Get e-Citizenship in Estonia + New Opportunities through Airbnb’s City Host Program

Hi there and welcome to your Brain Boost.
Estonia, the tech forward European country with just over a million
citizens has started to market e-citizenship. So, you won’t get a passport
or actual citizenship, but you will have the ability as an e-citizen to set up a
business use the Estonian banking system and, in some cases, pay lower taxes. The
country sees this as the first step towards a mobile future where countries
compete for the best citizens. Very interesting! Check out a very cool
dashboard that the government maintains on the sources of applicants for e-citizenship from around the world at a link in the description of the video. Google has announced that, starting on
January 10, 2017, mobile websites that have pop-ups that obscure content will
be penalized in search results. They say that, given the smaller screen sizes of
many mobile devices, this can make usage really hard. So, using
digital marketing technology that uses pop ups when people arrive to your site
is going to be bad. You want to make sure that those are not being used when
people access your site from a mobile device before January 2017. Airbnb
has started to roll out a really interesting new program that provides
new opportunities for maybe people like you. They’re calling this the City Hosts
program and it gives travelers the opportunity to book experiences that are
curated by locals, maybe somebody like you. For example, you can go kitesurfing in
San Francisco with a local surfer or go clubbing and Tokyo with a club
promoter as your localhost. You can set your own price so this might be a good
way to make some extra money and meet some new interesting people. Visit the
Eazlblog at That’s e-a-z l-b-l-o-g for original pieces on marketing
and innovation from our team here at Eazl. I’ll see you next week at 10
a.m. pacific time for another Brain Boost.

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