i was planning to do a double major, but my brain backs out HAHA

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    Mark Price

    I'm actually in a mental meltdown right in the moment…I'm actually in a tight decision between Archi and mechanical engineering. Ever since I was a kid I am very fond on crunching my ours in my desk drawing things with a piece of paper…however my creativity comes out ones in a blue moon(kinda)….and I'm not a original making(drawing) kinda guy….I am good in math and physics is kinda my thing…however I don't want to regret not choosing Archi because of my lack of originality and lack of confidence on my art

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    Giuseppe Nativo

    This is a typical anglo American way to picture the roles of the architects and the civil engineers.
    In Europe we, architects, leave to engineers just infrastructures, big frames calculus and big HVAC systems (mechanic engineers). For the rest, we are trained to deal with everything else and we are not "artsy", we are technicians with the same calculus, physics, linear algebra, geometry, thermodynamics and systems, construction science, static, concrete, steel and wood construction science, plus the four histories of architecture, arts, sociology, economy and tons of other things, like a foreign language, a thing that is ignored in anglo American schools but not in Europe. This video is full of biases.

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    Jonathan Laway

    Thanks Jake!.. I'm inspired by your videos, that's why I'll pursue to my dream course as a civil engineer.

  50. Post

    Thermodynamics was so much fun… for my teacher. Really loved statics and structural analysis. Really, anything that had to do with structures. I'm a roadway civil engineer looking to maybe switch to buildings.

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    Dori Jacobs

    What if I LOVE math but I’m also extremely interested in the creativity and design aspect of architecture? My current school only has a civil engineering major and I like the school so I don’t know if I want to transfer to be an architect … but then I wonder if I’m giving up the right career for me just for the simplicity of not having to transfer

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    The Architect

    Architects and civil engineers = ying and yang, by themselves they are strong, together they are unstoppable.

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    Mr. Naga

    I always had this vision of becoming a civil engineer, but now that I am failing maths in my final year of highschool, I might consider becoming an architect 🙂
    So excited for next year in Uni if it turns out well for me.

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    David Hernandez

    I would love to fuse the 2 with 3-dprinting the design part of architecture & with the construction of engineering!

  55. Post
    Jamal Elfallah

    As an architect we actually know how it should be build and do mathimatics yea less the civil engineering yet we do know what the hell is going on otherwise you people will be in trouble. Because some of the first year designs are unbuildable

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  57. Post

    Architekt is better for me , but I still wanna be engeneer since I'm good at math and it makes more money.
    So I have A in Physics
    An A in Maths
    And an A in Arts

    So idk ,should I probably wait to see what's better for me ?
    Or can you say which one I should pick.

    (Kinda late)
    🙂 thx

    Edit: btw what is more fun ,because I'm caring more about it since I want to make a job to a passion and yes I like maths ,but not that much.

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    Galaxy Edits

    Lol, i come from a family of engineers. Engineering side sums up my cousins, uncle, aunt, and dad! I have a twin brother studying engineering, and I’m an architecture major. It pretty much hits us on the dot when we try to solve problems. 😂

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    Ninjaslash52 _

    I’m trying to be an architect but engineering has always been something I thought was cool however my entire life has revolved around architecture

    What if I include design and practicality in what I design and I an architect or an engineer sure I can design a nice house but I’m gonna choose a design that’s stable not just what looks cool

  63. Post
    Ninjaslash52 _

    Can I show my Minecraft builds in my portfolio

    What if I take that house and draw it up in revit (I know revit more than CAD) then sketchup

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    Farhan Zaman Cheema

    I love arms and weapons and I want to make weapons for my country so is there any engineering field through which I can achieve my dream?Please guide me.

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    Ted S

    Doing a Architecture and Engineering MEng, meaning I will be qualified as a civil engineer while also giving the basis for further education to gain architect status

  71. Post
    Heinz Ketchup

    Here's one for you:
    I'm in high school.
    I'm really good at math (I'm in AP calculus right now).
    I'm also in AP chemistry as well
    But at the same time I love to be creative.
    I'm a big fan of construction toys and I make some great custom gingerbread houses during the holiday season.
    I cant really draw people persay, but I'm good at spacial drawing.
    I love both the creative and the practical side of putting together structures.
    What should I do in college?

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    Brittany Phillips

    i fall in between so idk which one to major in lol but i have always visioned myself doing architecture

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    KeineAhnungWieMeinKanalHeißt Y

    I would like to be an architect but I can't draw and I'm not creative. But I can't be an engineer because i’m bad at math

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    Balaporte Jean

    i love maths so much bro. Can i be a civil engineer but also an electrical engineer? i 'll need nboth to kinda concrete my dream FOR MY COUNTRY. Jesus loves yoou bro, believe in him and repent

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    Ali Naqvi

    Hey Jake one question I’m a CE student but also interested in architecture. I was thinking about doing architecture as a minor. What are your thoughts on that?

  82. Post
    Kathrina Nieto

    Iam worried because they told me that is hard to find job being an architect they also told me that architects are unpaid/low salaries Im worried practicality vs Dreams😢

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    junior garcia

    im currently studying civil engineering in uc berkeley. there are different parts that you can emphasize in such as structural, transportation ect. which one do you think will have the greatest impact in the future ?

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    Syed Shuvo

    all beam colum are designed by architects….primary skelaton structure is designed by architects…engineers just overview it and edit it if necessary…actually civil engg mainly do the fundational structural system…thats it…architects have also structural engineering knowlwdge…they have this course for entire 5 yrs…architects have to complete 200 credits in 5yrs wheres engineers have to complete 150 credits in 4yrs

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    Anson AY

    Hi Jake, is it actually possible to do both? I am studying design and technology, physics, maths and biology for A-level. I really want to do both of the works since both are actually really important 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing from you. Also, nice video please keep it up

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    Mountain Man

    What’s up everyone? Jake Vorhees here with another video where I continuously shove my hands into your face.

    Seriously, stop.

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    Hanna Joy Inot

    What should I do? I like drawing, designing and more related to that but I'm not even good at it. At the same time I want to be a Civil Engineering student because I want to dig deeper on math and physics to understand it more

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