Escape from It’s A Wonderful Life [Part 1/3] – Upright Citizen’s Brigade

Dear God Please help George Bailey stick to the script Listen God I know George Bailey is unhappy being stuck in the same movie for 50 years But help him persevere Please Holy Father Keep me from killing George Bailey when he starts adlibbing in the middle of our big scene together An over-night bad. Genuine English cowhide, combination lock, fitted up with brushes, combs– Noooo. No, no, no, no. Now look, Joe This time I want a big gun Big see? I don’t want to do this movie, Joe. I want to do thousands of movies with plenty of drugs and sex and action.
And me shooting the bad guys with my gun My big gun. George, I’ll tell you what. You say your line and I’ll give you the suitcase Aw, come on. It’d be nice if this was full of money. I haven’t had a raise in fifty years. – So what?
– Use your freakin head, Joe. The producers
are exploiting us! Stop adlibbing, George. come down please of the ground all
artistic some drugs in here or my daughter just would like to have your
say paul better about drugs and out created nevermind however there are no casting call can you have proper sisters
common on it spying i wanted to check on all out which are not a million dollars hotdog job dot dot on dot the by acknowledging arianna second-order
start moving would you mind drive me to another one of two or three suppose
desperado seemed to be gardens hardly battle event are not as consultants that’s ali not mesquite that mister carter you’re the big producer but it’s getting
crazy out there i’m telling you that you can’t let
office george bailey problem any sisters stopped at a rate cut colorful
checkpoint for tempted tentative cover is fair cohen bailey was seen here at the
drugstore finally gald drugs and then here at the taxi stand complimenting
filer quote press office and he’s now snorting cocaine as parents
house you thought robert downey junior was a handful disguise clearly out of
control we don’t want another kelsey grammer
look what he’s done the frazier’s ratings and take a look around bailey’s even
worse he’s really not spears is a people away from that crazy drug retin-a
it’s more than that he wants more money says it’s hard to be a movie star in the
nineteen ninety seven nineteen forty-seven want to raise or a glut so we can trade
as the pants yes i know he synonymous with the role but you’d better do something this whole
movies going down the tubes of george bailey has his way management joan they lived in a moment
but light enough color meeting palm desert our whatever copy so it was
to p_r_ uh… it union contract in and you know the exact date has not coming alaska cartier given enough deny me
binding on the magazine here there’s been a part in a mine battles god your mind about house speaker home and
he’s still i wish there was another one paramount and unit non-black that nobody removing
dielectric everyone here harmonic daria banjo hahaha my father after the birth while to be set up a bar arts cox haha
galapagos for palm walpole dot matlab dance three years what’s wrong with your questions come up
but but catching the cult y seasons its charges suit a father annie
my sweet how much growing out you don’t started rellenos there dvd not backing up until the fleet off may be the same old military spattered
all the time hard-working everyone believes hate my life accurate to pot well yes you guys want
to buy contract out of all roper chocolate remarks are expected to
call you know we’re not going to watch what might start up the tours it seems to me i didn’t hear every time
we do this movie what the actual with you the whole family the whole towns coming
into play the lead what has become the quintessential
holding film classic i can’t do it any more pop when i started doing this movie i loved it but now i hate everything about it i’m
so stagnant a stop growing as a part is everyone’s
seen the movie before and i’m just so darn tired of being where the and see what you mean supplies by-products my part of it by following a political
correctness five hundred colorado hello dot supercomputer life you know want
people to start sticking to the actual script everyone’s going to be activity fault that i did you know what’s going
on out there and offended stage world markets i know you’re a little out of that off
of we need aliens instead of angels sing i’ve got
this idea for sci-fi flick i’ve played alienating dumbarton dreams bent on
world domination do you recall what kind of money that
would make you don’t you wish pricing on me that kind of money from four oh fifty-year-old salary what may be ok for you and mom and uncle
billy but while most are i’ve got expanse of on finding a bodyguard on a somewhat
that apple platts product at the end selects laptop still cameras and action alongside so tires and actually that’s the only short for away to make
money are tried that remember it was a
disaster yours yes your rights and see what i mean don’t
jump off this movie is no place for demand and
this is going to crawl two party you’ve got uh… son i’ve seen it you do that science fiction anyway you know anatomy because when you have something
