Georgia Takes the UK Citizenship Test | The Challenge: War of The Worlds 2

– The War of the Roses was
run by the Tudors and the… Hogwarts. (dramatic choral music) I think I’ll be good at it. (upbeat music) I don’t know what happened in 1851 but I reckon it was
that Mad Night Festival, where everyone’s in the 80s and they had the curly
hair and the flowers. (buzzer) Stock something, no? – [Interviewer] The Great Exhibition. – What is that? A general election is
held every four years and every four years, they (bleep) it up. (buzzer) – [Interviewer] Five years. – It’s America, isn’t it? I’ve never heard of the
UEA, whatever it is, but I’m pretty sure that means UEFA, and I reckon that’s football. And I know a little bit about
football because I’m a baller. (bell chimes) Is that right? Lewis Hamilton is an absolute driver. He’s almost as quick as I am. (bell chimes) The only one I can
remember is Anne Boleyn. But you know what, he treated
them all like (bleep). I think Bear’s a wanker
but when you put Henry VIII next to him, he’s looking
all right, isn’t he? (buzzer) – Catherine of Aragon. – Poor old Kath, she had a bad run. I would say the first union flag was created in around the 1920s. (buzzer) About the same time as Marilyn Monroe was being an absolute G. (buzzer) – [Interviewer] 1606! – Did they even have colors then? There’s no countries on the flag, it’s all just red, blue, and white. (buzzer) – [Interviewer] Wales. – Oh, Wales, do you know what? It’s very unfortunate that Wales wasn’t included on the Union Jack but it’s probably because
people like Haley live there. Sorry. What’s that one when you
put your finger in it, and it bites you, what’s it called? Venus Flytrapper. (buzzer) – [Interviewer] The flower’s a daffodil. – True. (buzzer) – [Interviewer] False. – The UK is a parliamentary democracy because you know what? We believe in the freedom of speech. We believe in the right to vote. We believe that everyone’s
opinion matters. (bell chimes) Unlike everyone on The Challenge. The only horse races I know
are Ascot and Cheltenham and they were absolutely brilliant. You put on a dress, you get in a limo, you have the time of your life. Whatever one is near
Liverpool, it’s a downgrade. I don’t know what it’s
called but don’t bother. (buzzer) – [Interviewer] Grand National. – Oh, (bleep), that’s a big one. A Yorkshire pudding is
sort of made out of batter and it’s made like this
and it’s all crispy. If you’re on a diet,
you want to swerve that. (bell chimes) You have to be 18 to
buy alcohol in the UK. It’s much easier than in America and that’s probably why we haven’t evolved quite as quickly as the Americans.

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