Flat Earth Society Debunked

Flat Earth Society Debunked

Hey everyone my name is Mike and welcome
in today’s video we’re going to look at one of the biggest conspiracy theories
to emerge over the last few years and also by far the stupidest like to me
this makes lizard people seem perfectly plausible to be honest I’m not even
entirely sure this isn’t just a whole group of people banding together to
troll everyone or if there’s some big joke that I’m not aware of but today
we’re going to look at the Flat Earth conspiracy let’s see what happens when I
look out the window for curvature enjoying the non curvature how close the
Sun seems to be we’re told that it’s 93 million miles away I’m gonna go ahead
and object to that look at window with me and notice that there is no curvature you’re gonna hear me say it again in the
future the earth is flat as the name suggests flat earthers believe the world
is completely flat like a coin I guess but I don’t know what they think happens
at the edges does the water just fall off and what’s underneath the coin
what’s there essentially the earth is a disk with the Arctic Circle in the
center and Antarctica a 150 foot tall wall of ice around the rim like Game of
Thrones NASA employees they say guard this ice wall to prevent people from
climbing over and falling off the disk you’re thinking the ancient Greeks knew
thousands of years ago that the world was round so what gives
well that’s the conspiracy many flat-earthers believe in science when it
suits them they believed that the earth is the center of the universe the planet
was created five thousand years ago blah blah blah it says in the Bible of the
world is flat so what more do you need there you go the modern Flat Earth
Society started in the 1800’s with 1 Samuel Rowbotham he conducted an
experiment known as the Bedford level experiment he waded into the middle of a
river the Old Bedford River which has a 6 mile stretch that is perfectly
straight he then used a telescope held eight inches above the water to watch a
boat with a flag on its mast three feet above the water row away from him he
said that the flag remained constantly in his view for the full six miles
whereas had the water surface been curved with the accepted circumference
of a spherical earth the top of the mast should have been some 11 feet below his
sideline this kind of stuff is the basis of flat-earthers belief but what old
Sammy Botham didn’t take into consideration was atmospheric refraction
it’s a light bends through the atmosphere it’s what produces mirages
and so forth if he had actually had the telescope ten
feet higher the flag would have disappeared as closer to the ground the
light bends no this is the kind of stuff that science can easily disprove but
they just won’t have it they just won’t have it they believe images of the earth
clearly showing it as round our fate and that scientists are pulling a hoax which
would replace religion with science I mean they kind of are but in a good way
try meditating those genital warts away next time see if it works just been speculation so what I’m gonna
do I’m gonna take my spirit level on to the plane and prop it to a point to
where it’s level and I’m going to record the fact that the bubble stays perfectly
centered and while that bubble staying perfectly centered it’s gonna be rather
anti-climactic but that’s proof that the earth is flat what it is there is none
or at least none that can’t be easily disproven by you know actual science so
let’s take a gander at the Flat Earth Society website for you know some weird
our core beliefs this should be good by the way we have an Ori background around
Earth I feel like that’s just important terminology for you to know you’re an
Ori earth so first up what evidence do you have the evidence for a flat earth
is derived from many different facets of science and philosophy
so essentially cherry-picking the parts of science that agree with your argument
and then using philosophy which is outsides the simplest is by relying on
one’s own senses to discern the true nature of the world around us the world
looks flat the bottoms of clouds are flat the movement of the Sun these are
all examples of your senses telling you we do not live in a spherical
heliocentric world perhaps the best example of Flat Earth proof is the
Bedford level experiment which has been disproven many times many other
experiments demonstrating the lack of curvature in the earth may be found in
earth not a globe by Samuel Rowbotham now I I haven’t read this fascinating
piece of literature myself but one thing that it doesn’t say is that this book
was written in 1881 so it might be a little
out-of-date people have been into space have they not discovered that the earth
is flat the most commonly accepted explanation of this is that the space
agencies of the world are involved in a conspiracy faking space travel and
exploration there are many pictures on the internet
and in other media depicting the earth as being round why do these not disprove
Flat Earth theory in general we have the Flat Earth Society do not lend much
credibility to photographic evidence it is too easily manipulated and altered
gotta love that one just everything’s fake right fake fake fake ultra fake you
know this isn’t even what I look like I’m I’m faking this video vais visited a
Flat Earth convention about 500 people attended which is either good or bad
depending on how you look at it my favorite quote of the article has to be
I don’t think any conspiracy theory is stupid I don’t think anything would be a
conspiracy theory if there wasn’t a little bit of truth to it
I’ve never investigated any that I’ve come to a conclusion that they were a
hundred percent true or a hundred percent false there is always a little
gray area everywhere that’s kind of true I believe many conspiracy theories have
some truth to them except your one your one is stupid
