From Fulbright Argentina to Civil Engineering | Texas Global

My name is Gabriel.
I’m from Argentina. I came in 2015 with a scholarship
from the Argentinian government and the Argentinian (inaudible)
commission. We’re part of the academic
program of ESL. We learn a lot of the skills that are
really useful for graduate school. We learn from writing a paper,
to giving presentations, or even writing a thesis. So those are really important skills
for success in grad school. Thanks to that program
and my experience here, I became interested in Master’s. I’m doing a Master’s in Science in
Civil Engineering with orientation in construction
engineering and project management. I was interested in Austin because
UT in my field is super strong, but also I knew that I like the city,
I like the really friendly people, so I decided that I would be
comfortable in Austin. And in fact I am comfortable,
so it was a good decision to come here. The best thing about attending classes
here is to be able to have contact with professors that are really
professionals in their fields. So you realize that you are learning
the latest from the right people. I think the best thing about being
a Longhorn is the Longhorn community. You are all the time around
really amazing people. It’s nice to walk around campus and to
feel all the good vibes from students, professors, that want to share
with you their ideas, their experiences,
and what they want for life. So it’s awesome to be here. And you know what the say,
once a Longhorn, always a Longhorn. ♪ (music) ♪

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