Geelong Citizens’ Jury

Geelong Citizens’ Jury

Residents and ratepayers of Greater Geelong,
now is the time for you to have your say about the future of your council.
Next year, the council goes back to an election, in 2017, and we want to make sure that all
of the residents of Geelong have had a say in what that new system will look like when
the elections occur. We really strongly encourage you to get online
at the and to complete the survey.
It’s easy and it’s quick. Have your say about what the future of your
council will look like. How do we want to be democratically represented
by a future council? A citizens’ jury of 100 randomly selected
representative Geelong residents will consider this question.
The Victorian Government committed to consult the community about is future council and
a citizens’ jury will ensure an informed consideration of all options.
The jury will be independently selected and overseen by the non-partisan research organisation,
the New Democracy Foundation. The jury’s recommendations will shape the
future of democracy in Geelong. During September and October 2016, you can
contribute ideas for the jury’s consideration. The jury will meet over three days, and consider
your views and a wide range of other information. It will make two types of recommendations
to the Minister for Local Government. One, practical recommendations for an electoral
structure that comply with legislative frameworks. Two, aspirational recommendations to improve
local democracy. The Minister will table the jury’s report
in parliament, submit the jury’s deliberations to cabinet, consider aspirational recommendations
and respond to the jury. Geelong is breaking new ground.
No other community has had the chance to influence its council’s structure to this extent.
Don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of Geelong.
To learn more or to have your say, visit


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