Game Lore : Star Citizen

Game Lore : Star Citizen

Star Citizen is the biggest budgeted space
sim title ever dreamed of. Being designed from the ground up to feel like a living,
breathing universe with a history. Warmin’ up the jump drives and diving into how humanity
has conquered the stars. And the new issues the human race must face in the year 2942
in this week’s Game Lore. Hello ladies and gentlemen, Captain Shack here and welcome
to the future. The year is 2942 and humanity has spread amongst the stars. But this isn’t
some Star Trek Utopian future, a lot has changed since the year 2000. Humanity’s first real
steps in space exploration came in the year 2075 when Dr. Scott Childress and his team
at RSI complete the first self-sustaining quantum drive engine. Giving our species the
ability to move at 1/100th the speed of light. Yeah, I know, slow by today’s standards, but,
back then, we didn’t have commercially available star ships. Those didn’t come out until 2140
with the release of the very first one the RSI Zeus. A big deal for humanity was the
first attempt to terraform Mars back in 2120. Sadly, in 2025, the atmosphere collapsed after
a chemical miscalculation in the atmospheric processors made the new atmosphere unstable.
It happened so quickly no one could reach a sealed environment costing 4,876 people
their lives. By 2157 Mars was finally terraformed successfully and officially classified as
an oxygen-sustaining environment, allowing humans to set their first full-fledged colony
in our solar system. But this wasn’t enough for humanity. 18 years later, RSI released
another new engine, bringing humans up to 1/10th the speed of light. Allowing more star
ships to explore our solar system. But our little solar system wasn’t the only bits of
space we had our eyes on. In 2032 we launched the Artemis. A massive colony ship full of
volunteers placed in a stasis and set on a slow burn course to the nearest star system.
Sadly, they never made it to their destination having disappeared in what would soon be known
as the “Niso Triangle.”Think Bermuda Triangle in space and you’ve got the right idea. It
wouldn’t be until 2271 when the explorer Nick Krowsha would make one of the most important
discoveries in human history while exploring the Niso Triangle. The first jump point. He
would be the first to travel to another star system. And the godfather of the modern nav
jumpers. This system would be named “The Krowsha System” in honor of the man. With this discovery,
humanity finally found its calling, and a new wave of exploration began to kick off.
This has a profound impact on the human race, allowing us to put aside our differences and
unite as a single government. With a focus on striking out into the stars. The United
Nations of Earth, or the UNE is born. 58 years later, the moment people have been dreaming
about, first contact with an alien species and the answer to the question, “Are we alone
in the universe?” Was nothing like we had hoped, or romanticized about. Actually, it
was really dull. And with that, the first intergalactic peace and trade treat is set
up. Through exploration and terraforming vast amounts of land and territory is open for
the human race. And with Earth being massively overcrowded, a large portion of the population
sets off to make a new start at life. By 2523, almost 70% of all human beings live off-world.
With this massive shift came another shift in government. With the colonies feeling the
need for equal representation in the UNE, they reformed the government into the United
Planets of Earth, or the UPE. With aggressive expansion continuing for the next decade,
humans ended up making contact with another alien race called the Shian Empire. Stumbling
into their territory without knowing, we started terraforming their planets. This of course
caused some serious tension and created sort of a Cold War build up on both sides. By 2541,
humanity made first contact with another alien race called the Tevarians. Though they control
multiple planets inside their star system, technologically they stand about 150-200 years
behind Earth technology of the period. The United Planets of Earth Government decided
to annex the planets too and I quote, “prevent them from attacking us and to civilize the
population…” Conflict quickly ensued. During the battle of Idris 4, a colonel by the name
of Avar Messer, ended up distinguishing himself and becoming the face of the war. And the
pride of the military for this brilliant and ruthless strategy employed. His fame would
continue to grow with each one of his promotions and the highlight being the capture of the
Tevarian leader. Riding this new found popularity into position of High General, Messer stars
using fear of the Shian to claim that the current form of government is outdated and
weak. This spurs political change in the way of a new political office called The Prime
Citizen. First election, which oddly enough would be the last, putting Messer in a position
of power. It wasn’t long before he was able to completely restructure the government into
The United Empire of Earth and anointed himself Imperator – ushering in an age of unprecedented
expansion and colonization. In 2603, Tevarian Warlord, Korthal, emerged from the corners
of the cosmos with a rebuilt Tevarian battle fleet and launched an attack on the UPE with
the sole mission to reclaim Elysium 4, their former homeworld. While it was a sympathetic
cause that some humans could support, the UPE refused to give up the territory. The
war lasted 7 years and touched almost every corner of the UPE. On June 24th, 2610, Korthal
suffered a catastrophic defeat at the hands of Squadron 42 at the Battle of Centari. His
fleet rapidly falling to either destruction or surrender, Korthal mustered his remaining
loyal pilots to make a desperate charge to Elysium 4. Though they suffered an additional
70% casualties, his fleet finally reached the atmosphere at their homeworld. Korthal
and his pilots lowered their thermal shields and dove for the planet. If they couldn’t
live on their homeworld, they would die on it. With this second defeat, the spirit of
the Tevarian race was broken. Imperator Messer II used the victory to cement his place as
ruler of the newly christened United Empire of Earth. It’s been a long and bloody road.
From 2014 to 2942. In the next episode of Star Citizen Game Lore, we dive into the decline
of UEE and set the stage for the upcoming single-player campaign, Squadron 42. If you
enjoyed this one, be sure to hit that thumbs up button, subscribe to the channel for more
Star Citizen goodness, and as always, watch your six and I’ll see you guys next time.


