Farmer Says Anyone Hurt By Trump’s Trade War Who Still Supports Him Is Crazy

Farmer Says Anyone Hurt By Trump’s Trade War Who Still Supports Him Is Crazy

Earlier this week, CNN decided to talk to
a farmer from North Dakota who has been severely impacted by Donald Trump’s trade wars. This man, a man by the name of Bob Kuylen,
who has lost $400,000 from his farm because of Donald Trump’s activities. This man has been farming in the United States
for 40 years, so his entire adult life, this is what he’s done. And CNN wanted to talk to them and find out
how the trade wars affected him. And as I just mentioned, he’s, he’s lost almost
half a million dollars so far from the trade war, but he is not just out there complaining,
I’m losing money. This is horrible. He admits he did not vote for Donald Trump,
nor did he support him in 2016 but he says other farmers did, but he goes on to say this. “If he doesn’t lose 100 percent of it from
the farm belt then people are kind of crazy because this is not going well for farmers
at all…” “I mean, some of them are trying to be faithful,
they made that decision and voted for him but I would have to say in the back of their
minds they are just not very happy right now.” He makes a brilliant point here. At this point, the plight of the American
farmer can be placed squarely upon the shoulders of Donald Trump. This trade war was 100% his decision, it did
not go through the house. It did not go through the Senate. It didn’t have to be voted on by a court. This was Donald Trump doing this on his own. He owns all of this. This was his decision and his decision is
leading farmers to record numbers of bankruptcies, rates of bankruptcy in the farming industry. We haven’t seen in over a decade at this point,
folks, and it’s 100% because of Donald Trump’s decision. So anyone in that industry who can still look
at this man and say, that’s my guy. Yes, I’ve lost half a million dollars. I’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars. I’m actually not even a farmer anymore because
I lost everything. If you look at Donald Trump and say, I still
support him, then you got what you deserved. You know, I think it was the first time I’ve
ever actually said that you got what you deserved. I hate thinking like that. I hate saying those words. I don’t like that. But at this point, it’s the truth. This man single-handedly destroyed your way
of life. How can you support that? This isn’t going to help you in the long run. It’s not going to make things better for you. He’s out there lying about talking to China. China has to come out and say, yeah, that’s
not true. It didn’t happen. He has no intention of ending this trade war
because he didn’t know what he was getting into when he doesn’t know how to end it. Things for American farmers are going to get
so much worse and yes, some of do still support him and I’m sure there’s probably even some
of them you can find that would say that the trade war is actually Democrats fault, but
the truth is that this is a decision that is 100% on the shoulders of Donald Trump. He doesn’t care what these people are going
through. He tried to throw a couple of billion dollars
in subsidies out there to rebuy their votes for 2020 but if Mr. Kuylen here is to be believed,
it’s simply isn’t enough and hopefully it’s not going to work.


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    Rusty Shackleford

    He draws crowds of thousands. His approval rating is much higher than Obama. He has created more jobs than any other president EVER. He has turned a large portion of the electorate. He is a populist rather than a party president. He has taken on China and American corporate interests that have dwindled the middle-class. Thinking you can reach his supporters and change their minds by calling them names? That's crazy. The whole thing is a farce anyway. They do not hate Trump. Its only to divide us further. It's called PROPAGANDA.

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    Carolyn Wilson

    Farmers got themselves karma by a orange stain racist, lying, business killer, baffoon. Now dear farmers he's killed yours and you know what? the orange stain does care if he has.

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    Snake Man

    Men in twenty dollar pair of Blue jeans made this Country. Now, one idiot in a million dollar suit is destroying it.

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    They were crazy to vote for him in the first place. He made no secret of his plans for trade. Didn't we all learn what tariffs are and how they work in 3rd grade social studies? I can't feel bad for these people when there are people suffering through no fault of their own.

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    Phillip Benson

    It's never good to hear that someone got scammed, when they were tricked into believing something good was going to happen for them, but instead lose everything, they had and there's no way, they will get it back. It happens all the time, every minute of every hour of every day 365 days a year. It seems to happen more often to the elderly, bc they usually have more and are more trusting than others, regardless it happens to everyone. Trump took it to a whole nother level, he conned, duped, scammed, or whatever you want to call it, the whole nation. He shouldn't be able to get away with it. We know where he is. Not only should he be held accountable, for what he did and is still doing, he should be made an example of what happens to anyone who is a Criminal Con Man or Scammer, that does things like that.

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    Nick Tiganus

    I believe you are stupid with who pay to you too,if you are American must care about you're country not about China stupid.

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    Shanna Sweger

    I live in the Midwest and 3 farmers in my county have committed suicide because they lost their farms over Trump's tariffs. So he will be getting 3 less votes in 2020.

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    Warren Abeshouse

    From an outsider's perspective, it is becoming increasingly hard to work out why so many Americans are blind to what is happening to their country before their very eyes, letting the corrupt, dangerous and chaotic Trump Administration destroy it with his crazy environmental deregulations, attempts to gut Obamacare and make healthcare even harder and more expensive to obtain, endure cost of living increases due to the scam tax break given to wealthy individuals and corporations plus the economically ruinous trade war with China and Trump himself blatantly breaking laws every which way, not to mention Republican voters who always vote Republican regardless of how bad Republican governance is. It's just crazy.