your conspiracy theory is the one that doesn’t have an ounce of truth to it
there is no gray area in the Flat Earth conspiracy it’s just bread that is to
say it’s shit and a few famous people have even got on board the whole thing
the rapper b.o.b is famous for having gotten into a Twitter fight with
physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson over whether the earth is round
b.o.b attempted to crowdfund his own rocket launch to carry a camera into
space to look for the curvature of the earth I will be raising funds to try
every of experiment and test including but not
limited to weather balloons drones blimps even high-altitude balloons and
whatever else or any type of suggestion that anybody has so so I’ll be
documenting this whole process and I’ll keep everybody updated on this role to a
million and how the funds will be used to to research and come to a conclusion
thank you all for participating instead of looking for the curvature of the
earth why doesn’t he just send a camera up there and see if he can see China
because if the world is flat shouldn’t you be able to see everything if you’re
high up enough just a question two months after the fundraiser was posted
b.o.b had reached six thousand eight hundred and eighty three of his 1
million dollar goal the first thousand dollar donated himself sad Kyrie Irving
of the Celtics said he believes in a flat earth in 2017 he said his original
statements were just on exploration tactic I thought people should do their
own research when I started actually doing research on my own and figuring
out that there is no real picture of Earth like there’s not one picture of
Earth and we haven’t been back to the moon in 1951 or 1969 and you start and
it becomes like conspiracy he later again floated the notion not the
question of whether earth is round is up for debate saying he didn’t know whether
pictures of Earth from space were real fuckin Tila Tequila believes the world
is flat so that should be a clue one flat earther mad Mike Hughes and its
plans to launch himself 1,800 feet above the Mojave Desert in a steam-powered
rocket he made out of salvaged parts there’s one point eight million dollars
name we will prove if the earth is flat round shaped like a frisbee or
we don’t live with him if it’s all illusionary yeah and what is your uh
what do you what do you think that looks like it’s probably a frisbee we turned
up badges Auguste Piccard a very brilliant man went up in his own spear
1931 which is documented he took off from Soldier Field in Chicago and they
actually thought he was lost in space he came down I think a day late or
something like that and he got down he said you know it kind of looks
he went up ten miles he said it kind of looks flat we turned up badges so what
and this is a hard thing for most people get their arms around it was for me
initially also but you know you got to realize most things that we are taught
and told in our lifetime is not true ok it’s been altered fabricated it didn’t
ever exist or they had an agenda and then small most everything I don’t care
what school system these wars everything else so basically what’s happened is
what I discovered what I researched for four to five maybe six months and I
could not dismiss it that the world I believe is honestly flat his plan was to
attempt to photograph the lack of curvature of the horizon to prove the
Earth’s flatness now the curvature of the horizon is so subtle it’s not even
visible until at least 35,000 feet so I don’t know what Hughes would have proved
at 1,800 feet nevertheless his homemade rocket costs a reported 20,000 dollars
unfortunately his launch didn’t take place because the Bureau of Land
Management should him down at the last minute even Elon Musk tweeted why is
there no flat Mars society I know right he did get a response straight from the
Flat Earth Society itself ie lon thanks for the question unlike the earth
Mars has been observed to be round we hope you have a fantastic day
so Mars gets to be round but we don’t that’s some bullshit right there now I know some people are probably
saying Mike don’t make fun of these people just because they believe this
well no and if you believe that you’re wrong too
this is the kind of belief that needs to be ridiculed and it needs to stop
society is going back into the dark ages we’re at this weird point where signs on
bullshit are treated equally people are having uninformed stupid opinions and
claiming well that’s just what I believe well that’s just what you believe then
that’s perfectly fine just don’t proclaim it as being equally valid as
scientific fact the entire just because you’re right doesn’t mean I’m wrong
thing no it does mean you’re wrong if you look around you can see science is
being beaten down on all sides by I shit like fake news I hate to turn fake news
by the way when people say fake news what they really mean is lies
they just know when I get sued for libel the people who don’t believe in global
warming and vaccinations that’s far more important than renders flat earth
because vaccinations and global warming will actually to death and destruction
of us and our environments and if you don’t believe in vaccinations or global
warming you’re just as stupid as fodder Thurs and in the future I’m sure we’re
gonna see more of this stupid bullshit crop up like flat earth stuff because of
internet that people are getting stupider if you want a good laugh go on
to fortunes export you’ll probably see lots of crazy conspiracy theories
they’re hilarious ones that I will know that cover in a future video
to conclude yes we should ridicule these theories because they’re ridiculous
they’re stupid they should not be entertained or given a platform because
next thing you know we’re stuffing herv’s in our gas masks to combat
diseases that should have been vaccinated in our extremely hot
extremely dead planet my god


