Funny guy makes Royal Guard Laugh at Buckingham Palace

yeah, yeah you might go around him, yeah. You just cant touch him We’re in this thing together, right? Dammit. (Cameraman) Little closer. We were together in school, me and him, He went his own way. *Laughs in background* Instead of standing here. (Cameraman) Okay. I’ve known him for a couple minutes. (Cameraman) So how long have you known this man? 30 years. (Cameraman) 30 years you’ve been together and you went to school where? At school? Kensington. (Someone behind camera) Hogwarts
*laughs* (Cameraman) You visit Kensington together? Yes. (Cameraman) and uhh, (Cameraman) You learnt, (Cameraman) Did you learn martial arts together? Yes. (Cameraman) and…
(Man) He had a nice sword. (Cameraman) Well? I know him. He was.. He was never talkative. I remember at school, he used to sit by himself and read books. I was just this guy fooling around and having fun. He was just reading. You would.. You would ask him questions and he would answer with his head. Yes. No. Yes. No. What’s your name?
NO!! What? Is that a name? The shake of his head is not a name! Please say your name. And by recess, you know.. He was just this guy that was hanging out. Came his mother always picked him up from school. You know what I’m saying? The type of guy, until he was 20. His mom would pick him up from school. *crowd laughs* HA HAAAAAA!!! HE JUST LAUGHED!!!! YESS!! YEEAA!!! *various shouts and claps* *still laughing…* Yangle! Yangle! Dance for the camera! Yangle, dance for the camera! *more laughs* *royal guard resumes patrolling*

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