Flags of the American Civil War

Flags of the American Civil War

Hello Everybody. Welcome back. History with Hilbert here bringing you another video, this time about the flags of the American Civil War Previously I made a video going through the entire American Civil War It’s about 50 minutes long So if you think you can withstand hearing me talk for 50 minutes Then please go and have a look at that one Just scroll through my videos and you should find it But today as I said we’re going to be having a look at the flags of the American Civil War What they meant What they represented And how they changed as time went on And it’s quite an interesting study which is why I thought I’d make it into an entire video Because there is quite a lot to learn about the vexiology which was involved in this 4 year war So first of all we are going to have a look at the Confederate Flags in the Civil War This was the first Confederate Flag that was made As you can see there are 7 stars. They represent Louisiana, Florida Texas Alabama Georgia South Carolina and Mississippi. Just as in the modern American flag, How there are 50 stars which represent the 50 states, It’s the same on the Confederate Flag, with the stars representing the states Although initially these were the states that seceded and formed the Confederacy Which is why there are 7 stars representing the 7 states However, as the war went on, Virginia and Arkansas also joined the Confederacy So they had to change the flag to keep it up to date with the new number of states So they added 2 more stars, meaning there were now 9 stars on the flag However, soon more states joined the Confederacy Notably, Tennessee and North Carolina And again they had to add 2 more stars So you see how the Confederate Flag kept changing during this time Now it changed once more Into the final design which had 13 stars 11 from the states that voted to secede from the Union, and 2 for Missouri and Kentucky where there were a lot of Confederates although they never had a firm grip on power because they were soon driven out by the Unionists Whereas in the other states they really did take over and join the Confederacy The name of this flag is the Stars and Bars. If you think of the American Flag, it’s often called the Stars and Stripes Because of the 50 stars and 13 stripes along the side The 13 stripes representing the 13 colonies which rebelled against the British This is why it’s called the Stars and Stripes. Now this Confederate Flag was called the Stars and Bars Because there are stars Representing the 13 states that seceded from the Union And the bars instead of stripes. As you can see there are two red bars and one white. However the Stars and Bars soon became unpopular because it was so similar to the Stars and Stripes And if you think about it, if you’re in a battle If there isn’t much wind, and the flags aren’t flying, they hang limp on the flagpole. It would be really easy to confuse the two Because they use exactly the same colours, they’re pretty much the same shape, and it’s just the amount of bars and arrangement of stars which are different. This caused a lot of friendly-fire, and obviously one wants to avoid friendly-fire in a war because, it’s generally quite bad for one’s health. So in 1863 they actually changed the flag again. To this, the Stainless Banner. I can’t remember who designed this one, I probably should.. The white background represented the white heritage of the South and the white dominion over the South Over the North, which was abolitionist at the time. And who advocated for the abolition of slavery. Obviously there’s the white, but the red ensign in the top left is the bit which grabs your attention. Which is the Battleflag. As you might know if you keep up with the news, or social media over the past year You will know this flag, or at least a variant of it, has caused quite a lot of controversy. There was a whole Heritage not Hate Campaign, as well as people likening it to the Nazi Swastika and other hate symbols. And people defending it as part of their heritage saying it was part of remembering the soldiers who fought for the Confederacy. But I won’t be getting into any of that really, I’m just here for the flags part. This battleflag again, has stars representing the states as stars. There are different versions of this flag, so we’re going to have a look at the origin of it. Now this is the Battleflag, the more common version which was the Navy Jack The one on the previous page was carried into battle, by the regiments which is why it was a different ratio to this Naval Jack.


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