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    Life is what you make of it

    Sometimes all you got is crazy, if that's all it will take to save America from itself… MAGA!!

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    Barry Werdell

    I guess this is what Trump meant by "All this winning" that was supposed to happen.
    Trump is quickly eliminating any place he can make a campaign stop:
    He Can't go to a military base, he just took away their right to have their children, born in another country be an American Citizen. He can't go to a farm, he fucked over so many farmers they'd probably run him over with a tractor. He can't go He can't go to Puerto Rico, he didn't send enough aid for them. He can't go to any stock exchange or clearing house, he sabotaged the Market and he can't to a Navel Yard, he through such a fit about the "John McCain ship. He can't even go to Fox news anymore.

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    jason w

    Anybody who supports Trump, period, is crazy. The trade war is one thing but what about everything else? Trump's destroying this country at an alarming rate.

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    If farmers don't profit either should Trump, America is mostly farmland, u sell out farmers , your definitely a sellout of America.

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    cat cait

    US farmers have lost their business and money because of Trump's pulse action. How stupid it is still support Trump.

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    Deane Minister

    So the orange fool turned out to be a conman who would have thunk it. So has he Made America Great Again???

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    P,Chang wishyah

    Dam a White man with some sense calling it what it really is I feel for the American Farmers a vote for satin is crazy Don the con is for Trump and his family Don't be shock when he moves to Russia .. with your wealth . And leaves white is right behind Farmers should be drive the tractor around the white house in protest a loss in billions of dollars These are the people who feed us . My prayers are with you and your family 🙏 Time to get right America The beast is hungry and he coming for us all white black brown yellow There Treason going on

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    Travis Kelly

    Tell ya what yea they might got what they deserve but what’s the future for the American framers? We all better hope they recover because it going to effect everyone and not in a good way. After all they are part of our food chain. And yea Trump is a fucking joke

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    Walt Kuznicke

    When the nuclear codes get used, to perk up sagging base popularity, who will be surprised ? Find a place to be safe.

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    The world is full of scammers and quick fix B/Sers. Some were just taken by one on a grand scale…and some of those folks finally see it.

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    John Carpenter

    "Let the market take care of it." Sure thing, farmer bro. Let the Free Market Forces (TM) take care of you. Let's start by stopping all agricultural subsidies.

    China is making deals with other countries so the USA market for crops like soybeans is gone. Once that market is gone you won’t get it back.

    Trump's supporters, majority of them in rust belt and bible belt, still waiting for Jesus to come down and carry them to heaven. Faith is a horrible thing. It's what makes a gambler. And gamblers are some sick puppies. Gambling on con man Trump, after P. T. Barnum warned them against as much, they're getting their just deserts. Gullibility is a terrible cross to bear, even if one doesn't realize he's bearing it.

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    Francis Howlett

    Trump is playing a shell game with farmers. He gives them welfare and then smacks them by reducing ethanol use, which greatly affects corn prices. Farmers could have just left their fields empty and lived off the interest on their money. Now their money rots in the field. Not even worth harvesting!

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    Delores Christian

    I have listened to republicans talk, and I can't believe their that STUPID, racist yes but OMG ABSOLUTELY STUPID.

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    Efrem Jones

    What is this farmer complaining about? He'll get his bailout/handout/welfare. It's not like he'll pick himself up by the bootstraps or anything! And THEY still will vote for THEIR man Trump in 2020. Because all this bullshit, the economy, foreign policy, trade wars, etc… He is running on one thing and it's what won him office in 2016 and it's what will win him office again in 2020.

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    yerout 716

    I never realized how ignorant we are as a country that people would fall for this pathetic con man

    I can't believe people thought a businessman could run our country. Don't they realize businessmen only care about lining their own pockets

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    Monday Morning

    I live in TN, and it's definitely affecting the farmer's. The farmer's that produce mass quantity. In the long run, it will hurt more and more. China will buy agriculture from Russia now. In fact, Russia was supposed to become the world's largest provider's for organics. Trump is destroying the USA. Trump doesn't truly understand where a potato comes from. I've met adult's who didn't know cotton grows out of the soil in a pod.. Trump would never understand what it means to be a farmer and grow food- never knowing if weather or disease will destroy the crops. Trump could never understand being a veteran of war, the sacrifice of life. He grew up wealthy and ungrateful. He was literally handed millions to start his career. Born into "connections." He's a swindler.

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    joe acquavella

    Trump doesn't even have legal authority to impose tariffs! And then he lies to the american people that China is paying the tariffs. Trump is the ultimate swamp creature!

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    D.B. Cooper

    Trump's secretary of agriculture says farmers are whiners. Most of them got what they voted for, so suck it up farmers. Be a good patriot and do your patriotic duty for America.

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    Its better to lose the farm, the wife, the dog than to admit you are wrong, that would really be horrible, like what would I do with my MAGA hat??

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