Folio Society vs Taschen | East of the Sun, West of the Moon | Beautiful Books

Folio Society vs Taschen | East of the Sun, West of the Moon | Beautiful Books

For this video I’ll be focusing on a comparison
between two of the loveliest editions of East of the Sun, West of the Moon with Kay Nielsen’s
incomparable illustrations. I think these are some of the most exquisite
illustrations in children’s literature of all time. First published in 1914, East of the Sun and
West of the Moon is a celebrated collection of fifteen fairy tales, gathered by legendary
Norwegian folklorists Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Engebretsen Moe on their journeys
across Norway in the mid-nineteenth century. The Folio edition is a faithful facsimile
of that original 1914 Hodder & Stoughton volume, whilst the Taschen edition has been beautifully
re-designed and includes double-page spreads, and fascinating essays that are illustrated
with many additional artworks by Nielsen. One of the first things you’ll notice is
the size difference – Taschen’s volume is much taller and thinner than the Folio
edition. The Taschen slipcase is a half case – with
a very pretty design, but very flimsy materials, and is unlikely to stand up to any rough handling. The Folio slipcase on the other hand is typically
robust, but made of simple plain red boards. Similar to the original book, Folio has an
elegant cover, featuring gilt cover and spine designs on cream vegetable parchment boards
with silk headbands. The Taschen is much more bright and colourful
and is brightly illustrated on both front and back boards. Both feature the same stunning endpapers on
the front and the back. Folio follows the original design with a frontispiece
and front matter only modified to include the Folio Society name. Taschen opens with close details of Nielsen’s
artwork and several sensitively designed new introductory pages, and the title page includes
reference to the additional essays and appendix in this volume. The Folio book includes a short illustrated
preface. The paper is thick and luxurious and the print
is large and clear. Taschen opens with the preface, followed by
an essay on the origins of Norway’s folktales, history and background information, beautiful
images, design work, nielsen’s life, fantastic detail and glorious double page spreads – so
many stunning illustrations and lots of fascinating history. To compare the size of the images – the
Taschen are very much larger. The layout and design is really beautiful in the
Taschen, although the text is smaller and the pages are much thinner. You can see the folio society reproduction
of the images is to a beautiful standard, but so is the quality of the Taschen. The FS book is out of print, but copies aren’t
terribly difficult to find on the second hand market. The Taschen edition is still available new,
and I think it is so gorgeous it’s well worth the price – I’ve put links in the
description box to help you find whichever edition takes your fancy. Happy reading and see you next time!


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    Laura's Illustrated Treasures

    Oh, I really appreciate this side by side comparison video! I have had the Taschen edition for a few years now, but it's increasingly been gnawing at me if I should get the Folio version as well, the binding design is just so beautiful. I'm very glad to see a new video from you, they are always so inspiring and well made. 🙂

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    This is a tough call! I found both now I have a dilemma of which one to get but I have all these excuses in my head to buy both lol

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    Yves Forbes Flores

    Anyways since when did you start reading books? I started reading books at 4 or 5 years old because my mom would always read me children's stories

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    Oren Douek

    I just bought the Taschen edition and it didn't come with a slipcase. The book was factory shrinkwrapped without a slipcase. Perpahs they got rid of it in recent printings due to its flimsiness? Or perhaps it was an exclusive for ordering from somewhere?

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