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    m j

    Your comment regarding vaccines actually places you square…. *cough I meant, FLAT down in the middle of stupidity along next to those Flat Earth and Young Earth β€œbrainiacs”!
    But go ahead and ignore the fact that there are legitimate (not religious yahoos) scientific studies condemning modern vaccinations. So HELL YEAH let’s blindly trust big Pharm. and chemical industry giants! Hey Monsanto would quickly assure you how safe it is to use Roundup just as they did with Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. 😏 Oh wait, Roundup is now in the hot-seat…

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    The main thing, and I have to clarify, I do not believe in the flat earth model, but I have trust issues when it comes to the authorities, so much shit is so corrupted and way too many push their shitty agendas in various forms these days, be it via manipulation of media or "news".
    I feel so much spewed in the media is pure propaganda, and I can't really trust 100% of the studies and "facts" anymore, for reasons stated above.

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    Valerie Rowland

    I agree 100%! We should call out all the stupid ideas that no merit. The general population really needs to read more books… Less social media.

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    dustin mingus

    Oh you did 4 to 5 to maybe 6 months worth of research? Well God damn you must be the most knowledgeable man on this flat earth on the subject.

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    Neptune Vibe

    LOL for me was the same thought: "man maybe they are a group trolling everybody".. ha ha.. is that crazy man.. that fucking crazy!

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    wayne ruddock

    Like your vids but, on this one you ain't done your research, and you sound like a silly specky wanker. This calls into question your research on other topics. FE society. unsubscribed, no worries.

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    Ари Π€Ρ‘Π΄ΠΎΡ€ΠΎΠ²ΠΈΡ‡

    What’s sad is the need for this video. I know a flat earth person. Yeah, really really study.

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    Jackson Lynch

    The Bible doesn't say the Earth is flat, tho. And anyone who understands the text of Scripture can debunk the claims that the Bible supports the flat Earth.

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    James Michael

    This flat earth retard is a very SERIOUS type of stupid. You can look at him and just see the stupid radiating from him. I have a feeling that he also loves the sound of his own voice…. me, not so much.

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    Youri Walker

    And I’m not a flat earther in the least bit you haven’t done any researcher on anything you put out you just regurgitate what you’ve read in news papers online and the such … you’ve done interviews haven’t went to any ground zeros and you act as if what you say is fact…. also you report on things from areas you’ve never said ever been. Soooooo there’s that plus you never cite any of your references and I’m a guy who likes your channel .. and if I’m wrong please correct me

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    Sara Link

    I am NOT a flat Earther., but EVERY picture of the Earth from space is ABSOLUTELY CGI……WHHHHHHYYYYYYY. can't they take a fucking picture of THE EARTH FROM SPACE?!

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    Miyanna Nielsen

    The word is actually spelled (and pronounced, believe it or not) illusory, not "illusionary." The phrase is commonly known as, "wrap their heads around," not "wrap their arms around." Interesting how someone can add another syllable to a word that describes the state their in. Also interesting that "arms" is substituted for "heads" – one implies loving something, and the other describes an actual thought process – or a lack thereof.

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    Luke Netherton

    The earth is flat and you know it. Obviously you are a paid NASA subordinate operating on orders given from your reptoid overseer.

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    Nisuaiu Corowa

    No flat earth. My opinion🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏🌏
    Nice episode.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Pickle

    Epic lol's, all the flat earth "evidence" is only evidence of ignorance and a low IQ.

    I really hate how science is forced to take a back seat within the education system, schools dropping proven, scientific knowledge in favour of peoples ridiculous, superstitious beliefs. Funny how people who stick fast to these primitive beliefs will happily take advantage of everything science has given us while simultaneously denying it.

  43. Post

    That guy in the video on the plane is so dumb it pains me. I cannot imagine being that stupid, he should probably apply for disability benefits.
    Every single theory is easily disproven, even by children with relatively little science background.

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    Jamie Sweet

    Just for the record, nowhere in the Bible does it say the earth is flat. This misconception comes from the phrase "four corners of the earth" which is used several times in the Bible, but is certainly not meant to be taken literally. It merely refers to the farthest known reaches of the world. If you look at the teachings of Christian scholars going back to Thomas Aquinas you'll see that at no point did the Church ever believe that the world was flat.

