Evolution of Star Citizen 2012-2017 – El Hangar –

Low quality of textures and details, The effects of engine lights are simple to the extremeyou can even see through one of them what is on the other side No lighting beyond basic. No shade. Painted background The 3d modeling of the ship itself need work ,vertexs awful Model much more worked, with more realistic colors, numerous details that previously did not have, use of lighting and brands much better Authentic movement sense by drive of motors, Double planetary background, plus point of star light. crowded with ships, unrealistic. Poor lighting Shows more in line with the real possibilities in spatial use, much more realistic lighting Movements and models of characters of low quality and very low realism Real feeling of movement Better ilumination hows the internal life of a ship autonomous AI lighting technology, gases, animations and lighting Shows initial pilot suit. Slightly detailed design, unattractive, limited animations Clipping Samples in the suit itself (The suit crosses itself) First pilot’s outfits. Cleaner design, if somewhat simple, hairless characters Simple motion animations Much more detailed models, cloth clothing designs much more realistic movement animation, variety of armor Armor with realistic movement pack, there is no Clipping. First time hair. Old Hornet model, old flight model poor lighting, background composed by some low quality asteroids New Hornet model, more mature color selection, flight model that responds to physics background composed of planets and asteroids, plus better illumination and shading system Old Quantum Travel models, low cab experience Notable visual and programming improvements Old Freelancer model (DUR) plus old hangar New and updated Freelancer, Hangar Rebel & York First show of cabin interior. Lack of vision, incorrect lighting. Static battle. Speed ​​of the lasers ridiculously low, Radar dysfunctional slow gameplay Current model of flight much more dynamic, much more realistic weapons added different types of missiles and cameras. Much more worked, an AI First interaction atmospheric flight model, planet without definition, soil without quality, illumination without quality First samples atmospheric current model flight, traces of the ships in atmosphere Rich atmosphere and quality of this First shows ground vehicles, little worked, soils of the planet without any details, terrible illumination. Model ship is “skipping” (because of the 32bit version, which is why it is now 64bit) Dragonfly pilot sample sandbox Much more worked scenario, vegetation and terrain accidents including planets in the distance that are there really and are not painted Other vehicles First landings, static landing gear. Improvements in the damping of the ships… even landing clearly wrong First capital ship in play, landing in atmosphere. Dynamic lighting, particle system use for dust lifting with its engines. The ramp … (Morty!) Current stage quality, lighting, shadows and use of volumetric elements such as dust or mist. First glance at Levski. Poor ground quality, low detail lighting Levski surroundings, better lighting, better lighting and shading more detail First samples of atmosphere entry, Simple special effects, stickers Current effect of entry into atmosphere. Much more worked and realistic effects Current game Planetary life (to be developed) Chris being happy 😀

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