France #9 – French citizenship (NAPISY PL)

France #9 – French citizenship (NAPISY PL)

[Music] you [Music] citizenship give you the same right at the French citizen for example the right to vote election you don’t have to give up with your former nationality you can apply for a French citizenship and your local French Perpetual is the website to find the newest protector the education process called 260 euro you will need to submit a declaration request and provide copies of the following documents is applicable to copies of this application for copies of ID both applicant and fax form of address with your full name birth certificates marriage certificates obtained within the last three months a document that both spouses need to sign in person at the prefecture or consulate evidence of the relationship or married life such as birth certificate of the spouses children and mortgage contract don’t text notice properties or shared bank account proof of the founding a French citizen of the time of marriage prove that this applicant has acquired a suction knowledge of the french language Elden that you don’t have a criminal because it may be asked to show your code of employment or financial support your application will be assessed by police NATO’s office and various other governmental departments you may be invited for an interview this process can take up to two year is it is successful you will become a French citizen in Naturalization Service you can become a friend citizen through naturalization marriage birth you can apply for a friend’s citizenship by a naturalization if you have been living in France for continuous five years Pio it is clear if you have studied in a French University you can prove that even integrated into the French community by speaking French having knowledge of French cultural society rights and duties of French citizens you have to dine do a session and intake contract it is valid for 12 months after which you will be evaluated to see if you have met the requirement the application costs fifty five years you can apply for a French citizenship through marriage after four years of marriage to oppress it then it could be extended to five year in case you will not be able to prove the directly together for at least three years since wedding as long as you are still married to each other and you’re found within his or her French citizenship and you can prove the result good knowledge of the french language if you were married abroad you will have to register in the French Civil Registry children born to foreign citizens on French soil can claim French citizenship on the 15th birthday and be granted full citizenship at 18 years old provided friend has been the main residence for five consecutive years since the age of eleven if you are before in parent of a child aged at least 13 years old and rather than in France is eight years old you can claim for a French citizenship on their behalf in front of a magistrate if one parent has French citizenship and has lived in France for more than five years and mine or can also be naturalized


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    Salman Shahid

    I am studying M2 in France. Can I apply for French nationality provided that I work in France for 2 years tax paid?

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    Tenzin Phuntsok

    Hello sir. I am working and paying tax to government…… Still how long will it take me to get citizenship

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    Jisu Das

    I do not know who is a citizen of a country? I am in India 100km away from Kolkata! I want to go to Europe? But I am not going to Europe because the broker has received a lot of money from my father to give me work visas in Europe! But I did not give the visa to Bokar! Now my father is sick! Our land is mortgaged! I dream I will go to Europe? But no one comes forward to help me! I do not get any help from our family because I used to be a political party! I want to go to Europe, can you help me? I want to go to Europe in a legitimate way and want to be honest in the path of justice! Do you have a work visa for Europe or can you show me the right direction?

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    kelly nickels

    Hi, I was born in France, live in USA and would like to get my daughter French Citizenship. Need help finding the forms -thxk

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    susan carter

    My mom was born in France in 1958 and lived there for her first 14 years. She doesn't have the French nationality because her parents were algerians who worked and lived in France .
    My father was born in Algeria and is still alive and has 4 times 10 years citizenship. He moved to France before 1962. He has alzheimer now so we don't know where is his French passport (if he has one) but he does have a flat and a bank account in France.
    Can I have a chance to get the French citizenship through these two cases ?

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