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    Dan Morgan

    Nicely done please keep it up!  You should do readings for all the fiction as well ie kid crimson, Cassandra's tears etc lol

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    Tom Z

    Great summary but if you're talking about Star Citizen you should leave the Civilization: Beyond Earth screenshots and videos out of this video.

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    Chris Davies

    So, Star Citizen has a bunch of complete bullshit as its lore. Holy Hovercraft Batman, why do these idiots make up stupid impossible crap when they could make up intelligent plausible stuff? It is mind boggling. In extremis.

    An atmosphere collapsing so fast people die? What sort of insane BS is that? Who writes such bullshit? Who allows such crap to become lore? Who doesn't stand up and call it a septic pile of steaming dog shit?

    When your space drive technology is ramping speeds at an exponential rate, (The 1/100th to 1/10th C figure quoted) no human would be stupid enough to even SUGGEST a sublight sleeper ship. No human with more than 20 IQ points would build one, and no human with an IQ higher than 10 would get on it. So perhaps the ship was merely a way to get rid of every stupid human on the planet, and kill them?

    Dear sweet baby jebus.

    A "Jump Point" is perhaps the lamest and most pathetic way to propose FTL travel, and is completely at odds with everything we know about the universe. Once again, there are at least half a dozen different and plausible ways for humans to achieve FTL without having to resort to total freaking bullshit.

    Far from uniting mankind, FTL travel will result in strengthening national identities: Chinese planets, and English planets… This is based on facts – exactly as the European powers created colonies back when sailing ships and clocks got good enough to navigate reliably.

    Probably the only thing that would (or could) unite humanity was a really pathetic alien invasion (and I mean invaded by people twice as stupid as humans), or a massive comet on a collision course with earth, and 40 years of advance notice. But we would splinter again as soon as we dealt with the threat.

    Apparently the lore makers at CIG are as ignorant as they are stupid.

    We are supposed to believe that humans "accidentally" start terraforming not one, but multiple planets inhabited by intelligent beings? That is so fucking pathetic, it hurts my head to hear it. If you have more than half a brain, it should hurt yours, too.

    Suggesting that humans would "pacify" an intelligent alien race is beyond moronic. It is beyond childish, and it borders on the insane. It is despicable. 

    As if the story isn't atrocious and insulting enough, CIG goes on to say that the entire human race, spread across hundreds of worlds, would allow a single person to rule the lot. That is totally laughable. To suggest it is to insist that your audience is so stupid, they have trouble mustering enough brain power to simply breathe in and out. Humans left dictators and emperors behind a long time ago, And no nation ever stands for it now, and will never do so again in the future.

    Then they feed us more bullshit about these downtrodden aliens building a fleet of ships in order to take back their planet. If they have that technology they will just terraform a new one, and not risk taking on humans, as we've shown oursleves to be merciless mass murderers, planet thieves, and genocidal fucktards.

    I don't know about you, but it would be nice to think we can leave some of our past behind, when we migrate out into the galaxy. We will make plenty of mistakes along the way, that could be turned into fantastic back story, and I simply do not understand why the lore is composed of nothing except impossibly cliched bullshit, and scientific nonsense.

    So from the lore alone, we know that CIG think we are all retarded.

    I was going to buy Star Citizen, as I am greatly enjoying Elite: Dangerous. However, having heard this psychotic brain vomit, and had the mouth-retching smell of the steaming shit coming from Roberts, I have changed my mind.

