For Citizens Seeking Surplus Property

For Citizens Seeking Surplus Property

Need a laptop computer without emptying your bank account? GSA can help. Did you know the federal government runs its own online auction house? Billions of dollars of surplus, forfeited and exchange or sale assets are auctioned each year. From laptops to logging trailers, from coffeemakers to cabin cruisers, houses, cars, trucks, tools, computers, furniture, machinery, and more are all available through GSA Auctions. The GSA Auctions website gives the general public the opportunity to bid electronically on a wide array of federal assets located anywhere in the country. Looking for a specific item, like a laptop? You can choose a category you would like to browse or use the search function at the top of the home page. Then select any item listed as up for auction and you’re taken to the item’s auction page to learn more and make a bid. GSA Auctions. It’s that simple. Hi, I’m Charley Schollaert, and I’m one of many GSA representatives you can call if you have questions about getting started with GSA auctions. For more information or to start bidding today, visit


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