EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Citizens United Activists Disrupt Supreme Court

We have a TYT exclusive so it almost never
happens in fact it’s happened twice and we’ve had it both times for you guys video inside
the Supreme Court we have the 5th year Anniversary of Citizens United 99 Rise was there Undercurrent
was there to cover they’ve got the footage we have it for you so the issue at hand during
the court proceeding was not Citizen United but there were 7 people actually 8 overall
that rose up 7 that rose up and one that person who was recording who wanted to protest so
what did they say they first person that stood up said Overturn Citizens United makes sense
5th anniversary theyíre doing a protest nonviolent a civil protest there’s a long history of
that in the United States of American One person one vote and then finally another one
said We are the 99 percent they were tackled to the ground as you’re going to see in the
video in a second one of them was they were all taken out all 7 were taken out and the
8th person was also taken out he did not cause a disturbance I’ll explain that in a second
as well so mainly led by 99 rise the other people who were there Wolf-PAC OK now we believe
that it is very important that we be able to monitor our own government in a democracy
especially when a branch of that government like the Supreme Court says you can go ahead
and buy all of our politicians so we’d like see how they adjudicate that literally we’d
like to see ho the proceedings go down so we have cameras on cops now which is great
why can’t we have cameras where they make the most important decisions in the country
now there was a camera here Undercurrent got it let’s show it to you alright now this is
a TYT exclusive we obtained that from Undercurrent and this is historic they don’t want cameras
inside of the Supreme Court this the second time it has ever happened again it was 99
Rise this time Kai Newkirk did it the first time around he has been banned from the building
literally for a year this was 7 other people from 99 Rise as I said there was Wolf-PAC
in the room and TYT allies as well we’re true believers in this cause that if the Supreme
Court is gonna take our democracy away we’d like to know how they came to that conclusion
now one of men arrested was Curt Reese he said this about why they did it We’ve seen
the consequences of the free flow of private money rushing into our public political system
nearly 4 billion dollars was spent in 2014 mid-term elections and almost of it came from
handful of wealthy individual and organizations so he’s pointing out that clearly it is not
one person one vote one person in the form of David Koch or Sheldon Adelson has a much
bigger say in the process unfortunately it doesn’t matter what their politics is no one
should have that much of a say now what were they arrested for they were arrested for a
harangue or oration or uttering loud threatening or abusive language in the Supreme Court I
like that the idea that one person one vote is haranguing the Supreme Court now I know
it’s a disturbance I get that right but at the same time this is as deep a tradition
in American history that we could possibly have the 8th person who was recording from
another camera was charged with I like this as well conspiracy-related offenses cause
he didn’t harangue he didn’t stand up he didn’t say anything so they didn’t really have anything
on him they’re like you’re related to a conspiracy I think OK and then finally I wanna give you
the Supreme Court 7 here from 99 Rise who did stand up and Alexandra Flores-Quilty,
Curt Ries, Margaret Johnson, Mary Zeiser, Andrew Batcher, Kathrine Philipson, and Irandira
Gonzales they’re all young and they’re all in a fight for what they believe in obviously
nobody got hurt here and it was I think civil disobedience in the best possible light and
yes the Supreme Court does need to let us know what they’re doing inside that chamber
that effects all of us so greatly

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