ENGsub) 증명사진메이크업 핵꿀팁✨(뇌피셜주의)/IDCARD MAKEUP/Lilac라일락

ENGsub) 증명사진메이크업 핵꿀팁✨(뇌피셜주의)/IDCARD MAKEUP/Lilac라일락

Hi. It’s Lilac. I had my ID photo taken the other day. I’m going to show you what makeup I did that day. I’m going to cover the dark circles first. I’m going to use the lightest pinky concealer from Canmake to cover my dark circles. My dark circles are blue toned so I need pinky concealer to brighten up my face. I’m going to use 3CE Mesh Foundation Cushion today. Think semi matte foundation looks better than dewy, glowy base. Out of all the semi matte cushions I’ve tried recently, 3CE Mesh Foundation Cushion was quite good. It might be hard to get the right amount on the puff at first. You have to be light handed and apply it very gently. I can’t see anything today. Microdust wasn’t as bad 2 years ago. I think it was only bad in spring. It’s gotten so much worse this year. Since last winter! This is not that glowy. It’s just semi-matte finish. It’s not too dry or too glowy. This is perfect for the photos. I’m going to contour with Holika Holika Grey Cat. It’s completely shattered… You only have to take ID photos every now and then. I haven’t taken on in a really long time. I was so surprised. I applied for my ID card renewal yesterday. From the memory, I had to give them the photo. But now, they just scan it and return it lol I think ID photos looks better with matte eye makeup. I think it just looks neater in the photos. Red eye shadows can make your eyes look really red in the photos. But I took out my Urban Decay Heat palette, But I took out my Urban Decay Heat palette because these three colors are perfect for contouring the eyes. I’m going to apply ‘Chaser’as a base. I was worried that the color wouldn’t show up. I thought it might be too white. I tried this once and it was really nice. Can you see how my eyes are already contoured just with the base? I wasn’t sure why they had to include this color but now I’m in love with it. It’s not too intense. It contours the eyes really nicely. I highly recommend this color. I’m winter cool skin tone. And I often wear black clothes. But I thought wearing black for ID photo would look too dull. So I wore ID photo color lol Doesn’t this remind you of a ID photo? I wore V neck as it makes my neck look longer. I want to define my eyes a bit more. I’m going to contour the outer corner with low blow I think this Heat palette is really nice. I don’t recommend it for those who don’t like very opaque shadows. It’s highly pigmented so it can look instantly red if you are not careful. I’m going to use Chaser again to neutralize the red tone. That’s it for the shadows. That has gotten rid of the redness, right? That’s it. It’s done. I’m going to fill in my brows with Benefit Precisely My Brow 3.5 I went little bit intense on the guideline. I’m going to brush them out with a brush. I lightened up my brow hair so that it doesn’t show up too dark in the photos. I’m going to use Jung Saemmool Brow Mascara in Light Bony. The color of this brow mascara is so nice. It’s quite trendy. My whole face looks softer with the brow mascara on. I’m going to use Aritaum Idol Waterproof Eye Pencil in Dark Brown. This is my favorite eye liner out of everything I’ve tried lately. I got it during the Aritaum sales. It was affordable. Also, it had really nice lasting power. But I can’t strongly recommend an eye liner as it performs differently on people I’m very happy with it though. I’m going to use Eye Love Magic Nudy false lashes which is my favorite. It’s perfect for daily makeup as it’s not too brown or too black. The photoshop skill is so good now that they even draw on false lashes on. So I felt like I don’t have to put false lashes on. But I used false lashes instead of mascara as I like neatly curled lashes. This is Benefit Hoola. If your skin tone is lighter than mine, Hoola might look too red on you. If you have pale skin, I recommend Too Cool For School Art Class By Rodin instead. That’s it. Don’t you think I look more sophisticated with the contour? I’m going to put another layer as it’s for the photos lol I’m using &Other Stories Sandal Pink blush. On the pan, it looks a bit dull But it looks beautiful on the cheeks. I love & Other Stories blushes. Cendal Pink and Dimity Pink are my favorite I like gentle blush on my cheeks. Pack it on, and go over it with a cushion I wanted my blush to show up in the photo So I went little bit heavier than usual. I used Buxum Covert Affair. It comes with a lip pencil and a lip brush. Isn’t this lovely? I’m going to blend it out with a brush. This is not the end. I do the concealer last. Let’s cover it. I’m going to mix two Canmake concealers that I used earlier. That’s it for the makeup!


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    증명사진 진짜 찍기싫었는데 라일락님. 따라해서 대표사진하나 픽해야겠어요 팁 고마워용

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    증명사진 찍을 때 무엇보다 중요한 건 사진 찍어주시는 분의 실력과 뽀샵해주시는 분의 기술인 거 같습니다ㅋㅋ 민증 사진 찍으러 갔는데 화장 엄청 공드려서 한 곳이 정말 이상하게 그 사진은 안 쓰고 어쩔 수 없이 베이스, 눈썹, 입술만 하고 급하게 다른데서 찍었는데 정말.. 사람이 달라보이더라구요ㅋㅋㅋ

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    오늘꺼 제 마음 픽 입니다. 저는 아이메이크업에 펄감을 좋아하지 않는데 최애네요^^

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    자존감 2대도둑 미용실, 사진관…ㅠㅠ
    꿀팁 명심하구 낼 여권사진 찍으러 갑니댜…

    영상 잘봤습니당:-)

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    쓰리씨이 쿠션 디자인도 예쁘고… 저도 함 사봐야겠어용!! 증명사진 넘나 아름다우셔요🧡

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    혜선HyeSun day

    우와….라일락님 눈썹이 너무 매력적이에요… 포토샵 필요없는 증명사진 메이크업😍

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    로지 ROSY

    저도 증명사진 찍어야 되는데 담에 증사 메컵할 때 다시 돌려봐야겠어용〰❣ 페이크래쉬를 그려준다닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 세상 많이 좋아졌네용🙊

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