going to be wrong ’til play like the name of the uh… life today polo player marcy like an alien and the monica indians c walrus for a he sparked off just like u descriptive margaret until our church
calmer furry on come from the planet work on wed not being tall where divers
which designate their ten at atlanta and stick to disconnect i’ll come on
merit play-along normal people should be ever syndrome is moving to something
else for once come on just pretend to be my alien
loves life please stop by got plans you can be in
my new movie marathon that the other just to the screen filled anyway will make real money will be in color do the right now all pale today off what’s the what’s my line here are you
have to get the most my lady you make its nine uh… let skeptics guessing deathmatch
ticketed no till later in the movie jude all and off anyway have a common problem ours
not that alien stuff completely destroyed a death star if i can fire the
pope on into the back door alignment al fayed the entire aliphatic has decided to exchange for a while
local builders dot the psyche of our bags from all the info campbell the actor stockpiled still
house last louis online so we can hai well same old blinds loud and i carla
previewed set for the do anyway we could afford and special effects about work
for all you extraneous characters and i suppose that i’m one of the
sixties carotenes are marriott serious aren’t aren’t global well anti-death having to squat making
this first drawers george come on poder one with more right married married i didn’t like the
vitamins and i definitely george harrison jr lost all my natalie you bring back to give me my brown god’s jobs jobs you’ve been causing quite a ride is
having to that i think in american classic saying any damn fool thing that
i was in their head resting up like an idiot lenses line at the u_n_ that black
armband why all live in morning mister pollard
love this movie that died years ago but none of you seem to have cargo remind you to know is that the other
than the country uh… don’t have a advocates their grandparent is every
year uh… any television network ag suitability orion so how about you get started survey it does bestseller yellow finish and not just one minute ago on an adult
on mr potter just on that that are much bigger issue here movies like this one or maybe bc once
maybe twice but you don’t care about that belly-up ali i’d come out of my
canal bach you see a cheap product rail rabbit out of your throat i gather that
dental they all want to gag well i say no more you think i’m taking the stand
for myself now thanks for all of tired overexposed characters you see on t_v_
including captain kirk lucy ricardo around ed mcmahon characters were forced
to degrade themselves year after year round old anymore it’s getting a little about here and that’s basically how the light truck
stays warm all winter along which are brings me back to my original
point i’m going to leave here in a moment and
producers are going to decide my fate but no matter what happens you should
know that i’m going to do what our text i got all this movie i’ve really serious about this deal with all the last fifteen minutes
were not you haven’t seen anything jack yes that’s an ongoing speeches won’t
work where not to let in year out uh… gaba will allow the demand for
dollars making what ten million other aldape stevens and all steven seagal hiring come on you guys
must be making some decent money out of those will be on a hat expenses you
could never imagine like your motorized wheelchair saturday like-minded motorized wheelchair and what it means
that i don’t believe and above all there is no potter harry got a call cabinet ear way day we ob dan that they want and minister in israel they are give you a
rain all you do that right around this reminder known mandated that all of you noon on man wounds one and then we had a road that
i’m gonna keep on fighting to get out of their and not just for myself but for every child rerun ekata
overplayed by some greedy producer and and and oh coming around the legal georgie boy
you really late on the line they’re gonna listen to you now
orthologs they’ve made a decision they’re going to let you read the motor
oil and public condition nobody what’s up well but additional castings alkyl believes the new main character
whooping naal i’ll go belly kadambari has
sustained i dread to bush forever and ever now mr capa let’s get their strike i’m
leaving but i think that what we call you could replace it with us chap but
i’m not leaving back to the joint on the fridge eleven on the field everybody within the camera the lifetime
trying out for the next savings on the ground limited living with it charged you could do that and i’d be doing that go on the scholars
magzine drugs there is no this that’s it the idea that what’s important ever players michael milken where there has
arrived with his assailant has meant there is no dates to them eases require burnout open this if the
judge how students u_s_ messing up just so we’re going to make the right down
here a long long was compound that the other disorders right when you go straight down there that way elaborate on superman level recently

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