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    Gary Leason

    Innocence is not the issue when the Media/Dems can shape lies to seem to be truths. Learn from the Clinton Impeachment and keep Trump from damming himself under oath. Conviction requires an unambiguous representation of Trump's state of mind. The House Intel Comm failed to establish a smoking gun Trump order. Don't take the gun out of Trump's holster and put it to his own head. Clinton unzipped his legal fly and exposed himself as a deliberate liar. Don't be so cocksure! Take the win and stay on the positive accomplishments.

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    torah joe

    clear potus ….quik done…trials are coming..investagations are happening reguardless of impeachement trial senate…halluyah …justice be done

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    Andrew Boyd

    The Lord's anointed, President Trump, is not getting any younger. Protect the president. Grandstanding not required. He doesn't need to go to trial and most importantly…. THE LAW IS A VERY BLUNT INSTRUMENT.

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    lombardy poplar

    Two trillion dollars stolen invoiced and accounted and invoiced. Money stolen by house Dems same as Joe & Hunter stealing Ukraine aid with Burisma.

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    anne Chung

    President Trump, I'm sure, can feel the prayers of the American Christians upon him. Whether this is divine providence or not, definitely God is answering our prayers for our president, our freedoms depends on laws being upheld. No due process is given our president, the same due process I expect as an American citizen for even little me.

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    anne Chung

    Lindsay is going to close this down when it comes before him which is unfortunate. Not because he likes President Trump but his allegiance to the Bidens trumps everything, he doesn't want to see them exposed.

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    Thomas Paine

    War Room – Impeachment Lite – Common Sense:
    Q: What to do in the Senate?
    A. Quick Acquittal
    B. Long Trial and Full Exoneration
    C. Quick Acquittal and Full Investigation (After Quick Acquittal)

    C. 1. Quick Acquittal – and –
    2. Investigate afterwards:
    A. CrowdStrike – Potential 2016 Ukrainian Interference
    B. Burisma – Both Bidens – Romney / Cofer Black
    C. Whistle Blower
    D. Adam Schiff
    E. Hillary / Obama / Mueller – Uranium 1
    F. Deep State – Comey / McCabe / Brennan / Clapper / Strozk etc.

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    Subpoena Lindsey too, he's SUPER corrupt too!!
    9:29 HELL NO it's not a good call, YUCK … FFS bannon let ppl speak w/o interrupting
    FULL Investigation in the Senate!!

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    Brenda Rivera Watt

    Do you really trust the RINOs in the senate not to turn on the president when he is at their mercy? RINOs are fickle and faithless.

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    Sylvia 1007

    If an impeachment trial is not needed in order to issue subpoenas today regarding the deep state issues of the attempted government takeover  then why have the impeachment trial?  What are the risks of the impeachment trial exactly?  And what's to be gained from it?

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    Sylvia 1007

    Who do Dems and Rinos like Morning Jerk speak for when they promote all these wars?  They speak for the people who are making all the money from all these wars.  They speak in support of the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us against so long ago.

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    Nell philpott

    The EU and the British Civil Service has colluded to incorporate Ukraine, North Africa. Hilary was already involved. The moment Trump brought up corruption in the UK, they snapped and created another crime to distract us. Trump has a canny ability to get too close. Money lundering heaven for Democrats, some Republicans exposed scares the hell out of them.

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