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  47. Post

    I’ve loved your channel for a while now. Just watched this beauty and now also simply LOVE you! Give β€˜em hell Mike!
    Signed, a Round Earther

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    You have to be a special kind of stupid and egotistical to think the Earth is both flat and the centre of the universe.

  50. Post

    A lot of these flat earth idiots finally believed the earth is not flat after viewing the eclipse. They were disappointed, but at least they saw for themselves.

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    Edward Hester

    Mike you arw losing a lot of credibility ombthw flat earth thing..there are alot of weird anamolies concerning the shape of the earth amd how we perceived the distances to the sun and moon..you are being a dick about it..asshole

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    Martin Stewart

    The bible doesn't actually say the earth is flat.. It talks about the 'roundness' of the earth, flat earhers have just decided that means it says the earth is flat..

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    Timeless Void

    The other side of this flat coin we live on is the elites and the giant blob king and his minion army..there waiting to deploy there forces on our flat side to eat us all but they have to wait for a undisclosed secret message in the great void and then we are doomed.

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    Sagittarius A*

    I feel like most conspiracies are centered around some kind of perceived danger. But, the flat earth one isn't like that, there's no danger. What could "they" possibly gain by saying Earth is round versus flat? Aye yai yai. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

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    Absurd Hero Rx

    I would argue that fake news is a type of lie. In this case, that type of deception isn't only a lie, its specifically lies that are given validity by the news-like presentation of the lies. The problem with the term "fake news" is that it is hijacked by political leaders (current and throughout modern history) to mean unfavorable news to that political leader. And as you spoke about with the devaluing of scientific information, that's a huge problem for democracy.

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    cattus lavandula

    I've always been fascinated by the flat earth and concave hollow earth (Β skycentrism) theories. It's interesting how the proponents bend science to suit their ideas. But, I wonder…if the earth is flat, what is on the underside?

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    John Jay

    The greatest flat Earther video online, was recently posted. It consists of a guy who spent thousands to build his own rocket, to blast himself a whopping 1,800 feet in the air. All in an effort to debunk the existence of the curvature of the Earth. Forget about the more sensible way of taking a plane ride and take a few pics for a few bucks, we're talking about flat Earthers. Sensible Flat Earther is an oxymoron. Actually, just "moron" is more like it. Not to mention that he almost died in the process. According to them, 1,800 feet is roughly halfway to the Moon.

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    Pilgrim's Progress

    This whole flat earth issue is so stupid. That one guy wants to raise money to photograph the earth from the sky! Why? It's been done from space already! I think he wants to line his Flat pockets.

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    Duane Willis

    You had me til vaccines and global warming. You should make a video covering the upcoming grand solar minimum. These flat earth morons should have a platform on the basis of free speech and expression…. Oh yeah, your country does lawfully guarantee those rights. My bad.

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    Aaron Hyrkas

    Mike out!! You go from acting professional in every other video, including multiple videos on various so called "conspiracy theories" to acting like a complete bitch made punk! Just go lay by your dish, with the rest of the mutts! Where you belong! Showed your "true colors" Needs to be ridiculed and stopped?!! Damn homie, you phony!

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  74. Post

    The past (History of the World) never happened. There never was a President Lincoln, JFK, Jesus Christ, or Moon landing etc. It was created by the U.S. Government to convince someone about something for some reason. One of many obvious pieces of evidence is that there is no one still alive before the year 1900. (there never was). They all just happened to be dead? That's a lot of death. Every last one of them?


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    Kat The Scribe

    You are killin’ it here hahahaha! Hilarious 🀣 These people are seriously stupid.

    But it’s like you said, and thank you for mentioning it, these days people give as much weight to opinions as they do facts. Whoever is the loudest & talks over everyone else, and refuses to allow any actual debate or discussion of facts, wins. Very sad state of affairs.

    I think we are fed too much bs by television, including news β€œshows” and β€œreality” tv. Yes, it’s a conspiracy 🀣 but…. feeding misinformation to the masses on a widespread, frequent basis is a formula for controlling them. Dumbing us down makes us easier to frighten. Just ask Mr. Goebbels. And look at my poor sweet country.

    Lovin’ your videos, thanks for both entertaining me and making me think.

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    Follower of Yahshua

    I have seen videos in the past on youtube that showed it is much more likely for the Earth to be flat than a round ball. The videos were made by a guy named Russian and I forgot his complete name but Youtube deleted his account I think. It said if the Earth is a ball that spins fast then people would fall over and such things which makes sense. He explained that there is ice at the outside of the flat Earth and nobody can fall off and a dome is above the flat Earth. It makes much more sense than a ball spinning in high speed and we are not falling down, etc.

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