GeRAM: Aceh Citizen Lawsuit Movement – (Animation)

GeRAM: Aceh Citizen Lawsuit Movement – (Animation)

Indonesia, one of the world’s most resource-rich countries is losing its old growth rainforests faster than anywhere else on the planet. Sumatra’s rainforests are being clearcut for oil-palm plantations, lumber and mining. The Leuser Ecosystem in Aceh and North Sumatra is the last place on earth where orangutans, rhinos, elephants and tigers co-exist in the wild and it is the largest intact forest still left in Sumatra One hundred years ago the Dutch planned to open Acehnese forests for mining and plantations. Acehnese leaders fought to defend their land and won. Today, the Leuser Ecosystem is protected from unsustainable development at the highest level of Indonesian law. Millions depend on the Leuser Ecosystem for clean water and protection from landslides and floods. However, greed from big business continues to fuel deforestation. Floods have killed hundreds and mega-fauna like rhinos and elephants are now critically endangered. In 2013 the government of Aceh issued a new spatial plan ignoring legal protections for the Leuser Ecosystem as well as community land rights. Since then, deforestation of protected areas has accelerated because of illegal logging, plantations, mining and road construction. Like their ancestors a century ago, a movement of Aceh citizens has risen up to fight for their forests. GeRAM, the People’s Movement Against the Aceh Spatial Plan is taking the provincial and central governments to court demanding that they include the Leuser Ecosystem in their spatial plan.


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