Florida Senate Passes Gun Law: New Restrictions Could Be Headed Your Way!

If you’re a Florida resident, now might
be the time to purchase your firearms. A new bill passed by the Senate will soon hit you
with restrictions. If you’re not a Florida resident, you still can’t assume you’re
safe. Sadly, this bill could quickly spread to other states, so we all need to be alerted
to what it means for gun owners. The Parkland, Florida, school shooting at
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last month was tragic and unacceptable. But, as
usual, the left has ignored the facts to push gun control. It seems they won’t be happy
until all Americans are deprived of their Second Amendment rights. They have ignored the many factors that led
to the Parkland shooting. The school was defenseless. On-duty cops refused to engage the shooter.
Some of the shooter’s close friends and family ignored the warning signs, while law
enforcement seemingly ignored what was reported. We all know the FBI was notified about the
shooter but did nothing. Yet, liberals want us to believe it was the
Second Amendment’s fault — and don’t forget to blame the NRA and President Donald
Trump, too. However, had existing laws been enforced, the Parkland shooting would not
have happened. But, the media fanned the left’s hysteria, and we are looking at a new era
of gun regulation and limits. The Florida Senate has just passed a new set
of rules that will restrict Americans’ gun rights. The law, which tried to give teachers
the ability to arm themselves, was hit with a variety of limitations. It does not go far
enough to protect students and empower teachers. On top of that, Florida residents will be
faced with ridiculous new restrictions. In the wake of the deadly mass shooting at
a high school in Parkland last month, the Florida Senate passed a bill on Monday that
would create new restrictions on gun sales, and also allow some teachers to carry guns
into schools… The bill was amended to limit which teachers
could volunteer to attend law enforcement training classes and carry guns in schools. Any teacher who does nothing but work in a
classroom would not be eligible for the program, but teachers who perform other duties, such
as serving as a coach, and other school employees could still participate. [Source: Fox News] Only specific teachers will be able to carry
firearms. But, the ones who are actually in the classroom, with students? They’re denied.
The teachers who would be responsible for students — should the worst happen — will
still be defenseless. What’s worse are the restrictions that Democrats
snuck into the bill. Florida residents will now be denied the ability to purchase a rifle
until the age of 21. In addition, new waiting periods will be implemented, delaying citizens’
access to firearms. We know that age limits only hinder Americans’
access to firearms. They will do nothing to prevent shootings or other crimes. Nikolas
Cruz, the Parkland shooter, had access to his family’s firearms. Whether he bought
them himself or not was irrelevant. Waiting periods would not have stopped him either
since the guns were already in his home. These limits only work to discourage Americans
from exercising their rights. Liberals know this. They don’t want the public armed and
empowered. They’d rather have you defenseless, dependent on the government to protect you. Still, some Florida lawmakers complained,
saying the bill does not go far enough. “Do I think this bill goes far enough? No!
No, I don’t!” Democratic Sen. Lauren Book said, describing what it was like to visit
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after 17 people were killed there on Valentine’s
Day. “I cannot live with a choice to put party
politics above an opportunity to get something done that inches us closer to the place I
believe we should be as a state,” she said. “This is the first step in saying never
again.” [Source: Fox News] Those are just empty words from a career politician
who does not care about the rights of Americans. She, like all liberals, will continue to use
a tragedy to push their agenda. They will ignore the real causes of gun violence, writing
laws that make us more vulnerable, not safer. But, in the end, that’s exactly what they

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