    A company who insults their clients' intelligence so egregiously, does not deserve a single cent of your money, let alone $350 for a ship. 

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    Anti-Federalist 1776

    One game is massively hyped and financially backed… the other needs to be released so they can make money to start making the new features. So… what comparison is there really..? Either play Elite and enjoy it when the new features keep getting patched in or walk around your +$1000 ship hanger.

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    Dancing Panda

    Fuck the UEE no way am I playing a hand in another specie's destruction. I'm not going to let another white middle aged colonialist pig lead to the extermination of a group of people native their world just because that fart wants it. FUCK YOU UEE, FUCK YOU.

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    oopffffff, i'm not sure if i have headache, or it's just too much blood in my caffeine stream, but is it possible you have some of those future facts little off? lol, nahh, just kidding and hope i'm not gonna be one of those first mars colonist thou.

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  31. Post

    These guys need to rethink about the lore before the game relleases. A game with an Epic lore will never dissapoint the fans. Here the lore is so weak… I also hope that this game won't be an Epic fail… Please don't make any acrade action bullshit… This game is supposed to be a space sim, and it better be so… Flaming clifs is a fighter simulator and it has pages and pages of keybindings… I suppose that a spaceship would be even harder to handle it, so that's what Im expecting.

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    James Enclave

    I'm sorry but this "lore" was complete crap. I hope this has absolutely nothing to do with SC's real lore, because it's gonna have to be perfect.

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  36. Post

    Couldn't be fucked to read all the lore stuff on the RSI website, thank god you summarized it for us. Thanks bro!

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    Nich bleb

    Time wise, this seems oddly and unfortunately possible. Seeing how slow it seems we are making progress in space travel. 

  39. Post

    Just think, the devs of Destiny had over 7 times RSI's budget, and probably more experience. And they produced a repetitive POS.
    SC, however, is already looking better.

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    So if all this lore actually happens then within my lifetime I will see ships that are able to travel to Alpha Centauri in 437 years?…


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    #TGN   Where are more of these awesome Lore vids?? I much prefer this one compared to your later lore Vid with the day in a life vibe. Please do a lore series in this video's format! Love your work CaptainShack, I watch all your Star Citizen Videos.

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    Imperiale Ehrengarde

    Star Citizen is the blablabla blablabla, blablabla blablabla.
    I will not spent my money on products with this kind of marketing.

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    Mister K

    we need the SWTOR web tales voice actor to voice over this, god damn it, how awesome would that be? Hell EVEN BETTER! Morgan Freeman

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    V Fomalhaut

    love this game, i like they use real history as a back-back story, so you can trace historu alll the way down to the sumerians and shit. great vid dude.

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    DarkPhoenix Gaming

    Maybe it's the History major in me talking but this Messer fellow sounds an awful lot like Napoleon. Think about it for a second. They both rose to power through an ongoing war that led to promotion after promotion which eventually led to them being made head of state and later altering the system of government to grant them absolute power over the territories they ruled. Any thoughts on this. Oh, and please keep it civil and relevant to the statement in question.

  72. Post

    so we're playing the bad guys?
    no some of the former UPE worlds calling bull#£%& and having to build a resistance to this Imperator?!

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    Django Lowe

    Hi there. They are having a sale right now for a discounted starter package. they are 30 instead of 45 USD. They are only being sold for 1000 at a time every day until the 29th at 12 CST. You can find it here set an alarm on your phone they go quickly. They last about 5 mins to an hour and then there gone. If you create an account use this to create your account and get 5000 UEC (in game credits) and I will get another referral, so win win. please feel free to ask any question about the game. See you in the verse.

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    Good News Gaming

    Hi everyone, for the new players interested in beginning their adventure in Star Citizen, did you know you can get 5,000 free credits (worth $5 USD) that can be spent on the website after you register?

    All you have to do to get 5000 UEC is simply sign up via this link:

    Alternatively you can manually enter the code: STAR-JHYH-GNB9

    Thanks, and hopefully see you in the 'Verse!

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    they say the don't want normal type of flying in space but in all the videos they make it look like there is somewhat of normal flying going on and I think that's misleading to new players and I kinda with the ships could simulate something closer to normal flight in game.

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    Warren Riley

    If you are interested in signing up for the alpha you can use this link to make an account:

    Signing up with this link will give you an extra 5,000 UEC(In game credits)!

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    Sooo, why are the haters saying Chris will run away with all the cash, and the project is a joke? 🙂

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